There are times when people do stupid things out of spite.

“…I guess you can call it The Adventures of Axe Man. In Madison, Wisconsin, a 34-year-old man went into a rage when he believed that his wife had damaged his collection of action figures. He grabbed an axe and proceeded to destroy much of his house and car. He then called police on himself. This all makes the charges rather interesting.

The man had been drinking and first took a large axe to his television, laptop, and household items. He then smashed up the family car and chopped off both mirrors. The axe then got stuck in the windshield. That is when the called the police on himself, according to the Madison Police Chief Mike Koval’s blog. The damages amounted to $5,000. However, the loss was his and his wife’s.…”

On Wednesday, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi shattered tradition by refusing to allow President Donald J. Trump to full-fill his Constitutional duty by using the House Chamber for his annual State of the Union Address.  The woman is out of control.  Watching, her right after her refusal, she was quite animated, quite impressed with herself.

Everything the Dems are doing is predicated on their hatred of Donald Trump.

Hate destroys.