The Mittens Factor


On Monday, I noticed Rush Limbaugh finally faced the truth about the Senate and Mitt Romney.  Even though he is a junior senator, he is going to demand the power of the Majority Leader.  He is also going to be the leader of the anti-Trump deep state haters.  Don’t ever think Mitt Romney is going to do anything to help Donald Trump.

Romney is the ‘leader’ of the libertarian wing of the GOP.  He is controlled by the Brothers’ Koch, who hate Trump.  Romney is as rabidly never-Trump as any Democrat ever dreamed of being.  I suspect he would like to run in 2020, and is going to do everything possible to destroy Trump.

With the assistance of Romney, watch for the situation to change in DC.  The Deep State is going to use him as their rallying  snake.  He will lead all opposition to Trump.

I have never been more discouraged as a Republican than I am today.  It is potentially that bad.