How Michael Curry Is Destroying the Episcopal Church


To begin with, I have absolutely no problem with ECUSA’s Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, being a socialist, liberal, nor a social justice warrior.  We live in a free country.  He has a right to his politics.  My objection to him is the fact that he has used his role as the titular head of the Episcopal Church in the United States as a platform for his politics.

He has every right to express his political beliefs. Where I object is his use of the pulpit to attempt to demand anyone who is remotely involved in the ECUSA to adopt his views, which I personally find repugnant. He has turned the denomination into a mechanism to promote his version of socialism.  He has every right to be a socialist and seek undermine the Constitution, thumb his nose at American laws and traditions.  He has no business doing it as the head of the Episcopal Church.

As an Episcopalian, I am proud of the fact that women are treated as equals.  I cannot be a member of any denomination where women are considered inferior to men, nor where there was any hint of racism.  I have no problem with gender orientation.  The ECUSA is so far ahead of the Catholic Church and several other major denominations when it comes to dealing with and attacking pedophiles within the church is it a matter of personal pride for me.  The ECUSA is at the forefront of being an entirely modern denomination that (allegedly) still clings to traditions and the Gospel of Christ, but has no illusions about the many ills within the church.

Our previous Presiding Bishop, was a raging liberal, but Katharine Schori was rather remarkable.  I suspect one of the reasons she was able to navigate the minefield of a mess between the USA and the official Anglican Communion was due to the fact of her gender.  A man would be so busy doing the primitive male posturing of belching, farting, pissing, and marking territory, while she had the  quiet wisdom to somehow basically save our relationship within the Anglican world.

The problem with Michael Curry is he’s basically the Hugo Chavez of the Episcopal Church.  I can understand the man’s background.  His story is remarkable.  One can understand his history and why he believes what he does.  I have applauded his determination to push evangelism into our denomination.  But – his socialism is literally killing the church.

I’ve reached the point where I am uncomfortable even attending my beloved St. Paul’s while the man is Presiding Bishop.  I want to go to church.  But, I can’t do it.  The man’s outward determination to turn the ECUSA into a monument for social justice violates everything I believe.  I’ve watched as the ECUSA has become increasingly liberal the past few years to the point where I am uncomfortable.

I believe in helping people. I can’t be in a denomination where people are not important.  I do not believe in adopting a political posture that directly pits my church attendance against what I believe, politically.  I find his constant demands that we must openly welcome anyone into this country, no matter who they are to be not only dangerous but repugnant.  He has emboldened his social justice followers to openly flaunt their determination to undermine the safety, not only of average Americans, but has caused the deaths of thousands of people who want to come to this nation to better themselves, financially.  Yet – he has shown no interest in helping Christians who need to come to the US as refugees from the murderous assault of Islam.  Christians are dying at the highest rate in history, just for being Christians.  He is doing NOTHING to help them.

It hurts, listening to him basically damn anyone who does not agree with his socialist policies.  Like any denomination that is riddled with socialism, the ECUSA is dying.  We are in a position to explode our ranks due to Pope Francis’ abjectly immoral and possibly criminal mismanagement of the pedophile situation within the Catholic Church.  But, because Curry is as socialist as the current Pontiff, he is incapable of grasping anything beyond damning people who believe as I as racist for refusing to pander to the leftist spew on illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, we are less than half-way into Michael Curry’s term as Presiding Bishop. I don’t know what I’m going to do.   I am watching as the ECUSA is becoming more and more extreme.  It hurts.  The man does not have a right to inflict his political views on us to a point where thousands of people who have the same political views as do I are having a very difficult time even walking into a church while he continues his reign of terror.

What truly bothers me is the fact that the man is so damn liberal and so determined to undermine the Constitution he is incapable of realizing how racist illegal immigration is.  Richard Armande Mills wrote:

“…Illegal immigration is racist. It propagates minorities becoming victims of sex trafficking, human slavery, gang violence, and crime. Only people that clearly do not care about minorities would be okay with allowing the negative side effects of illegal immigration to thrive…”

He echoes my argument that those who endorse ‘humanitarian’ illegal immigration are making fools of themselves when it comes to child abuse.  They are tolerating horrific abuse against immigrant children simply to make a political point.  Instead of demanding these children be taken away from parents who have put them in potentially deadly situations, they are demanding family reunification.  The bitter irony is if the parents were American citizens, they would be demanding their parental rights be permanently severed.

Michael Curry’s political extremism is directly leading to the abuse of and possibly deaths of thousands of children being trafficked by their abusive parents, across an increasingly deadly border situation.  Does he even grasp the concept that 90% of women and girls who ‘migrate’ through Mexico will be sexually abused, raped along the journey.  Does he understand half the little boys will be raped?  Do me, that alone is reason enough to oppose illegal immigration.  But, I gather these people are nothing more than political pawns for people like Michael Curry and Pope Francis, their physical and emotional well-being fodder for political gain.

Does Michael Curry even grasp what is happening to these girls?  If he did, if he had a heart and a soul, he would be vocally opposing their abuse.  Instead, he is encouraging it, and making those of us who truly care about them feel as though we no longer are welcome in the ECUSA.