Toxic Liberal Sisterhood


Toxic Sisterhood is about hate and intolerance.  Like all good liberals, women must now destroy anyone who disagrees with them, totally and completely destroy them.  It doesn’t matter if a person is a saint, if they do not march goose-step with liberal sisterhood, then they need to be nuked.  This is not a good thing.  By giving in to their agenda of pure, toxic hate, liberal women are making jokes of themselves.  They begin to exhibit the qualities that have plagued women since the beginning of time.

Case in point is the truly vile young woman who accosted an elderly man on the Supreme Court steps on Saturday.  I’m having a difficult time locating the original video, which appears to have been scrubbed by Google.  I can link to James Woods twitter account for a copy of the video.  We do know she appears to have been arrested, later.

If this is feminism, then it is absolutely toxic.  If this is sisterhood, leave me out of it.  It is evil.


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