Conservatives Hating on Trump


Once again Laura Ingraham and Rush Limbaugh have turned on a Republican POTUS.  I’m sitting here, in Tombstone listening to the pure vitriol Rush is spewing at the President.  That’s all Ingraham has done for the past few days.  The reason I stress the fact that I’m sitting here, in Tombstone listening to the hate, is the fact that around 2005/2006, during another trip to Tombstone, I sat in my room at the Larian Motel (still the best place to stay in Tombstone) and listen to the hate.  Back then, they were trying to destroy George W. Bush because he did not dance to their demands.

It’s happening again.

I’m not happy about it.  With friends like this, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schummer can just sit back and let the conservatives destroy Trump.  Trust me, they’re trying to do it, all over the damn border wall.

The dirty little secret is most of the far right border wall or else neither live near the border nor have they never ever visited the hard-to-reach parts of the border.  Only a total and ignorant fool thinks a concrete wall is the answer to the problem.   I’ve walked through canyons on the border. A wall is a joke, a total joke in places. What we are going to need are electronics, sensors, the Border Patrol on horseback, and blimps loaded with sensors.

There are canyons along the border where a wall can be easily climbed because of geography.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve walked through them. Mexico is on one side and the US on another with a narrow strip of land the only logical place to put a physical wall, that will be EASILY climbed because of the physics of geology.

Then there are the optics of shutting down the government at Christmas.  Once again only someone who does not want Donald Trump reelected in 2020 will even advocate for it. If he does, he’s portrayed as the Grinch.

Please, just shut up and let Trump be Trump.