Muller Is About Assange


We’ve been so blind.  The Muller Probe is about bringing in and destroying what is left of Julian Assange. He is now witch hunting Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi, and trying to ruin Paul Manafort.  We have been abject idiots.  Yes, we know this is about protecting Hillary Clinton.  Now, though, with a concentration on John Podesta’s emails, etc. it has suddenly become opaquely clear.

What is in those emails?

What is going on for decent men to have their lives and their family fortunes totally and abjectly annihilated?

What are they  hiding?

How true are some of those truly disturbing rumors?

The Deep State is doing more than protecting its own.  We are watching the total destruction of the American Judicial System, in order to basically stage a coup against Donald Trump and protect Hillary Clinton.

Anyone who cares about this country should be irate.

Those of us who followed the Podesta email story know where this could be leading.  If so, these people will literally stop at nothing to protect their own.  I’ve never been more concerned about the fate of this nation than I am now.