Blame It on Paul Ryan


Let’s be bitterly honest here.  The Democrats did not win the House of Representatives on Tuesday.  The Republicans in the House lost it.  This is a loss that should not have happened.  It is completely self-inflicted brought on by the GOP in the House failing to national their races and even defending them.  I have never seen a more useless election period for Congress.  They did nothing.  No one bothered defending themselves.  It was like they were either so sure they were going to lose they did not bother or were so arrogant they thought it would be a cakewalk.

Like everyone else, Republicans in the House who vigorously defended President Trump were, for the most part, re-elected.  Those who did not, either retired or lost.  It is quite simple.  Lindsey helped to national the Senate.  We see the results.  But, there was no issue to nationalize or unify the GOP in the House.

Politics are no longer local.  National races need to be nationalized.  Nancy Pelosi did a very good job doing just that.  She provided a theme for her party.  Republicans in the House had nothing.  It is like they did not care.  According to one study, the press coverage of the Republican Party during the election cycle was 85% negative.  The reason Lindsey and President Trump were able to nationalize the Senate election was because of the totally unfair treatment of Brett Kavanaugh.

If House Republicans cannot find their way back home, and find a leader who can mold them, like Newt Gingrich, we’re doomed.