In December of 1170, King Henry II of England was so pissed with his former BFF, he was heard to remark that he wished someone would rid him of his meddlesome priest. On December 29, four knights, wishing to curry favor did just that, hacking the Archbishop of Canterbury to death.  It was a gruesome death that subsequent has somewhat tainted Henry II’s legacy.

Allegedly – and we need to use the word – allegedly, a journalist was horrifically executed in something that is a crime against humanity.  There are those who are making excuses for the slaughter, stating that he is/was connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Or, our ties with Saudi Arabia are more important. Here’s the problem.  It’s one thing to execute a criminal.  (I do not believe in capitol punishment).  It is another to (allegedly) monstrously torture and dismember a living person, bit by bit, allegedly chopping off body parts while the person was yet living.  Allegedly the victim was making so much noise the hackers were told to put on earbuds and listen to music.  Allegedly, after awhile, the person was given something to silence him, while he was still alive, conscious, and being dismembered. Allegedly, a Saudi prince wanted someone to rid him of a meddlesome journalist.

It’s one thing to execute a person.  It’s another to resort to an alleged crime so vile it is literally medieval in scope.  Now, quite frankly, I don’t know much about the journalist in question.  What I do know is no civilized group of people should condone what happened – period.  If they had wanted to execute the man, then they should have done their usual Saudi beheading.  That’s horrible enough.

What kind of a person could even condone this, even if the country, allegedly, is allied with us against Iran?  I am hearing various neo-cons stumble all over themselves by stating he was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Bunk – no one, no matter how evil, deserves to be slaughtered (allegedly) in this manner. I don’t care who they are.  There is no possible way we can ever trust someone allied with us who would so something like this.  What will they try next?  What have they already done to others?