No Morality or Honor


How do we deal with Democrats?

In Broward and Palm Beach counties they are manufacturing ballots for Nelson and destroying ballots for Scott.  Here in Arizona they are suddenly finding tens of thousands of votes to put a repulsive socialist ahead.

In DC on Wednesday night, they terrorized Tucker Carlson’s wife.

Antifa doxed a number of conservative writers and pundits at the same time.

Rachel Maddow basically called for violence to protect the Muller inquisition.

We’ve seen these tactics used elsewhere in history.  It wasn’t good.  The left in this country is now trying to ‘rule’ through threats of violence, intimidation and bullying if the cannot get their way at the ballot box. I gather there are no honorable liberals out there – no honorable Democrats, who are willing to stand  up to these tactics.

If you are a Democrat you can get away with beating your girlfriends.  You can rape little kids, lie cheat, and even murder someone.  That’s okay.  If you are a Republican, even the hit of a lie about someone’s background is enough to destroy a career.

How long do we put up with this?

When the left controls the media, I gather we have no choice.