Sunday Morning Opera: A Recital for My Birthday


Today is my birthday.  I’ve decided to have a recital of my favorites. One of the fun things about opera is the possibility of being there, live and in person when something remarkable happens. My mother and I were there at the Met, for this historic moment.

I was fortunate enough to see both Placi and Pavarotti do this at the Met.

I saw both Milnes and Domingo in the legendary Zeffirelli Otello at the Met.

I saw Milnes do this at the Met.

I saw Milnes do Scarpia so many times at the Met.

This was my mother’s favorite:

The most fun about opera is the opportunity to get to know your favorite person. Mr. Milnes knew how much I loved the Champagne Aria. During several recitals, where I had front row seats, he bowed to me, when he completed it.

I had second row seats at the Met…

I saw Thomas Hampson’s second ever performance at the Met!

You will notice someone absent from my playlist. There is a reason. My heart still breaks when I see a photo. I don’t have the heart to even listen to him. It’s my party and I don’t want to dry.