Civility, Manners, and Social Potty Training


No, it’s not much.

Maybe it should be.

When I ordered groceries, online, to pick up at a local store, I wanted 5  bakers.  Several weeks earlier I ordered 3 potatoes for baking.  Two were fairly small. The third was so out of shape it was not usable for baking.  So, I stressed I wanted 5 large potatoes for baking.  Once again, one of the potatoes was shaped like a cow pie or something.  I’ve noticed the difference in potatoes being served at Outback.  Once upon a time, a standard baker was at least six inches long.  Today, it is half that.  They are charging more for it.  When you say something, servers look at you like you are filth.  So, when the same mindset picks out a baking potato at the store, they choose things that are maybe three inches long.

I asked for shaved ham, shaved to the point where it is falling apart.  I received ham that is several millimeter’s thick.  It gags me.  Also, shaved ham tastes different.  So, now I’m stuck with ham I won’t eat.

I know someone who does not like giving gifts.  She does not comprehend the concept of manners, unfortunately, and basically makes fun of me because I do. Evidently, I think I’m better than everyone else.  If you give something to just one person, out of a group, that’s okay, but to single out just one person not to get a gift is very bad manners.

But, I’m the bad one because someone doesn’t believe in giving gifts.

Ya, know, I’m tired of it.  Like someone told me this morning, she’s decided to do things the right way.  If someone doesn’t like it, deal. Maybe those of us who have manners are not the bad ones, but the people who need social potty training are those who are lacking in civilized behavior.