Does My Vote Even Matter?


I spent the past five months jumping through hoops to deal with the steps necessary to register to vote in a new state.  I first had to switch my car insurance from New Mexico to Arizona.  I had to deal with residency.  I needed a new driver’s license.  In order to get that, I had to spend forty bucks to order a specific version of my birth certificate in order to get the driver’s license. When I acquired my license, I was able to register to vote – finally. I had three weeks to spare before the general election cut-off date.

I voted.

Now, though, I wonder if my vote even counts?

I hear reports on state news that apparently Democrats are either manufacturing ballots or deleting them, elsewhere.  I think Cochise County is fairly honest.  But, the problem, as usual, is hard-core Democratic strongholds.  Right on cue, Code Pink wacko socialist Kyrsten Sinema now has a huge lead over Republican Martha McSally.  It is strange because her lead does not really calculate when it comes the the votes the governor received.  He is a Republican.  Logic says McSally should have votes approaching those numbers.  Sinema has a Green Party problem.

In Georgia, Democrats have ‘discovered’ additional ballots in order to help Stacy Abrams.

I don’t quite get why they are being allowed to get away with this.  But, when one considers they also control the media, it is understandable.  They are also trying to intimidate us into thinking our votes don’t matter.

Forget that.

Vote fraud should be a Federal crime punishable by prison and a total and complete loss of voting rights for a life-time.  Anyone complicit in it should lose their voting rights. Vote Fraud isn’t much different from treason.