Glenn Beck Betrays Our Military


Glenn Beck is a Losertarian. The Pink Flamingo was wondering when Beck, the Losertarian, was going to advocate thumbing his nose at our military.

The egotistical Beck said that “I had to promise…”

The damn fool has nothing to do with any of this. Someone needs to stick a fork in him, he’s done. I was against this sort of behavior during Vietnam. I am against it now.

How dare Beck give this “advise” to our great men and women who are heroes so he can shoot off his big fat mouth? He insults my brother, who has given – repeatedly, and is heading for another assignment.

He is going to wait for a Commander in Chief who can get “his priorities in order”. Is there ever going to be a POTUS Beck supports? All he can do is denigrate GWB.

The man is a fool – an abject fool.

Oh, had Beck served his country? When he can go out and put his life on the line for our country, then maybe he can denigrate men like Lindsey and GWB. Until then – shut up. With Losertarians like this who needs Democrats? Now that all the little “tea party patriots” ape Beck, are we going to see the makings of a new Vietnam?

Glenn Beck should be ashamed.

Should my father have refused to serve because he did not support FDR? Just because someone does not approve of a current Administration is not an excuse to bail out on the country nor undermine our military.

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Why I Think Thanksgiving Is a Crock



The above photo is an example of what it was like to have a POTUS who cared about the country. Not having someone like that in office is enough to put a real damper on Thanksgiving.

The Pink Flamingo has been repeatedly called a Scrooge. That’s fine. He is my patron saint of Christmas. Secretly, I really do like Christmas, I just detest Christmas music if it is played before December 20th. There is something really disgusting about the retailing of Christmas music to force people to “shop”, but that is yet another rant and rave.

As to Thanksgiving, The Pink Flamingo thinks it is the most useless excuse of a holiday since the invention of New Year’s Day, which is also a useless holiday. There is something both of days have in common, and may be part of this baseball fan’s true repulsion. I hate football. I detest football. I think football should banned. Furthermore, I think college football and all college athletics should be declared “professional” and stop the forced enslavement of college athletes. Then again, that too is another rant and rave.

Please keep in mind I am a direct descendant of a half dozen Pilgrims, so if anyone can complain about the idiocy of Thanksgiving, The Pink Flamingo can do so.

First, I detest the way the far right turns the Pilgrims into these ultra religious, self-righteous puritanical creeps. Nothing could be farther from the truth. They were stylish. The Puritan garb one sees as the typical Pilgrim is very incorrect. They liked silks, satins, lace, and the bright colors of the era. They knew how to have a good time. And, unlike some views of the worth of women, Pilgrim women were some of the first feminists.

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I Am Thankful for….8 Years of Honor, Decency, Patriotism, Faith, and the Great Man


When you turn your heart and your life over to Christ, when you accept Christ as the savior, it changes your heart.”


God is not on the side of any nation, yet we know He is on the side of justice. Our finest moments [as a nation] have come when we faithfully served the cause of justice for our own citizens, and for the people of other lands.”


Those of us who love our country don’t have much to be thankful right about now. We are being assaulted by the idiots of the far right, by Losertarians, and then by the Democrats. We currently being harassed by extreme conservatives who want to destroy the GOP and our country by making our party smaller, by demanding a purity test. A number of the people who scream “RINO” and damn George W. Bush are so NOT Republican. We’re talking about a man who governed more conservative than Reagan. Cut more taxes than Reagan, had a lower deficit than Reagan, and appointed more conservative judges than Reagan. Today – both men are being thrown under the bus by radical idiots.

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New Ad Defending Lindsey


Adam Fogel at the Palmetto Scoop has the new ad run in support of Lindsey, exposing the group out to destroy him.

“…The AEA attacks are falsely claiming that Graham “supports a national energy tax called cap-and-trade.”

The truth is that Graham has made his position clear: He will not support any form of caps on carbon pollution unless the Democrats agree to green-light the expansion of nuclear energy, offshore drilling, clean coal and natural gas as energy alternatives to create new jobs and to end American dependence on foreign oil.

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A Conservative Civil War Against the GOP – You Better Believe It!


FIRST: When someone uses the epitaph “RINO” they ARE NOT Republicans. They are Third Party Conservative Losers, but they are NOT Republicans. AJ Strata is right. If these people could decently align themselves with the GOP they could help us win. Unfortunately – there is nothing decent about these people. The worst of it is the fact that Chuck DeVore, who is running against Carly Florino in CA, is going after Lindsey. DeVore is one of those far right idiots you’d better watch. He and his are going to help damn us to Dem rule, forever. Then again, GOD wants DeVore,t from what I gather. Of course we could simply be dealing with more conservative lies. They really don’t give a damn about honor and integrity any more.

Take the way Charleston’s GOP has treated Lindsey:

“…Meanwhile, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) can’t seem to catch a break, as Kate Sheppard notes for Mother Jones. The Republican Party of Charleston County, S.C. unanimously voted to censure Graham for working with Democrats on a climate bill. Charleston Country Chairwoman Lin Bennett argues that Graham has “weakened the Republican brand” and that “his work on climate legislation is the last straw.” In addition, the American Energy Alliance, a shady industry group that benefits from blocking clean energy, has reportedly spent $300,000 on advertisements to rebuke Graham for his support on climate legislation. Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly argues that Graham’s censure is particularly ridiculous because Graham has one of the most conservative voting records. According to VoteView analysis, Graham is currently the 18th most conservative member of Congress. Evidently, that is still not enough for South Carolina Republicans….”

SECOND: We must stand together to fight ACORN and the SEIU.

THIRD: Newt is right about a new contract with America. The problem is the lying duplicity of conservatives who think they are better than we Republicans are. Compared to Newt, Beck is nothing but a seriously disturbed little snot who is doing everything possible to destroy this country in order to make money.

Case in point from Allahpundit:

“...Actually, he says Steele’s working on a statement of “first principles” which might serve as the seed for a new Contract-type platform. Which is super, except that the GOP’s whole problem right now is that conservatives don’t believe them anymore. They have no credibility with the base, which is why (a) Republican party ID is on life support even as “conservative” self-identification is ticking upwards, (b) CPAC’s handing its keynote slot to the main challenger of the NRSC’s favored candidate, and (c) grassroots conservatives are flocking to self-styled “outsiders” like Palin, Doug Hoffman, and Glenn Beck, who’s got plenty of “first principles” ideas of his own to offer them….”

NOTE TO ALLAHPUNDIT: Beck is a Losertarian. Hoffman is a Beck acolyte, and Beck is out to destroy the GOP. Anyone who works with him is duplicitous in his repulsive perfidy.

Of course, if people like Eric Erickson have their way, a race war will erupt between the idiots on the right. This is just way too funny – and disgusting, and shows just how pathetic these yahoos really are.

The far right is making a mess in Florida. Then again, Florida could simply be Florida, and the state is suffering because there is no strong leader like Jeb Bush (which also says something about the national GOP and his big brother).

“…The divide goes beyond former House Speaker Marco Rubio’s challenge to Gov. Charlie Crist in next year’s primary for the U.S. Senate. There are also divisions over party leadership and party message that have resulted in the unusual sight of contested primaries in five statewide contests. Those factions include Crist loyalists, allies of Bush upset with Crist, as well as some who are loudly critical of Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer.

While tensions have simmered since Crist veered onto a moderate, and occasionally populist, path starting from nearly his first day as governor, it was Crist’s decision to forgo a second term and seek the U.S. Senate that has helped move these battles out into the open.

Mirroring a national debate, Florida’s GOP is split over whether to move further to the right, embracing its conservative roots, or to expand its tent to reach more moderates and independents….”

There is a power-play by those in power, who want more power.

“…Conservatives refuse to back off.. “The real power of the Republican Party right now is in a burgeoning, strong … grass-roots movement,” said Marjorie Dannenfelser, of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List. “The more out of touch [the GOP leaders] are with their natural base, the more elections we’ll lose.”


There is no actual civil war within actual GOP ranks. The incivility comes from those who are NOT Republicans. If the brain dead right is calling the shots, then Mike Huckabee would not continue to be the “front-runner“.

The Tea Party People are now threatening anyone who doesn’t do exactly what they say to do. They are nothing but the usual cyclical populist movement, empowered this time by cable television and the internet. You will find the average Tea Party Person either voted for Ross Perot, Ron Paul, or embraces their philosophy of abject stupidity.

“….From the perspective of Gingrich and other veteran Republicans, there is deep irony in these untoward developments. Many of the Tea Party types actually hate Republican politicians, unless, like Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater, they are already dead. They hate Democrats, too, of course — and lots of other people — but their invective against Republicans is suffused with special outrage.

If they have their way, every Republican who doesn’t adhere to the Beck canon will be driven out at the end of a pitchfork, just like poor Dede Scozzafava.

Fifteen years ago, when Newt rode to power on the resentments of the religious right, the gun lobby and the economic royalists, he celebrated their extremism as the political style of “normal Americans.” Today when he hears the violent rhetoric, the hateful threats and the fanatical intolerance, he knows they are talking about him, too…”

Pink Flamingo friend and confidant, Sally Vee forwarded an email from the Minuteman PAC. They are now going to threaten Republicans:

“…After Minuteman PAC stepped into the race on behalf of Hoffman to expose Scozzafava and Owens’ liberal records, Scozzafava was forced to abandon her campaign and her true colors were exposed to the entire country. . . And Minuteman PAC will continue aiming at key races where brave patriot candidates have enlisted to unseat or defeat anti-American candidates! That’s why we cannot sulk, we cannot rest, we must keep fighting. . .That’s why we’re already re-arming for the next round of primary elections in just a few months. We must begin preparing now…”

Lisa Fabrizio wrote this stupidity on Human Events:

“…While no baseball team worth its salt would be without switch-hitters, in politics, those who swing both ways are most-often a detriment; to those who have strong convictions anyway. And all too often our team is forced into playing split-squad games with the Elephants on one side and the RINOs on the other. Lindsey Graham had some great success as a rookie in the House Manager’s lineup so masterfully skippered by crafty vet Henry Hyde during the Clinton Impeachment tilt back in ’96. But since moving up to the Senate squad he has taken to batting lefty in the last few contests, making him and us look bad. There are also gals like Olympia Snowe whose most recent at-bat resulted in her being whiffed by daffy portsider Harry Reid, as she allowed the Senate Healthcare bill to come out of committee….

Republicans CANNOT win if the party is consigned to a group of purists who want ONLY their opinion heard and only their candidates selected to run for office. You might want to read the WPost piece on Dede Scozzafava.

“...In the summer, Scozzafava and her husband, Ron McDougall, a local labor leader, retreated to their summer house at the end of a dirt road on Sylvia Lake. The place has no TV reception — a good thing, she said, given all the attack ads against her funded by the Club for Growth, the anti-tax group backing Hoffman. Still, she wasn’t entirely isolated. She heard through friends that Palin insinuated she had been “anointed” by a “political machine” because county chairs handpicked her as the nominee. Beck denounced her as “ACORN-supported” and an “Obama-Lite Republican.” Former House majority leader Dick Armey’s group FreedomWorks mobilized against her. She said she heard conservative robo-calls in the district describing her as a “child killer,” a “lesbian lover” and a “homo.” “It was organized,” she said….”

Then start putting things into perspective.

“…Ultimately… The GOP is and must continue to be a movement of many perspectives, but these perspectives should share some similarity with one another. Nominating a candidate who is only with her party on gun rights in a reliably Republican district is not the way to foster continued support from traditional supporters of the party while also currying favor with those more independently minded. Success in 2010 and beyond is possible if past mistakes are not repeated….”


We cannot win if LIBERTARIAN Glenn Beck is allowed to continue to call the shots for Elliott Schimel is one of the few reasonable voices getting through the conservative septic tank which is now American Thinker.

“…What will happen if conservative talk show hosts like Glenn Beck target moderate Republicans in 2010? The election in NY-23 sends a clear message that moderate Republicans are targets for conservative media. This means candidates in democratic districts don’t have a snowflake’s chance in hell to win. If a candidate leans too conservative, he will lose the district; drift towards the center, and risk being attacked by Beck.

If Republican leaders are serious about taking over the House, they need to make sure Beck doesn’t launch his own jihad on moderate candidates in left-leaning districts. It’s always difficult to unseat incumbent congressmen. Republican candidates can’t afford to spend time ducking shots from their own party….”

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Palin’s Mulligan & Pending 3rd Party Disaster


Imagine selling 300,000 books in one day – every writer’s dream!

The Pink Flamingo has not had a chance to read the book. I gave my copy to my best friend who wanted to give it to a mutual friend who was going to be spending a bit of time doing medical tests and wanted something to read. My replacement copy arrived from Amazon an hour ago.

The Pink Flamingo is attempting to be as brutally honest as possible. It is not fun and it is not easy. I will anger some people, but please, continue to the end of the post.


The Pink Flamingo is having a difficult time with the constant trashing of John McCain’s campaign. There is something about it I find distasteful. I must admit I am finding it distasteful to the point where I’ve stopped listening to the FOX interviews. I watched a portion of the O’Reilly interview and liked the fact that Sarah Palin plays like a grown-up and accepts responsibility for actions. That alone is refreshing considering what we have in power right now.

I keep going back to the old adage about airing dirty laundry, burning bridges, and being grace under fire. It bothers me. Politics is a strange business, creates strange bed-fellows, and one should never completely destroy a relationship. You might need that person one day.

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The Great Man Re-Appears – Again – With His Mom & Dad


They could take their act on the road – a mother and son one two punch. But, when the mom is a former Lady and the son is a former POTUS it makes the logistics of a road tour a little difficult, but they would be SRO!


Then again, the Great Man unveiled the designs for his Presidential Center on Wednesday.

“…“I am writing a book,” W. said. “This is going to come as a great surprise to some of our fellow citizens who live on both coasts.”

He said he had checked with his publisher, Crown, to get permission to read from the manuscript. “They said, ‘No way will you read from the book.’ I said, ‘I’ve got to. My mother said to read from the book.’ ”

Instead, he began reading a parallel-universe version of his West Texas childhood, saying, “Mom was celebrating our new life in the desert by drinking bourbon … straight bourbon … right out of the bottle.”

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The Abortion Fee


John Boehner’s most recent blog post says it all.

Evidently there is nothing sacred about life, or about their promises to other Dems.

“...Just like the original 2,032-page, government-run health care plan from Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) massive, 2,074-page bill would levy a new “abortion premium” fee on Americans in the government-run plan.

Beginning on line 7, p. 118, section 1303 under “Voluntary Choice of Coverage of Abortion Services” the Health and Human Services Secretary is given the authority to determine when abortion is allowed under the government-run health plan. Leader Reid’s plan also requires that at least one insurance plan offered in the Exchange covers abortions (line 13, p. 120).

What is even more alarming is that a monthly abortion premium will be charged of all enrollees in the government-run health plan. It’s right there beginning on line 11, page 122, section 1303, under “Actuarial Value of Optional Service Coverage.” The premium will be paid into a U.S. Treasury account – and these federal funds will be used to pay for the abortion services.

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Now the Right Approves of Lindsey?


There’s an old southern saying, “You can catch more flies with honey.” Lindsey is from South Carolina, BTW. He’s from the upstate, where people have their own way of doing things. Another old saying is “pick your battles”, meaning you wait. You compromise a little and wait until you are ready for the big fight. The Pink Flamingo has been telling you this is what Lindsey is doing. He went along with Sotomayor. Why not? She was going to make it anyway. Lull the enemy into a false sense of security, then take ’em out with both barrels.


So, please pardon The Pink Flamingo if I gloat a little.

This week Lindsey has unloaded with both barrels. First he voted to filibuster one of Obama’s judicial appointments. Remember the “Gang of 14” that the far right hated? THAT is why Lindsey helped put it together. Conservatives denigrated him when he helped put the Gang of 14 together. Now they are basically ignoring the fact that Lindsey and John McCain went against an Obama appointment.

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The Journey to Libertarian Babel


The Pink Flamingo is an unrepentant Trekkie subscribing to the philosophy of life that Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Star Trek. No, I’m not being serious or taking myself serious, but Monday evening, when I was working on the post about the Libertarian-based attacks on Lindsey and the GOP I was watching the new Star Trek move. (I admit that I bawl most of the way through it, because it is so beautiful).

Libertarians are trying to take-over, and are being assisted by willing dupes on the right who think they are wonderful.

Conservatives have a dirty little secret. It is one that is exploited time again, and never do they learn from their bitter lessons.

You see, the dirty little conservative secret is that conservatives, for the most part, are gullible. They are gullible because, for the most part, they are honest, honorable, God-fearing, church-going, patriotic men and women who would never think of deceiving anyone. Consequently, they are ripe for the plucking. And, trust me, they are being plucked.

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EXPOSED: Who Is Trying to Destroy Lindsey Graham?


In November of 2007 the Greenville County GOP censured Lindsey for not scraping and bowing to their every desire. Last week the Charleston County GOP followed suit.

South Carolina is the most Republican state in the country. Lindsey Graham is the Senior United States Senator.

Lindsey is a Republican.


He is being attacked by a group called the American Energy Alliance, which employs attractive and bright former GOP staffers to make it look like the whole attack is the Republican Party turning on Lindsey Graham.

South Carolina is very important to the GOP.

It is a bell-weather state.

What happens in SC in the GOP will eventually happen throughout the country.

What happens when there is a harmonic convergence of Tea Party “patriots?”, Stormfront, the CofCC, American Renaissance, Losertarian Blogs, The Charleston County GOP, “Big Oil”, Ron Paul, Ron Paul Bots, and the brain dead far right, all determined to destroy a good man? The Far Right falls for the lies, hook, line, sinker, and canard, spewing them out gleefully, never bothering to fact check, only vomiting up hate and lies.

SC’s strange, “losertarian” blog, FTS, is joyfully announcing how Lindsey is being trounced in alleged polls, never bothering to link to them. Not to worry, the same thing happened in 2008 when the Greenville County GOP held a straw poll and all the little anti-Lindsey racists showed up to vote. In 2007, the CofCC was so sure they could stir up enough hate, that they held their national conference in Greenville. They partied and did the conference thing with their “sister” organization, Stormfront.

Speakers included Jared Taylor, etc.

“…In April 2007, Taylor delivered a lecture entitled, “Multiculturalism and Racial Diversity: Strength or Weakness?” at Clemson University in South Carolina. A student group, the Clemson Conservatives, had invited him and he spoke to a group of students, faculty, and members of the public. During the lecture, Taylor implied that international hostility directed at the United States is due to the country’s current racial diversity. He also said, “It is a mistake to assume it is wrong to prefer the company of people similar to oneself… It is universal, and I think there’s every reason to believe there are innate biological reasons… In [the] United States, this kind of preference… is recognized and encouraged and institutionalized so long as the people who are expressing this preference are not white.”…”


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Is Anyone of Integrity Out There? Not When It Comes to Lindsey!


Did you know that the ACU considers Lindsey Graham a “Conservative Stand-out“?

Tuesday morning, The Pink Flamingo’s sister was in a “state”, being short handed at her business. Evidently in a city with double digit unemployment it is very difficult to get anyone “to work”. Her problem started The Pink Flamingo thinking about integrity.

Integrity is telling the truth about someone, even if you don’t like them. The most disgusting case The Pink Flamingo has been following are the lies of the far right as they attempt to destroy Lindsey. They don’t give a damn about the truth, only the lies.

The Pink Flamingo is tired of ranting and raving about third party losers, Losertarians, and the far right. It is a time for purity, a time for lies, and a time lie about anyone who disagrees with you – politically. Take the nasty “bad boys” of South Carolina at FTS, please. They call themselves “Unfair and unbalanced” – which is just about right, considering the way they like to use inuendo, half-truths, and will do just about anything to destroy those they dislike.

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Charleston County GOP Is a Disgrace to the GOP!


Were Charleston’s idiot Republicans up to something besides trying to destroy Lindsey? Could it be that they were trying to curry favor and make themselves look good for Ron Paul, who was in Columbia the following day. Or – could they be waiting for the arrival of their real god – Glenn Beck, who will be in Charleston soon, so they can slobber and drool all over his ring finger?

As a former South Carolina County Republican Chairperson, I feel I know a little about how things once worked in the state. The leadership of the Charleston County GOP worked directly with local “conservatives” and Tea Party People to target good Tea Party Conservatives for the November 3 elections.

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Toss the Tea Party Trash to Save the Country


Dick Armey is now jealous of Sarah Palin. The Pink Flamingo doesn’t mind admitting she is extremely disappointed with Sarah Palin’s strange attraction to a group of far right losers who are going to end up truly damaging any political chances she has with “regular” Republicans. They see her as this great anti-GOP icon, and this disturbs me. Unless the GOP were to do something absolutely insane and nominate someone like Ron Paul, I can never see myself ever voting for anyone but a Republican.

Unfortunately, the whole Tea Party “patriot” movement is all about destroying the GOP. It is about making Nancy Pelosi Speaker for Life!

It started out as a nice little thing to do – protest Barack Obama. A few non-political types who knew nothing about the political process, and probably never voted before in their lives made the mistake of listening to Glenn Beck. They formed their little Tea Parties.

Those little tea parties were then co-opted by FOX News, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and every conservative talking head in the country. No one wanted to appear to disapprove of their precious little populist anticts. It was the sort of thing that caused Ross Perot to hand the Presidency to Bill Clinton in 1994, but who’s paying attention to the history of third party malcontents?

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The Great Man Speaks


“…”The role of government is not to create wealth but to create the conditions that allow entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive…”


The Great Man is finally emerging from his self-imposed exile, returning to a world where his brand of decency, honor, and leadership is sorely lacking.

“…”I pledged to govern based on principles that empower people to improve their lives and strengthen our nation. I believe that free markets open the path to opportunity, that a successful society requires personal responsibility, that freedom is universal and transformative, and that every human life has dignity and value.”…”

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Tea Party “Patriots” & Conservatives Throw Ronald Reagan Under the Bus to Censor Lindsey


NOTE: If The Pink Flamingo were still living in SC and involved in SC GOP politics, I would be advocating immediate and swift retaliatory action against the Charleston County GOP. The reprehensible actions against Lindsey are one reason. Most importantly is their endorsement of the Tea Party Patriot?s who are in the process of calling the shots in Charleston County.

“…A local group of conservatives from the Tea Party Organization, 9.12 and members of the Charleston GOP met and interviewed candidates for local races. They have made the following recommendations for local offices which we support. These candidates have been identified as conservative candidates for these local non-partisan elections. We are asking your support of these individuals through volunteer efforts or cash donations. Please pick one and help them get elected…”

The Tea Party people have submitted a list of acceptable local Tea Party people who are “pure” enough to be endorsed by the county Executive Committee for local offices. In other words, the Charleston County GOP is being run by Glenn Beck’s 912 group of “patriots” and not by actual Republican values. This is reprehensible. The SCGOP should demand the resignation of all local officers involved in this fiasco. The problem is, right now, Republicans are quaking in their boots because Glenn Beck is now the most powerful man in the GOP.

How dare these people censure Lindsey. It is not about “patriotism” but the revenge of Ron Paul Bots and Glenn Beck’s little minions.

“…”When I began entering into the give and take …, a lot of the most radical conservatives who had supported me during the election didn’t like it. “Compromise” was a dirty word to them and they wouldn’t face the fact that we couldn’t get all of what we wanted today. They wanted all or nothing and they wanted it all at once. If you don’t get it all, some said, don’t take anything. “I’d learned while negotiating union contracts that you seldom got everything you asked for. And I agreed with FDR, who said in 1933: ‘I have no expectations of making a hit every time I come to bat. What I seek is the highest possible batting average.’ “If you got seventy-five or eighty percent of what you were asking for, I say, you take it and fight for the rest later, and that’s what I told these radical conservatives who never got used to it….”


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UPDATED: Political Reality for Grown Ups


One of the few political grown-ups in today’s world is George W. Bush. Do you know what he did over the weekend? The guys at HillBuzz, political grown-ups, had this to say:

“…Well, we told you before how much the current president, Dr. Utopia, made us realize just how wrong we were about Bush. We shudder to think what Dr. Utopia would have done post-9/11. He would have not gone there with a bullhorn and struck that right tone. More likely than not, he would have been his usual fey, apologetic self and waxed professorially about how evil America is and how justified Muslims are for attacking us, with a sidebar on how good the attacks were because they would humble us.

Honestly, we don’t think President Gore would have been much better that day. The world needed George W. Bush, his bullhorn, and his indominable spirit that day…and we will forever be grateful to this man for that.

As we will always be grateful for what George and Laura Bush did this week, with no media attention, when they very quietly went to Ft. Hood and met personally with the families of the victims of this terrorist attack.



The Bushes went and met privately with these families for HOURS, hugging them, holding them, comforting them.

If there are any of you out there with any connection at all to the Bushes, we implore you to give them our thanks…you tell them at a bunch of gay Hillary guys in Boystown, Chicago were wrong about the Bushes…and are deeply, deeply sorry for any jokes we told about them in the past, any bad thoughts we had about these good, good people.

You may be as surprised by this as we are ourselves, but from this day forward George W. and Laura Bush are now on the same list for us as the Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and the other political figures we keep in our hearts and never allow anyone to badmouth.

Criticize their policies academically and intelligently and discuss the Bush presidency in historical and political terms…but you mess with the Bushes personally and, from this day forward, and you’ll answer to us.

We hope someday to be able to thank George W. and Laura in person for all they’ve done, and continue to do. They didn’t have to head to Ft. Hood. That was not their responsibility….”

Oh, wait. The guys at Hillbuzz are gay. Conservatives are not allowed to like gays, right? The irrational childish haters can do that, but political grown-ups realize that disliking someone because of their personal proclivities is just plain – childish and stupid.

It is becoming more and more apparent that the grown ups are no longer in charge of the political dialogue and the running of this nation. The most perfect example of this is the “blame game” going on in the military and the executive branch over the Fort Hood shooting. The smart thing for Obama to do is blame it on GWB and change the subject.

There is something else The Pink Flamingo wants to mention (duck for cover). It is one of these “adult” things. Not all people who are Muslims are evil. Not all are sociopath, and not all are vile to the point of being demonic. Did you know there are about 3,500 Muslims on active duty in the US military. Did you know:

“…And yet more than 3,500 Muslims have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Defense Department figures provided to The Times. As of 2006, some 212 Muslim-American soldiers had been awarded Combat Action Ribbons for their service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and seven had been killed.

Too many Americans overlook the heroic efforts of Arab-Americans in uniform, said Capt. Eric Rahman, 35, an Army reservist who was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq at the start of the war. He cited the example of Petty Officer Second Class Michael A. Monsoor, a Navy Seal and practicing Christian of Lebanese and Irish descent who was awarded the Medal of Honor after jumping on a grenade and saving at least three team members during a firefight in 2006, in Ramadi, Iraq….”

Is the debate we are having today about the safety of Muslim members of the armed services any different from the discussion in 1942 about Japanese-Americans fighting in the US Military? At least we’ve learned something from our past mistakes and have not rounded up anyone of that specific religion of nationality and put them into camps like we did the Japanese.

Remember after 9/11 how President Bush cautioned not to retaliate against members of the Islamic faith? The Pink Flamingo will be honest about something. I do not like the fact that self-righteous Islamic women in this country flaunt our freedom and rights by going around “covered” with scarves, robes, and turning themselves into third class citizens. In fact, I resent it.

I don’t like this politically correct culture where we must bend over backward to accomodate their religion and they denigrate mine. Then again, I know of Muslims who have become Christians. I have very dear friends from India who are Muslim. If I heard of anyone discriminating against them because of their religion I would be furious.

I just can’t work up a good hate against someone just because they are Muslim. My sister has a Muslim god-son. We have an “adopted” sister from Bombay who is Muslim. If I thought someone was going to mis-treat the people I love because of their religion, I would become a little nasty myself.

It’s too bad we can’t have a discussion about the fact that of the 2000 mosques in this country only 10% are extremists. There is a song in the Rogers and Hammerstein classic, South Pacific.

Right now, thousands of young Islamic men and women are being taught to hate.

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Medved Calls Conservatives Who Denigrate Lindsey “Stupid”


Michael Medved is, in The Pink Flamingo’s humble opinion, the top radio talking head. He is conservative, but he is a shining example of a conservative with Vulcan logic. He can see both sides of a story.

On Monday, Medved took on the conservatives who are constantly on Lindsey’s case. Anyone who listens to this audio of a radio interview Lindsey did a few weeks ago, and does NOT realize how conservative he is, well, they are like Medved says – S – T – U – P – I – D.


Lindsey is one of the finest leaders this country has – today. (At least the Australians think he is) He is following in the august footsteps of the Great Man (GWB) himself, simply doing what he thinks is right for the nation. Once upon a time that quality was called “leadership”. Today it is denigrated as “RINO” – Republican in Name Only – by far right idiots who aren’t even Republicans, but seek to destroy good Republicans.

The Pink Flamingo has been pontificating for months that someone is out to destroy Lindsey. While I suspect the number one culprit is John Tanton and the anti-immigration minion of hate, The Palmetto Scoop has another theory.

In other words, Lindsey is trying to make this country energy independent – where we cannot be held hostage to some snotty little oil rich despot. BIG OIL doesn’t like it. They’re sponsoring, according to the Palmetto Scoop, the latest hate campaign against Lindsey.

One of these days the far right “stupids” are going to be forced to admit that Lindsey Graham is one of the finest leaders we have in this country, honorable, decent, patriotic, and far-sighted. He cannot be bought or sold. Maybe that’s why they don’t like him – they cannot control him. Then again, they’ve spent so much time lying about him they must now hate him, or else they will be forced to admit they were wrong – and the far right just doesn’t like doing that.

“…Well, that might have something to do with who is actually funding the ads.

Almost nothing is known about the American Energy Alliance itself other than that it was established as a 501(c)4 in 1993 to fight energy initiatives created by the Clinton Administration.

The group lists none of its donors, has filings with neither the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission nor the Internal Revenue Service, and has no way to be contacted.

The AEA is described by the Center for Media and Democracy as a “front group” for the Institute for Energy Research (IER) and openly calls itself the group’s “grassroots arm.”

The IER is a Houston, Texas-based “think tank” funded by, wait for it… the big oil companies. And IER has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from ExxonMobil over the last 10 years.

But it gets better.

The group’s founder and president is a man named Robert L. Bradley, Jr. Bradley’s previous position was Director of Public Policy Analysis at a little company called Enron.

At Enron, Bradley wrote speeches for Kenneth Lay, the company’s chairman who was found guilty on 10 federal charges of securities fraud, wire fraud, and making false and misleading statements. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

With those facts in hand, it’s not too difficult to see why this secretive special interest group would attack Graham.

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Why Lindsey Graham Is Feared by the Left & the Right


It’s “funny” how one reporter with a grudge against a person can write a hit piece, scatter in a few actual facts, then use the rest of the piece to destroy someone one. That is exactly what James Rosen with McClatchy did with his weekend attack on Lindsey. Naturally his canards were picked up by the far right, who hates Lindsey to the point where they are abjectly irrational. Fact is, the far right’s hatred of Lindsey is so irrational and so illogical there are some individuals who appear be willing to do or say anything to destroy him.

This is an abject lie. Rosen knows it is, but evidently he doesn’t care about reporting and “acurate” facts.

“...Now, in accepting cap-and-trade limits on carbon emissions, Graham stands alone — though he says “a handful” of Republican senators back him but aren’t ready to make public commitments. In a move that stunned some of his GOP Senate colleagues — and angered many of his constituents back home — Graham joined Kerry last month in publishing a New York Times op-ed column on global warming….”

Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

So now, all the nasty little hate-filled conservatives are attacking Lindsey over something that IS NOT TRUE. But, they hate him so much, they don’t care if they lie about him or not. The Pink Flamingo found an audio clip from a radio show in SC. It is fairly long, but you need to listen to the whole thing. You may just discover why Lindsey is so feared by the left and the right to the point where they will do anything, say anything, and lie about everything he says.

“….U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement on the passage of a climate bill through the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “There are simply not the votes to pass this bill through the Senate. If the Boxer bill were to come to the Senate floor as written, I would vote “no.” “I will continue to work on ways we can combine our need to become more energy independent with our need to reduce carbon pollution. I believe there is a pathway forward – if we choose to take it — that makes us more energy independent, creates sound environmental policy, promotes job creation and frees our nation from dependency on foreign oil.”…”

When Lindsey decided to run for Congress in 1994, I was the second person he called with the news. His campaign literally took over our lives for several months. During that time several things became quite obvious. We all knew he had tremendous potential. If given the opportunity, Lindsey would emerge as one of the nation’s top leaders. All he needed was for his voice to be heard. One of our “dreams” was to get him mentioned on Rush Limbaugh’s show.

Unfortunately Rush has betrayed Lindsey. If Limbaugh were to be fair, and listen to the audio above, there is no way he could denigrate Lindsey the way he does. The real problem with Limbaugh is the little twits like Glenn Beck and the haters like Michelle Malkin take his lead and began spreading hate about people. The disgusting hate and the vile lies they have spread about Lindsey appear to be unending.


They also appear to be part of an agenda.

The Pink Flamingo feels like that’s all she does is constantly complain about the far right and how they constantly lie about Lindsey. Fortunately the Palmetto Scoop has begun to notice the same thing. This lying thing about Lindsey appears to be coordinated and is coming from both the Dems and the Far Right. Someone DOES NOT LIKE Lindsey. The left is terrified of him because of his leadership. I think the Far Right is terrified of the same thing. Lindsey is the worst enemy of the Far Right.

“…Graham has said the only way he would support a cap-and-trade bill would be if Democrats made a compromise in the interest of national security.

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Lindsey on Health Care “D.O.A.


“…”The House bill is a non-starter in the Senate. I just think the construct out of the House and what exists in the Senate is not going to pass, and I hope and pray it doesn’t because it would be a disaster for the economy and health care,” Graham concluded….

Lindsey says ObamaCare is D. O. A. in the Senate.

“…Well, let’s start with the House bill. The House bill is dead on arrival in the Senate. Just look at how it passed. It passed 220-215. It passed by two votes. You had 40 — 39 Democrats vote against the bill. They come from red states, moderate Democrats from swing districts.

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BREAKING: The United States Does Have a REAL Leader!!!!!!


Last night Newt twitted that he thinks the solders who lost their lives at Fort Hood and those wounded should be treated as battlefield casualties and injuries. I agree. Oh, The One (Nobel) finally went to Walter Reed to visit with a few wounded soldiers.

That’s okay, this country STILL has a leader. We have a GREAT leader. And – finally people are starting to realize how great this Great Man is!

H/T to Riel World View1221591933bush_holds_flagOn Saturday morning, the Great Man and Laura visited with the wounded soldiers and their families at Fort Hood.

“…The Bushes made their private visit to Fort Hood’s Darnall Army Medical Center on Friday night. Bush spokesman David Sherzer said in an e-mail that the couple thanked Fort Hood’s military leaders and hospital staff for the “amazing care they are providing.”…”

Dan Riehl details The One (Nobel)’s day

…11:25AM THE PRESIDENT addresses the House Democratic Caucus – Cannon House Office Building
2:30PM THE PRESIDENT makes a statement to the press on Health Care – Rose Garden
2:45PM THE PRESIDENT and THE FIRST LADY depart The White House en route Camp David – South Lawn…”


On the other hand, Obama’s response to the incident at Fort Hood has been painful. Naturally Dems are taking up for him.

“…Critics say that through both the tone and brevity of his remarks, Obama “did not appreciate the gravity of what he represents,” said Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush

“It was uncomfortable to watch,” he said of Obama’s comments on Thursday.

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The Conservative Hate Of Lindsey Continue


“…“To those people who are pursuing purity, you’ll become a club not a party,” Graham told POLITICO in the Capitol Wednesday. “Those people who are trying to embrace conservatism in a thoughtful way that fits the region and the state and the district are going to do well. Conservativism is an asset. Blind ideology is not.”…”

First things first. Is it possible some of the “war” between moderate and conservative Republicans be a mirror of the friendly battle between South Carolina Senators Lindsey Graham and Jim DeMint. There appears to be a major difference of opinion between the two men, with DeMint becoming something of a far right activist, and Lindsey taking a stand that is a proven winner, standing on Reagan’s political principles.

Conservatives with their irrational hate of Lindsey refuse to admit how he stands up for our military and the defense of our country.

The Pink Flamingo is highlighting what is apparently an attack of “hate” leveled against Lindsey Graham because he dared to behave like an adult. I am highlighting the coordinated attack against Lindsey to prove just how abjectly deranged and full of abject hate the far far far far far right has become. The fact is the far far far far far right’s attack on Lindsey is now so obvious, even liberals are picking up on it. It doesn’t matter how much they lie about what he is actually doing. They simply lie. (Take Cap/Trade)

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The Conservative Civil War Against the GOP Is Here


“…THE storm of conservative fury at Ronald Reagan may have subsided a bit, but, as one of the President’s own men in the White House conceded late last week, ”There are some who are still in a real sour mood.”…”

Once Upon a Time… a very conservative man named Richard Viguerie hated Ronald Reagan, and did everything he could to ruin his Presidency. Today he’s back, crowing about the Tea Party People and how they are now the new GOP. God Help Us All! The problem is only 56% of conservatives consider themselves GOP. If this is true, and this bunch of Tea Party Yahoos are NOT Republican, then tell them


Last Monday, yet another creepy episode of Glenn Beck is way over the edge. He is basically asking people to betray the GOP and do something – what ever. The man is a train wreck waiting to happen. If Glenn Beck were to get his way, the Dems would maintain control of the House and the Senate in 2010. If this happens, just kiss our country good-by.

I don’t want to give in to hysteria, but is Glenn Beck a plant for George Soros and the DNC? He certainly isn’t helping the GOP (unless it is over a cliff). He’s helping FOX, and himself, but is in the process of causing what could be perminent and irreperable to the country in the process.

There is a little “buzz phrase” The Pink Flamingo looks for when dealing with the far far far far far right who want you to think they are Republicans.


“I’m for taking the Republican Party back for true conservatives.”

The minute I hear that I think Ron Paul Bot or Glenn Beck Clown School Drop-Out. That one phrase tells The Pink Flamingo we’re not actually dealing with a Republican but someone who is a sore-head, Ross Perot style drop-out, have it my way – OR ELSE!

From Down with Tyranny:

“...NY-23 up near Montreal in northeast New York, has more cows than people– and more Republicans than Democrats. The Inside-the-Beltway and national media have jumped into the race, marveling at how the GOP is managing to screw up their chances there with a vicious intraparty civil war. Watch the video below of Beck calling for a right-wing jihad against the Republican Party establishment in the name of teabaggery and keep in mind that he still has one full week for a full on Vicks Vaporub weeping session before the balloting is over. Even more important to remember, though, is that NY-23 isn’t the only congressional race shaping up to be a showcase for the struggle between mainstream conservatives and the unhinged, Hate-Talk inspired teabaggers trying to capture the GOP….”

Republicans who do not agree to the conservative threat of support OR ELSE of Doug Hoffman are already being damned. Erick Erickson has already declared war on Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Mike Huckabee. Conservatives have reached the point where they are demanding “purity” or they are out to destroy good, decent, honorable men and women.

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Conservative Sharia & Purge (The GOP of Conservative Saboteurs)


‘‘It is unlikely that the Reagan era
will prove to be the historic change
in the direction of America that we have sought
Edwin J. Feulner Jr., president of the Heritage Foundation,1985.

According to Rasmussen:

“…while Republican voters overwhelmingly consider themselves conservative, only 56% of conservative voters consider themselves to be Republicans. In other words, nearly half of all conservatives nationwide reject the Republican Party label. This means that Republicans looking to broaden their party’s outreach cannot ignore the need to attract a large number of conservative voters along with some political moderates. Of all the non-Republicans in the nation, 31% consider themselves at least somewhat conservative while 37% say they’re political moderates….”

When I hear the word “purge” it makes me want to throw up. That’s just about the way I feel now that Michelle Malkin, Erick Erickson, and their little bunch of Tea Partiers all have decided to purge the GOP of the impure. In fact, Erickson is calling for a “Purge” of the GOP establishment.

Rush Limbaugh is calling for a purge.

“…“Moderates by definition have no principles,” Limbaugh huffed on his radio show yesterday. He predicted that “RINOs” – a putdown acronym of “Republicans In Name Only” – “may become extinct.”

Unfortunately, while I think Erickson is extreme, he redeems himself (sort of):

“…I intend to work within the GOP. Already Democrats are salivating at the thought of a third party conservative movement and are intent on fostering it to hurt the GOP. I will not cooperate with a third party movement. As I have said repeatedly, Doug Hoffman is the exception that proves the rule. America is a two party nation and instead of packing up and fleeing the GOP, we should launch a coup and take it back. Consider NY-23 the first salvo in that coup, with the Florida Senate race right behind it…”

Conservatives constantly complain about the Dems, how unfair they are. That they are bullies. They lie, they cheat, manipulate, are vicious, and will do anything to get their way. I have news for them – maybe they should try looking in a mirror!

There is absolutely no difference in the behavior and tactics of the far right than the far left. Only the ideologies are different. The cruel hate is the same.

What do the following have in common?
Ronald Reagan
George H. W. Bush
George W. Bush
Newt Gingrich
John McCain
Lindsey Graham

All six are good, decent patriotic men of honor, followers of Christ, and betrayed by the far right because they were not good enough – not pure enough. And so – the list of those to be purged includes John McCain and Lindsey. The worst part of it, they are far better, far more decent, far more honorable and patriotic individuals than those dim-wit closed-minded idiots who are more interested in purity than country. Ronald Reagan detested those kind of people – the purists. They were the ones who hated Reagan.

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When the Love of Freedom Runs in the Family


“…Ronald Reagan gets all the credit among conservatives for ending the Cold War, but recall that it was his successor, former President George H.W. Bush, loathed by conservatives, who actually handled the peaceful collapse of the Soviet Empire and got very little credit for it. That included the reunification of Germany against the wishes of France and Britain, the latter led by Margaret Thatcher….”

Why do conservatives have a tendency not to give President George H. W. Bush credit for the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of the Soviet Empire? After all, he was POTUS at the time. In his true humble fashion GHWB takes very little credit for his exemplary actions in helping to bring freedom to the former Soviet Empire.
San+Francisco+49ers+v+Houston+Texans+cxC2egxd_vrlDid you catch Greta’s interview with President George H. W. Bush? If not, go back and watch it. She manages to pull information out of the Great Man, father of another Great Man, that The Pink Flamingo did not even know.

FYI – did you know Margaret Thatcher, that great conservative Dame DID NOT want a re-unified Germany, but GHWB is the one who forced it? Hummmmm

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In Defense of Politicians Dealing with “Climate Change”


On Sunday afternoon it dawned on The Pink Flamingo that we are taking the whole issue of climate change and politicians in the wrong direction. Lindsey is being hammered for a piece he co-authored with John Kerry for the NYTimes. Even I cringed – because I knew he would be hammered for it.

He has.

Suddenly, like the light flashing down from an alien craft about to abduct some drunken deer hunter (note that there is no intentional insult to deer hunters implied) The Pink Flamingo had an epiphany.


Remember that old computer term – garbage in garbage out?

I think expecting our elected officials to know everything about everything, or even a little bit about everything is just not logical. None of us know everything about everything. We specialize. The era of a eclectic “renaissance” style education no longer exists.

Take climate change – please.

The only reason The Pink Flamingo has a different take on things is because of an essay the late great, Stephen Jay Gould penned for his monthly column in the Natural History magazine. Aside from filling The Pink Flamingo with a life-time desire to be a writer of essays, this article tweaked my fancy. I was going into high school, volunteering doing the candy stripe thing at our local hospital. I remember reading the article after my father picked me up at the hospital there in Seneca. The mail was on the back seat, where I was consigned as he and my grandfather drove home.


I read the Gould essay on the drive to Fair Play, fascinated. My current love of all things dinosaur is nothing new. I’ve been fascinated since I was a little kid and saw that now legendary T-Rex fossil in the Natural History Museum in NYC. While it might take a calculator to figure out how many scientists have been inspired by that same critter, including the great Gould himself, The Pink Flamingo never went beyond fascination when it came to dinosaurs. But – it did give me a reason to read geology, paleontology, and delve into archeology as a high school student.

The specic Gould essay, which I can no longer find, was about the fact that the planet was due for another round of what he felt might be a cycle of ice ages.



Golly – an ice age?

I read everything I could on the subject, only to decide upon a life-long fascination with Post-Roman Britain instead of science.

Guess what?


It seems like the alleged time frame of La Morte de Arthur and the alleged fall of the Roman Empire all occurred around 475AD – 550AD. No one in their right mind would even put the idea of the death of Arthur, fall of Rome, and an ice age together. BUT – they all happened around the same time.

Seems like David Keys also put 2 + 2 together to come up with an ice age. Publisher’s Weekly reviewed the book:

“…In Keys’s startling thesis, a global climatic catastrophe in A.D. 535-536–a massive volcanic eruption sundering Java from Sumatra–was the decisive factor that transformed the ancient world into the medieval, or as Keys prefers to call it, the “proto-modern” era. Ancient chroniclers record a disaster in that year that blotted out the sun for months, causing famine, droughts, floods, storms and bubonic plague. Keys, archeology correspondent for the London Independent, uses tree-ring samples, analysis of lake deposits and ice cores, as well as contemporaneous documents to bolster his highly speculative thesis. In his scenario, the ensuing disasters precipitated the disintegration of the Roman Empire, beset by Slav, Mongol and Persian invaders propelled from their disrupted homelands. The sixth-century collapse of Arabian civilization under pressure from floods and crop failure created an apocalyptic atmosphere that set the stage for Islam’s emergence. In Mexico, Keys claims, the cataclysm triggered the collapse of a Mesoamerican empire; in Anatolia, it helped the Turks establish what eventually became the Ottoman Empire; while in China, the ensuing half-century of political and social chaos led to a reunified nation. Huge claims call for big proof, yet Keys reassembles history to fit his thesis, relentlessly overworking its explanatory power in a manner reminiscent of Velikovsky’s theory that a comet collided with the earth in 1500 B.C. Readers anxious about future cataclysms will take note of Keys’s roundup of trouble spots that could conceivably wreak planetary havoc….”

Would you believe the global temperature during the height of the Roman Republic and Empire ranged something like 4 degrees warmer than it is now?

Royalty Free

Civilizations flourish during a time of global warming and had a tendency to either fall or wax inward during periods of cooling.

Please expain the importance of the word “Greenland”.

Now, the following completely esoteric lines of study are something no “normal” person who has a “real” life would even bother thinking about, let alone own dozens of books about the above.

There’s even more.

The Pink Flamingo has been interested in astronomy and space even longer than dinosaurs.

Get the picture?

Add a fascination with geology, history, King Arthur, Ancient America fringe archaeology, and a half-way decent working knowledge of science and you have a walking rebuttal to the current infant “science” of climatology. (it is a joke)


We are dealing with a rather fascinating solar minimum. For some strange reason, the utter lack of sunspots indicates a cooling surface on the sun. Anyone who knows anything know the cooler the sun, the cooler the earth.

Know anything about the relationship between very messy volcanic explosions and global cooling?

The Pink Flamingo subscribes to the theory of history that someone must delve, not only into the usual historical tools, papers, archives, etc, but must also integrate misc. sciences be them social, earth, biological, archaeology, or political in order to write history.

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Kudos to Mike DeVine As He Caps the Trade!


Reports of Lindsey betraying the country via the climate change bill are greatly exhaggerated. Seems like there are more than a few Republicans who are threatening a little cap/trade of their very own.

“…Many Republicans deride the cap-and-trade system at the heart of the legislation’s heart as a job killer and energy tax hike. And two high-profile Republicans whom Democrats had hoped would cross the aisle — — Senators Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and George Voinovich of Ohio — are now vocally opposed….”

Conservative Blogger, Mike DeVine, from South Carolina is a stand up guy. The Pink Flamingo took a bit of humbridge about something he wrote over the weekend conserning Lindsey. Like I said, Mike is a stand up guy, on my list of men of honor. He researched my comment and came up with the following piece about the article Lindsey and John Kerry co-authored for the NYTimes.

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