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Believe it or not, there are things in this world worse than soda, sugar, and obesity.  Oh, you say?  But, sugar is evil.  It is so evil, the city of Berkley has passed a ‘sin’ tax to remind sinners to imbibe on diet drinks. The tax of 2 cents an ounce is to help prevent diabetes, especially in the African American community.  Yes, that’s what I read in the article.  You see, nothing, absolutely nothing in society is worse that obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  Or, that’s what the sugar haters want you to believe.

Sugar is not toxic.

“…“Sugar, in general, is not poison,” he said. “Breast milk contains sugar. The human bloodstream contains sugar, at all times, and the moment it doesn’t, we die.”

To label sugar “toxic” is misleading. It implies that the sweet substance is dangerous at any dose. But of course, it’s the dose that makes the poison. A single can of Pepsi, a veritable bastion of sugar, is a delicious complement to a slice of pizza. To die from an acute toxic overdose of sugar, the average adult male would have to drink roughly 58 of those cans in rapid succession. That doesn’t leave much room for the slice of pizza.

Polonium, on the other hand, now that’s a poison. As little as 800 nanograms — an amount so small you could barely make it out on the palm of your hand — is enough to kill the average adult male.

I make this comparison not to trivialize the health drawbacks of sugar, only to demonstrate that sugar is obviously not a poison.

The American Heart Association and the World Health Organization recommend that women consume no more than 24 grams of “added sugar” (basically, sugar not found in fruits or non-sweetened milk) each day. For men, that number is 37 grams. Currently, conservative estimates indicate that Americans consume roughly twice the recommended amounts. Much of that sugar comes from nutrient-deficient soft drinks, luxurious desserts, processed food, or candy. Eating too much of any of that stuff increases the risk of fatty liver disease, heart disease, diabetes, and being overweight….”

Yes, there are things that are worse than the above list of diseases that are ’caused’ by the consumption of sugar.  Sugar helps a person gain weight.  Obese individuals, such as moi, are the dregs of society.  We are horrible, evil individuals, to be ridiculed, insulted, ignored, and treated like dirt.  After all, we’re the ones costing all the medical dollars – right?

Submitted for your approval is an ongoing family story.  Do you know anything about Osteoporosis?  It is going to be one of the most costly medical conditions to hit the modern world, one of these days.  How do I know?  It runs in my family.  Thing is, because I’ve been overweight all my life, I’m going to be spared the horrible death, debilitating pain, and constant worry of fracture.  Women my size, rarely, if ever develop osteoporosis.  Sure, there is a chance of diabetes and high blood pressure, but, when you factor in the lies and crunch the actual numbers, someone like moi has a greater chance of developing those two things than a thin person – by maybe a few percentage points – that’s it.  But, a thin woman, who has dieted her entire life, has a very great chance of developing this horrible bone disease.

My mother has it.  She spent her entire life around the 95-103 pound mark, ballooning up to 123 after reaching her 70s.  The food Nazi of the family, she avoided sugar, fats, unhealthy meat, breads, an anything that might cause her to gain a pound or two.  She made my life, growing up, a living hell.  I was put on a diet when I was just 8 years old.  I was nearly the height I am now – 5 feet tall, and weighted 100 pounds.  But, the charts said I was too heavy.  So, the yo-yo dieting began.  You don’t recover from yo-yo dieting, ever.  You also don’t develop osteoporosis.

My grandmother Froehlich died and agonizing death with it.  It becomes like bone cancer, dissolving bones, causing pain so horrific a person lives on high-powered narcotics.  My mother is now popping 3 Vicodin a day.  She is 84-years-old, and has about 9% bone density.  Her spine is full of compression fractures caused by the disease.  But – she was always thin.

In 2005, her condition became so bad, she was given a new medication to help build bones.  The physician never bothered telling her that, if she had a-fib, it could lead to heart failure.  Two weeks later she coded twice.  A few days after that she received her pace-maker.  When she was revived, she was given a shot that hit a nerve in her leg, causing serious bladder control issues.  They also discovered she had very high cholesterol.  My father, Mr. Quarter-Pounder with Cheese had a normal count.  He was a diabetic, but that was under control.  His blood pressure was high, but that was under control.  Fact is, for a good 14 years, until his death three weeks ago, his medication costs for diabetes and blood pressure was about $20 a month – at the most.

On the other hand, the costs for my mother – to attempt to prevent the inevitable, has cost a fortune.  Just in Posie pads alone, it is $18/month – twice a month – or $39.00 a month.  That’s close to $500 a year, or over $4000, so far.  Contrast that to the cost of the diabetes and blood pressure meds – $20 a month or about $250 a year, for 15 years, to total about $3600.  His diabetes and blood pressure were kept under control, primarily by diet.  He never had a real problem.

Then there are the heart meds.  We’re looking at another $70/month.  That’s less than it has been.  So, we’re around $840 a year, but more like $1000.  Multiply that times 10 and that’s close to $10K.  Add the $4000 and we’re pushing $15,000, so my mother could be thin all those years.

We’ve not stopped there.  I’ve left out the broken bones, medivacs, hotel stays, constant emergency room visits – over a 10 year period.  My father developed Alzheimer’s Disease.  Our costs went up another $50 a month or so, the last 3 years of his life.

Oh, wait, it gets better.  My mother’s back is so bad, now, she is not only popping up to 3 Vicodin a day, but now uses a lidocaine patch.  A box of 30 runs us $40.  Her back is so bad, she has lost all bladder control.  We’re up to 4 of those $18.00 packets of Poise a month, or about $80.  She is in such constant pain, and in such bad shape – because she was so nice and thin all those years, that she can’t be left alone.  I now get a grand total of maybe 3 nights a week at my home.  The rest are spent with her.  She requires someone with her at all times.

Get the picture?

The beautiful irony of all of this is that, in order to build up her energy, and get her to eat, once again, or she will, she was told by her primary care physician, not last until Christmas, she must consume at lest 12 ounces of evil, sugary soda a day!

I’ve had to live with a parent who had high blood pressure and diabetes, and also Alzheimer’s Disease.  I live with one who is falling apart due to osteoporosis, and the quest of thinness, food politics, and avoiding the evils of sugar.  Have you ever seen anyone dealing with late-stage osteoporosis?

It’s a living hell.

It is a living hell that could have been avoided by a life misspent, chugging evil soda, eating meat, bread, and dessert.

Do you have any idea what an epidemic of this is going to cost the taxpayer?  It’s going to be far more than the consequences of diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure ever were.

My mother did everything right.  She watched her diet, her weight, and was physically active, exercising, doing yard work, gardening, and walking.  She took the right vitamins and supplements.  Contrary to the popular myth of diet/exercise, it doesn’t even begin to stop the ravages of the disease.

There is something worse than being obese.  I watch my mother every day.  She can no longer walk on her own.  She uses a walker.  She must sit up to sleep.  She can’t even lift her legs to get into the shower.  Her back is so miserable she can’t sit down in a shampoo chair at the beauty shop.   There is now this massive hump on her back.  She sits stooped over, leaning over to feel some relief from the pain.

Sugar is evil?

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Sunday Morning Opera: Belated Happy Birthday to Placi Sun, 04 Feb 2018 11:30:30 +0000 Placido Domingo turned his seventy-seven on January 21.  It is a total insult to the great tenor that we are just now getting around to celebrating his life and music. The problem with a great tenor is locating music is like shooting fish in a barrel!

Let’s face it, nobody does this better- even Ricky Ricardo!

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The Memo Sat, 03 Feb 2018 11:30:45 +0000 California Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell is the most dangerous person I’ve had the misfortune to encounter in ages.  On Friday evening, he was on Tucker Carlson, spouting Democratic talking points, accusing the FOX host of something quit evil because the man was discussing the memo.  Evidently, according to the Democrats, it is now immoral for the cops to disclose to a criminal what they are being investigated for – if anything.

Umm…. I guess the good Democrat doesn’t understand at a certain point it becomes suppression of evidence.  It can be a tool to destroy.  That’s why a defense attorney has a right to look at ALL evidence, once a case reaches a certain point.  Not to allow this is not only unconstitutional, but it is the beginning of a fascist police state.

Jonathan Turley on the memo.

I find the situation terrifying.  And, no, the Democrats don’t remind me of fascists.  Instead, it reminds me of the slow disintegration of the Roman Republic, into an empire. When you have seated Congresspersons who don’t quite understand the limits of police power, well that’s a problem.

We add that to the problem of a political watch hunt, and destroying lives in order to destroy a sitting President and this nation is facing its greatest crises – yet.  Apparently, very few people care.


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A Gimpy Knee and Opiate Addiction Fri, 02 Feb 2018 11:30:05 +0000 I am miserable.  Rums slept on my left knee about two weeks ago.  I’ve been limping ever since then.  It takes several weeks to get over one of these lovely moments.  At least I’m not dealing with 24 steps like I did in the condo, and don’t have that horrible thick carpet in my parents’ house.  It hurts to walk.  I think one of the problems is the way I’m sitting when I work.  As usual, I’ve not gone to a doctor.  I have no insurance and can’t afford it.  The other day I realized that a couple Advil help control the pain.

After limping through a local grocery store, by the time I reached check-out I was ready to pass out, I felt that bad.  I also felt so lousy, I left most of my stuff in the car.  I hope I brought in all the cold things. I was just exhausted.  The knee felt better after doing a heck of a lot of walking, but I used muscles a different way, and ouch!

Have you noticed how the world had changed?  I had been living in small town, New Mexico where nothing had changed in nineteen years I lived there.  But – in the outside world, it is different.  I’ve noticed that there is now a tremendous amount of walking, just to get into a store.  Even the handicapped parking spaces, in many locations, are outlandishly far from a store entrance.  I’ve truly begun to believe this brave new world belongs only to the physically fit among us.  It is designed to prevent those of us who are limping, or may not be strong enough to walk in what amounts to several blocks, through a large food star. If you can’t navigate through a basic food store, then you can’t get the supplies you need – unless you are fortunate enough to be able to rely on someone to help you.

I now understand why there is such a problem with opiates in this country.  I have a problem with medication.  The only thing I can take is Advil.  But – I can see how someone would reach for something stronger, just to go about normal living.  The obscene distances required to navigate a ‘normal’ size food store is daunting.  We once thought Target was huge, but it is far easier to deal with than the local grocery stores.

This morning, I was very upset.  I wasn’t sure if I could make it through the store.  Last week, I could not have done so.  Because I have no health insurance, I have no parking permit.  I’m only taking Advil – but what if I were taking an opiate?  What if I can’t make it through the huge store with monster parking distances?

My gosh this is discriminatory.  I watched my mother go from someone who could make it through life, to almost an invalid, because of her back.  She came to rely on opiates until we were able to access medical marijuana.  When a person needs pain medication just to traverse the growing distances between parking and a store, something is wrong.

This has left me with a feeling of isolation.  I need to go to Home Depot, but really can’t walk the distance.  Two weeks ago I had to trek through Lowes, twice.  It was agony.  The employee helping me kept pulling the cart, forcing me to almost run to keep up with him.  I could barely walk, let alone run.

I also understand why we have vets taking their own lives.  How can someone injured, trying to survive, cope with this brave new physically fit world, where if you aren’t perfect and fast, you are pushed aside. It is troubling.  In this so-called compassionate world, we should be able to accommodate everyone.  But, even mention the distances a person must now walk just to get into a store, and you are looked at like some sort of a freak.

Our world is about those who are physically fit and perfect.  The rest of us, are,  I gather, to just roll over and die.  Basic foraging for food in a store should not be a miserable effort that it is for some people.  Sure, stores offer those carts, but when you are dealing with a knee that hurts every time you twist it, moving a certain way, forget about the cart. They don’t have personal shoppers.  I guess, those of us who aren’t perfect are to just disappear and let the physically perfect show off heir perfection while we live less that optimal lives.

My knee will be better in a week or so.  But – what about a friend who is disabled?  What about the vet who is in pain with every step?  Do they count?

Evidently, they don’t.

So – they start taking opiate based pain meds, which doctors have no problem proscribing.

I remember when handicapped parking spots were near a public entry.

Forget that.

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George W. Bush – Columbia Speech Thu, 01 Feb 2018 19:00:09 +0000

Their mission was almost complete, and we lost them so close to home. The men and women of the Columbia had journeyed more than 6 million miles and were minutes away from arrival and reunion. The loss was sudden and terrible, and for their families, the grief is heavy. Our nation shares in your sorrow and in your pride. And today we remember not only one moment of tragedy, but seven lives of great purpose and achievement.

To leave behind Earth and air and gravity is an ancient dream of humanity. For these seven, it was a dream fulfilled. Each of these astronauts had the daring and discipline required of their calling. Each of them knew that great endeavors are inseparable from great risks. And each of them accepted those risks willingly, even joyfully, in the cause of discovery.

Rick Husband was a boy of four when he first thought of being an astronaut. As a man, and having become an astronaut, he found it was even more important to love his family and serve his Lord. One of Rick’s favorite hymns was, “How Great Thou Art,” which offers these words of praise: “I see the stars. I hear the mighty thunder. Thy power throughout the universe displayed.”

David Brown was first drawn to the stars as a little boy with a telescope in his back yard. He admired astronauts, but, as he said, “I thought they were movie stars. I thought I was kind of a normal kid.” David grew up to be a physician, an aviator who could land on the deck of a carrier in the middle of the night, and a shuttle astronaut.

His brother asked him several weeks ago what would happen if something went wrong on their mission. David replied, “This program will go on.”

Michael Anderson always wanted to fly planes, and rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. Along the way, he became a role model — especially for his two daughters and for the many children he spoke to in schools. He said to them, “Whatever you want to be in life, you’re training for it now.” He also told his minister, “If this thing doesn’t come out right, don’t worry about me, I’m just going on higher.”

Laurel Salton Clark was a physician and a flight surgeon who loved adventure, loved her work, loved her husband and her son. A friend who heard Laurel speaking to Mission Control said, “There was a smile in her voice.”

Laurel conducted some of the experiments as Columbia orbited the Earth, and described seeing new life emerge from a tiny cocoon. “Life,” she said, “continues in a lot of places, and life is a magical thing.”

None of our astronauts traveled a longer path to space than Kalpana Chawla. She left India as a student, but she would see the nation of her birth, all of it, from hundreds of miles above. When the sad news reached her home town, an administrator at her high school recalled, “She always said she wanted to reach the stars. She went there, and beyond.” Kalpana’s native country mourns her today, and so does her adopted land.

Ilan Ramon also flew above his home, the land of Israel. He said, “The quiet that envelopes space makes the beauty even more powerful. And I only hope that the quiet can one day spread to my country.” Ilan was a patriot; the devoted son of a holocaust survivor, served his country in two wars. “Ilan,” said his wife, Rona, “left us at his peak moment, in his favorite place, with people he loved.”

The Columbia’s pilot was Commander Willie McCool, whom friends knew as the most steady and dependable of men. In Lubbock today they’re thinking back to the Eagle Scout who became a distinguished Naval officer and a fearless test pilot. One friend remembers Willie this way: “He was blessed, and we were blessed to know him.”

Our whole nation was blessed to have such men and women serving in our space program. Their loss is deeply felt, especially in this place, where so many of you called them friends. The people of NASA are being tested once again. In your grief, you are responding as your friends would have wished — with focus, professionalism, and unbroken faith in the mission of this agency.

Captain Brown was correct: America’s space program will go on. This cause of exploration and discovery is not an option we choose; it is a desire written in the human heart. We are that part of creation which seeks to understand all creation. We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness, and pray they will return. They go in peace for all mankind, and all mankind is in their debt.

Yet, some explorers do not return. And the loss settles unfairly on a few. The families here today shared in the courage of those they loved. But now they must face life and grief without them. The sorrow is lonely; but you are not alone. In time, you will find comfort and the grace to see you through. And in God’s own time, we can pray that the day of your reunion will come.

And to the children who miss your Mom or Dad so much today, you need to know, they love you, and that love will always be with you. They were proud of you. And you can be proud of them for the rest of your life.

The final days of their own lives were spent looking down upon this Earth. And now, on every continent, in every land they could see, the names of these astronauts are known and remembered. They will always have an honored place in the memory of this country. And today I offer the respect and gratitude of the people of the United States.

May God bless you all.

]]> 2 Godspeed Columbia Thu, 01 Feb 2018 11:30:32 +0000 February 1, 2003

Rick D. Husband
William C. McCool
Michael P. Anderson
Ilan Ramon
Kalpana Chawla
David M. Brown
Laurel Clark

High Flight

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds – and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of – wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there
I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long delirious, burning blue,
I’ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew –
And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
The high untresspassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

Pilot Officer Gillespie Magee
No 412 squadron, RCAF
Killed 11 December 1941

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Does Abortion Harm Women Wed, 31 Jan 2018 11:30:23 +0000 There is a new study about the effects of abortion on women.  I don’t like abortion.  I think it is, though, a necessary evil.  In fact, up until the late 1970s, even the Southern Baptist Church defined it as a necessary evil. There are certain reasons even I would have one.  The other night I was watching Dr. Phil.  A young woman, while pregnant, discovered she was carrying a gene that gave her an 89% chance of highly aggressive breast and ovarian cancer.  If she was diagnosed with the disease while pregnant, she would not be able to be treated for the cancer.  Sorry – but that’s where you have an abortion.  Maybe I’m selfish, but I value my life.  The barbarian era where a woman was expected to die in order to present her lord and master husband with an heir have come and gone. I also would not want to pass that gene on to my child.

If I were carrying a child who was horrifically deformed or possessed several deaths which doom them, I would have an abortion.  I would not have one if I were carrying a Down’s child.  Abortion should be required for victims of incest and available for victims of rape.  As far as abortion for birth control – I think it is cold blooded murder.

We have been told that that abortion is good for women.  It is a positive thing that helps them in oh so many different ways.  Planned Parenthood is a cash cow that cannot be criticized.  No one has done a major study on the negative results, until now.

“…One of the more remarkable findings was that 32 percent of women reported no positive outcomes from the decision to have an abortion. One comment a woman gave in response was a heartbreaking: “None, there are no positives. My life is no better, it is much worse. I carry the pain of a child lost forever. Although I know I am forgiven and have worked through the guilt and shame, the heart wrenching pain is still there. I would rather have been a single mother of two and have my baby here.”

A significant number (24 percent) of women reported feeling the pain of taking a life. This woman’s 30 years of grief and thoughts of suicide sound nothing like the sound-bites we hear from pro-abortion marches and rallies. Where is this woman’s voice in the conversation on abortion? Is she allowed to have one?…”


“…When asked about the most significant negatives associated with abortion, many women voiced deep feelings of loss, existential concerns, and reduced quality of life, with heart-wrenching clarity. For many women, the abortion experience became a pivotal point in their lives, impacting their self-image, their personality, and their connectivity to others. Specific commonly experienced negatives included living with having ended a life, regret, shame, guilt, depression, anxiety, negative self-appraisals, and self- destructive behaviors. At the extreme, 49 women voiced a lack of desire to continue living based on the reality of their choice and the heartache that ensued. The vast majority of women did not cite only one or two negative outcomes, but instead described a complex constellation of adverse consequences, often centered on the life lost. Many women wrote about pressure from others and feeling as if they had no choice at the time; yet the majority seemed to assume responsibility for their decision as opposed to blaming others. Coming to terms with the irreversibility of an abortion decision and integrating the choice into one’s understanding of self were viewed as necessary by a significant proportion of the respondents in order to continue their lives in a positive direction. For most of these women, peace and relief from a host of negative effects only arrived once they felt they had received divine forgiveness….”

It is heartbreaking.

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Girl Power Tue, 30 Jan 2018 11:28:54 +0000 For nearly a year I’ve been spending way too much time on Twitter with a group of people who have absolutely nothing in common but our love of sharks. We represent several countries, who knows how many religions, political ideologies, and lives, but we have become friends.  Monday morning, I became involved in a fascinating conversation with a life-long teacher.  I must immediately state that I have a tremendous admiration for people who have the intestinal fortitude to teach.  I swear being a ‘real’ teacher is as special a calling as going into medicine or the ministry.  They sure aren’t doing it to get rich.

Somehow our discussion ended up on STEM studies.  My friend thinks they are extremely beneficial in pushing girls into math and sciences.  She also thinks girls need to be in separate classes when it comes to math.  Quite frankly, I think the genders should be completely segregated into different locations, especially in high school. Getting back to STEM, I think it is hurting students in this country, by assuming all students should be prepped for college.  It is wrong to push STEM over a liberal arts education.  The humanities are critical if you want to know how to think.  Unfortunately, STEM studies are pushing girls and minorities out of the very fields STEM studies were created to help.

Evidently, STEM studies are not helping girls.  I don’t want to be considered gender biased, but maybe there are girls who just don’t want to be in science/tech.  There are boys who don’t want to go to college, yet they are not being well served with a career path that only engages STEM studies.  Granted, if someone wants to be in the trades, knowing how to calculate, do basic and not so basic sciences is incredibly important, but it is not a be all and an end all.  Why must it be assumed that everyone is going to college.

The problem with the assumption that girls need special treatment and that everyone is headed to college is just plain old doing a disservice to students. In 2016 something like 69.9% of high schools students enrolled in college.  Only one in five adults living in rural areas in the US graduate from college.  Another interesting statistic is that only 42% of people ages 18-24 are enrolled in higher education.  Only 29% of people from rural areas enroll in higher education while 48% from cities do.

There are other problems.  Women are not being encouraged to enter the trades.  Instead, they are pushed toward lower paying careers like cosmetology or child care, when they could be learning to do things like automotive repair, welding, plumbing.

“…So-called middle-skill jobs, such as welding, automotive repair, cosmetology and medical assisting, account for 53 percent of United States’ labor market, but only 43 percent of workers are trained to the middle-skill level, according to 2015 data from the National Skills Coalition, the most recent available. Middle-skill jobs require more than a high school diploma but less than a bachelor’s degree.

Getting more women into nontraditional certificate programs could help lift more families into the middle class and ease a labor shortage that is expected to only grow worse as more baby boomers retire. Yet not much is being done to change the enrollment pattern.

“We’re missing something obvious that would help employers and help the economy,” said Barbara Gault, executive director of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

Women make up 55 percent of middle-skill workers, but 83 percent of those in jobs that pay less than $30,000 a year, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. And the median wage for women with a certificate is $27,864, compared to $44,191 for men, the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce reports.

Much of that gap is due to occupational segregation —women clustering in low-paying careers including cosmetology and child care and men in more lucrative professions such as welding and automotive repair….”

Women are not being given the information to go into the trades.  They are encouraged to go into traditional women’s careers where the pay is much less.  They are also being pushed into ‘certificate’ programs which cost money but have no real value.  Yet, women, especially, are being duped into them.

In many ways, I consider myself something of a pioneer.  Once upon a time, when I worked as a lobbyist dealing with the space program and NASA, I was the only woman in what was the National Coordinating Committee for Space.  I worked to get there.  I took advantage of the situation, but asked for no special favors.  I was doing what I wanted to do.  That is the way it should be for women.  They should be allowed to do what they want to do.  Everyone should be allowed to pursue the life they choose.  There should be no quotas or barriers other than qualifications.

Don’t get me wrong, I love science.  If I did not have such a rare type of dyslexia, I would probably be an archaeologist.  But, I have such a difficult time dealing with numbers, I’ve learned my limitations.  That’s what a real education should be about – learning your limitations and knowing where to go for answers. You don’t need to know the answers, or even the questions, but how to get those answers.  When it comes to science, it needs to be tempered with the humanities.  The reason Star Trek was so successful was because it blended science and humanity.

Five hundred years from now, if humans are still around, and I suspect we will be, Shakespeare will be just as important as it is today.  I suspect women will still be sighing over Mr. Darcy.  Gibbon’s lead pipe theory will still be discussed as a reason for the fall of the Roman Empire.  In order to understand where we are going, we must understand where we have been.  I have been, on numerous occasions, accused of bashing STEM studies.  Far from it.  I think those studies are critical.  But, when they are used as an excuse to do away with theater, music, and the arts, yes, I will bash them.  Students who can blend the two – STEM and fine arts – have a tendency to do better.  They know how to think, critically.

When a young woman has been with both STEM and the ability to think her way around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she is empowered.  The same thing is true when her cousin is a welder.  I’ve thought about taking welding classes, not for the welding, but the arts!  Can you imagine a young woman who is artistic, can support herself as a welder, and turn out incredible pieces of sculpture?  THAT is what education should be.


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A Life of Service, Giving Back, Yada Yada Yada Mon, 29 Jan 2018 11:30:44 +0000 I think the worst pop culture nightmare of our age is Oprah.  I don’t say this lightly and it has nothing to do with politics.  It is more about the fact that she is constantly pushing her version of what a life should be.  Because her audience is so huge, it is manipulated into these great ideals and almost demands/requirements for society.  The worst is her ‘gratitude’ concept.  Another, almost as annoying is her demands for people to have a life of service.  She, along with others who have made a tremendous amount of money, keep constantly preaching the idea of giving back.  For some, including Oprah, it is about doing what they think is right.  But, I suspect it is also tainted by guilt.

This idea of a life of service she is constantly hawking is annoying.  Now, it is though, if you don’t ‘dedicate’ your life to service, if  you don’t make massive donations to charity – if you are wealthy- you are some sort of an ogre. A person’s life, according to her, must have some sort of service to others in it, in order to be meaningful.

Don’t ever think I’m criticizing service to others.  I’m not.  But, the way she and her ilk now demand service has transformed it from something freely given into a demand.  It is no longer service.  It is window dressing, public relations, or resume stuffing.  When that happens, it is no longer service.

There’s another problem here.  Oprah is not a Christian.  She is constantly looking to fill a spiritual void in her own life, and in doing so, has caused a tremendous amount of damage to those, especially woman, who may be Christians, who follow Christ, but now have their faith screwed up because of her New Age adventures.  Once again, I go back to her demands that a person show ‘Gratitude’ in life.

She took the idea from a couple of psychologists who wrote an article about people and gratitude.  Their study had nothing to do with Christianity other than to lump it in with all other religions stating that people who expressed gratitude via their faith were happier, and so forth and so on. Oprah adopted the idea of a gratitude journal.  Pop-culture Christian popularizes took the idea and ran with it.  Suddenly, ‘gratitude’ is this massive theological requirement.

Well, it’s like this.  I like using the New Revised Standard Version and do so for my studies.  When one does a word search, for gratitude, it pops up in only 5 places: Acts 24:3, Colossians 3:26, and 1 Timothy 1:21 with the other two being non canonical books.  It isn’t in the Old Testament.  It isn’t in the Gospels.  In contrast, the word “thanksgiving” is used 69 times; “thanks” is  used 169 times,  and “praise” is used 393 times.  “Grateful” is used only 3 times.

The primary uses is:

1 Timothy 1:12  I am grateful to Christ Jesus our Lord, who has strengthened me, because he judged me faithful and appointed me to his service
2 Timothy 1:3  I am grateful to God—whom I worship with a clear conscience, as my ancestors did—when I remember you constantly in my prayers night and day.

That’s it.  I think it is enough to stress the fact that there is a difference.  We are required to offer a ‘sacrifice’ of thanks and praise.  There is absolutely nothing about ‘gratitude’ unless it deals with what I call a ‘manners’ moment.  This takes us back to the concept of service to others.  As Christians, we know the concept involves ‘good works’.  The only real Biblical discussion about faith and works (what Oprah defines as service to others) is in the book of James.  Our Salvation comes from Faith.  Good deeds – helping others – works – are or can be an outwardly show of that faith – the love that Christ instills in us.

There is a song we once sang in youth choir that had a line:  They will know we are Christians by our love.  Love can be defined in many ways.  Service to others should be out of love, not the New Age requirement that it defines who we are.  Our Love defines who we are.  Those with the greatest love for others might never lift a finger in service.  As Christians, we are told to perform our charity, our good deeds in private, never letting the right hand know what the left is doing.  We are not to brag about what we do in service for others.  If we make that service a defining part of our lives, then we are performing service not because of love, but because we want to look good.

My grandfather Froehlich was and still is the greatest person I have known in this life.  I’ve never known anyone to equal his faith, wisdom, or understanding of the love of Christ.  Yet, I don’t ever remember seeing him do anything out of altruistic service to others.  I never saw him make a big show about how much money he donated to charity.  I know that he and my grandmother did make charitable donations, but nothing was ever said.  I don’t think anyone else ever knew.  It wasn’t advertised.  In fact, their generation did not advertise their charitable giving.  They did not advertise the things they did for others, and they certainly did not go around making a show about service.  Did their lives have less meaning because they were not advertising all the things that they did?  He made a fortune.  I never knew him to have this blinding ambition to give back to the community.  He was working too hard, making everyone’s life better.  I guess that doesn’t count.

Yet – by today’s pop culture, New Age tainted version of what a Christian should be, he would be a failure.  I gather, according to Oprah, and her New Age soul searching, one must make a big show of their public service, in order to prove how successful their lives truly are.  I don’t like that.  I also don’t like organized charitable giving.  It only helps your bottom line tax write-off and a deduction.  I like being able to slip a tired, pregnant server a twenty dollar tip.  A few days before Christmas, I was in a restaurant, listening to a young server tell a friend that her job was full-time, but she still needed help.  I left her a fifty dollar tip.  I’m only mentioning this, now, because I think that is true charity.  My Christmas donations went to people I would encounter, in the form of tips.  They were people I did not know and who did not know me.  I knew what I was doing.  No one else did.  There was no way I could brag about it.  And, I’m still not bragging, but using it as an example.

I like those red pots for the Salvation Army.  They require anonymity, unless one uses a check, not for giving, but for the tax deduction.  Those red pots are very real charity.  You can’t brag.  You just give.  But – that is not considered service.  It isn’t grand enough and doesn’t make a big show.

Am I deriding public service?  You know, I think I am.  There is nothing more disgusting than watching a politician show up, cameras in tow, as they serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless kitchen.  Where are they the other 364 days of the year?  When you think about people like Oprah, who are worth billions, their charitable giving, their demands are a joke.  The traditional Jewish tithe, which was adopted by we Christians, is 10%.  If you only live on $10,000, that 10% is impossible.  It hurts.  If someone has billions, 10% would be remarkable – a true service to others.  But, forget that.  Instead, someone like Oprah talks about serving others.

Do you realize what a person could do if they had her money?  Her net worth is nearly $3 billion.  Do you know what would happen if she gave a billion of that directly to helping others?  I’m not going to hold my breath.  With the exception of Bill Gates, most of the giving of the ultra wealthy is a joke. They make a big show, and give away a heck of a lot of money, but go look at the bottom line.  And then there is John Huntsman, Sr.  and Chub Feeney.  The list of big-hearted billionaires includes the Koch Brothers, but not Oprah!  It’s a great show, right?  But, not a single donation from the big shots went to nitty-gritty charities that truly help others. In fact, the truly important make a big show about how they enter into service for others,  yet we the little people are the ones who truly help others.

Getting back to Oprah. Apparently, she has given approximately $40 million, and considered the most charitable celebrity.  Um… She’s worth nearly $3 billion. If she were giving her 10% we’d be talking close to $300 million. Instead, she tells others what to do.  Can you use the word ‘crock’? At least Bill Gates has given away about half of what he has made.  So has Warren Buffett, and John Huntsman, Sr.


Instead, we are to render service, our time, blood, sweat, and tears.  Funny, I don’t see important people like Oprah or her arm-chair New Age philosophical gurus out there in the trenches, doing anything other than signing books, and totally screwing up how we the little people should think and act.  In other words, it is more about them selling books, DVDs, and podcasts than truly helping others.

Sorry, but I’m not interested in a life of service.  I could care less.  It does not define me as a person.  It should not define anyone or who they are.  I’m not dedicating my life to ‘service’.  My life is dedicated to Christ.  I like helping people.  I don’t do it for a sense of ‘giving back to the community’.  I do it because, as a Christian, I must reflect the love of Christ.  I don’t owe the ‘community’ anything. Neither do you.

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Godspeed Challenger Sun, 28 Jan 2018 19:00:14 +0000 January 28, 1986

Michael J. Smith
Dick Scobee
Ronald McNair
Ellison Onizuka
Christa McAuliffe
Gregory Jarvis
Judith Resnick

]]> 0
Ronald Reagan’s Challenger Speech Sun, 28 Jan 2018 11:35:42 +0000

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’d planned to speak to you tonight to report on the state of the Union, but the events of earlier today have led me to change those plans. Today is a day for mourning and remembering. Nancy and I are pained to the core by the tragedy of the shuttle Challenger. We know we share this pain with all of the people of our country. This is truly a national loss.

Nineteen years ago, almost to the day, we lost three astronauts in a terrible accident on the ground. But, we’ve never lost an astronaut in flight; we’ve never had a tragedy like this. And perhaps we’ve forgotten the courage it took for the crew of the shuttle; but they, the Challenger Seven, were aware of the dangers, but overcame them and did their jobs brilliantly. We mourn seven heroes: Michael Smith, Dick Scobee, Judith Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison Onizuka, Gregory Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe. We mourn their loss as a nation together.

For the families of the seven, we cannot bear, as you do, the full impact of this tragedy. But we feel the loss, and we’re thinking about you so very much. Your loved ones were daring and brave, and they had that special grace, that special spirit that says, ‘Give me a challenge and I’ll meet it with joy.’ They had a hunger to explore the universe and discover its truths. They wished to serve, and they did. They served all of us.

We’ve grown used to wonders in this century. It’s hard to dazzle us. But for twenty-five years the United States space program has been doing just that. We’ve grown used to the idea of space, and perhaps we forget that we’ve only just begun. We’re still pioneers. They, the members of the Challenger crew, were pioneers.

And I want to say something to the schoolchildren of America who were watching the live coverage of the shuttle’s takeoff. I know it is hard to understand, but sometimes painful things like this happen. It’s all part of the process of exploration and discovery. It’s all part of taking a chance and expanding man’s horizons. The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave. The Challenger crew was pulling us into the future, and we’ll continue to follow them.

I’ve always had great faith in and respect for our space program, and what happened today does nothing to diminish it. We don’t hide our space program. We don’t keep secrets and cover things up. We do it all up front and in public. That’s the way freedom is, and we wouldn’t change it for a minute. We’ll continue our quest in space. There will be more shuttle flights and more shuttle crews and, yes, more volunteers, more civilians, more teachers in space. Nothing ends here; our hopes and our journeys continue. I want to add that I wish I could talk to every man and woman who works for NASA or who worked on this mission and tell them: “Your dedication and professionalism have moved and impressed us for decades. And we know of your anguish. We share it.”

There’s a coincidence today. On this day 390 years ago, the great explorer Sir Francis Drake died aboard ship off the coast of Panama. In his lifetime the great frontiers were the oceans, and a historian later said, ‘He lived by the sea, died on it, and was buried in it.’ Well, today we can say of the Challenger crew: Their dedication was, like Drake’s, complete.

The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honoured us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for the journey and waved goodbye and ‘slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God.’

Thank you.

President Ronald Reagan – January 28, 1986

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Godspeed Apollo I Sat, 27 Jan 2018 11:30:56 +0000 January 27, 1967

Virgil I. Grissom, Jr.
Edward H. White, II
Roger B. Chaffee

High Flight

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth
And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds – and done a hundred things
You have not dreamed of – wheeled and soared and swung
High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there
I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
My eager craft through footless halls of air.
Up, up the long delirious, burning blue,
I’ve topped the windswept heights with easy grace
Where never lark, or even eagle flew –
And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
The high untresspassed sanctity of space,
Put out my hand and touched the face of God.

Pilot Officer Gillespie Magee
No 412 squadron, RCAF
Killed 11 December 1941

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The Out of Touchers Fri, 26 Jan 2018 11:18:44 +0000 Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Minority Leader and former Democratic Party chair and Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz have gone on record that the $1000 bonuses that various businesses are distributing, thanks to the Trump Tax Cuts are absolutely nothing.  The bonuses are so small, they help no one.  Of course not, especially if you are a multi-millionaire.

If you are one of the little people, it’s a heck of a lot of money.  It would pay my homeowner’s for a year.  It would pay my auto insurance for a year (and that’s with new car replacement because my Jeep only has about 6500 miles on it).  It would take care of my water, storage, or internet, or pay 75% of my Verizon for a year.  For we the little people, it’s like getting to delete a utility bill for a full year.  That helps we the little people – lots.

It shows how completely out of touch these Limousine Liberals really are.  Seven of the ten richest members of Congress are Democrats.  They don’t comprehend life in the slow lane.  A thousand bucks is like manna from heaven.  When you are living on limited funds, it is a gift.

Donald Trump, for all his wealth somehow has not lost the common touch.  It reminds me of my favorite poem… if you can walk with kings and not lose the common touch… you are a man.  He goes to McDonalds.  He gets it.  He understands that a thousand dollars can go a very long way.  It is a visit to the dentist, new glasses or shoes, or an opportunity for a family to take a break.

The Democrats, who are allegedly the party of the people have lost that common touch.  In their arrogance, they no longer comprehend that, for the vast majority of the American people, a thousand dollars is a heck of a lot of money.  The average senior gets just about that much, per month, with their social security.  But, in their infinite wisdom, that’s just chump change.

When you are dealing with a political party that has put people who are in the country illegally ahead of people who are American citizens.  Let’s see how this is going to work.  My thinking is those chickens might just come home to roost one of these days.

Becoming Immortal Thu, 25 Jan 2018 11:30:57 +0000

“…The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game — it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good, and it could be again….”

Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome and Trevor Hoffman were elected to the MLB Hall of Fame.

Yesterday Chipper Jones joined the ranks of the Immortals.  His ascendancy to Olympus in Cooperstown, in my family, was met with tears.  For my nephew-in-law, it was his coming of age in baseball.  According to an uncle my marriage, you do not become a true baseball fan until you follow someone from his rookie season to the Hall of fame.  Today, Rachel’s husband did just that.  Unfortunately, according to my uncle, the way you look at the game will never be the same.

I shed so many tears today.

Chipper Jones was my father’s favorite player.  He was smitten with him from almost the moment he first took the field in Atlanta.  The bitter irony is he retired the year after my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease.  The tragedy is AD destroyed, quite early, his interest in baseball.  My father died in 2014.  Yesterday was really the first time I truly cried, truly missed him.

He would have been thrilled. It brings me to the greatest movie clip there is – describing the nature of baseball.  The world does change.  What was once is no longer here.  Yet – we have baseball, the one constant.

And – I’m still bawling.


An Oscar for Ronnie Wed, 24 Jan 2018 11:30:24 +0000 Ronald Reagan was an actor.  He was a very good actor.  He was an iconic actor, a cowboy, and two-term president of the Screen Actor’s Guild.  According to author Mark Weinberg, Reagan confident and author of Movie Night with the Reagans, the fact that he had not been given an honorary Oscar, bothered President Reagan.  He has started an online petition.

I’ve signed it.

It isn’t right.  When you think about the pedophiles, criminals, rapists, thieves, traitors, murders, and other individuals who have received Oscars over the years, it’s just plain insulting.  Of course, that is the idea – insult the great man, because he was not a liberal.

Funny, but during his time in office, Ronald Reagan was loved by the A-listers.  Today, the A-list thinks he is a monster.  The only individuals who have changed are the A-listers.  It makes you wonder about your values.

Take Meryl Strep, please.  I dislike her more than any other person in Hollywood.  She is a fake.  She’s cruel, vicious, superficial, and had no problem snuggling up to the very worst.  She denounces anyone good and decent, yet doesn’t mind selling out her colleagues for yet another promising role and another nomination.

Sorry, it isn’t fair.

Life rarely is, especially if you are a Conservative.


Democracy for Dummies Tue, 23 Jan 2018 11:30:29 +0000 Our country needs some lessons and civics and Government 101.  Once again, poor delusional liberals are promoting a Democratic idea to dump the Electoral College.  The way it is promoted is so very deceptive.  It is deceptive because it will require a repeal of the Twelfth Amendment, which has been ruled, by SCOTUS, to be Constitutional.

“…The Twelfth Amendment (Amendment XII) to the United States Constitution provides the procedure for electing the President and Vice President. It replaced the procedure provided in Article II, Section 1, Clause 3, by which the Electoral College originally functioned. Problems with the original procedure arose in the elections of 1796 and 1800. The Twelfth Amendment refined the process whereby a President and a Vice President are elected by the Electoral College. The amendment was proposed by the Congress on December 9, 1803, and was ratified by the requisite three-fourths of state legislatures on June 15, 1804….”

In order for their idea, which basically destroys our Republic, to become law, it must be passed in the House, Senate, signed by the POTUS, then approved by a two-thirds majority of states.  Contrary to delusional ideas, the Amendment must then be voted on during a state-wide general election of each state.  It can’t just be passed by a misc. state house and senate.  Every registered voter in the US, in their own state, must vote on it.

Then – it will be challenged to go before the Supreme Court.

The process for a Constitutional Amendment is complex:

“…The authority to amend the Constitution of the United States is derived from Article V of the Constitution. After Congress proposes an amendment, the Archivist of the United States, who heads the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), is charged with responsibility for administering the ratification process under the provisions of 1 U.S.C. 106b. The Archivist has delegated many of the ministerial duties associated with this function to the Director of the Federal Register. Neither Article V of the Constitution nor section 106b describe the ratification process in detail. The Archivist and the Director of the Federal Register follow procedures and customs established by the Secretary of State, who performed these duties until 1950, and the Administrator of General Services, who served in this capacity until NARA assumed responsibility as an independent agency in 1985.

The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures. None of the 27 amendments to the Constitution have been proposed by constitutional convention. The Congress proposes an amendment in the form of a joint resolution. Since the President does not have a constitutional role in the amendment process, the joint resolution does not go to the White House for signature or approval. The original document is forwarded directly to NARA’s Office of the Federal Register (OFR) for processing and publication. The OFR adds legislative history notes to the joint resolution and publishes it in slip law format. The OFR also assembles an information package for the States which includes formal “red-line” copies of the joint resolution, copies of the joint resolution in slip law format, and the statutory procedure for ratification under 1 U.S.C. 106b.

The Archivist submits the proposed amendment to the States for their consideration by sending a letter of notification to each Governor along with the informational material prepared by the OFR. The Governors then formally submit the amendment to their State legislatures or the state calls for a convention, depending on what Congress has specified. In the past, some State legislatures have not waited to receive official notice before taking action on a proposed amendment. When a State ratifies a proposed amendment, it sends the Archivist an original or certified copy of the State action, which is immediately conveyed to the Director of the Federal Register. The OFR examines ratification documents for facial legal sufficiency and an authenticating signature. If the documents are found to be in good order, the Director acknowledges receipt and maintains custody of them. The OFR retains these documents until an amendment is adopted or fails, and then transfers the records to the National Archives for preservation.

A proposed amendment becomes part of the Constitution as soon as it is ratified by three-fourths of the States (38 of 50 States). When the OFR verifies that it has received the required number of authenticated ratification documents, it drafts a formal proclamation for the Archivist to certify that the amendment is valid and has become part of the Constitution. This certification is published in the Federal Register and U.S. Statutes at Large and serves as official notice to the Congress and to the Nation that the amendment process has been completed….”

I would be abjectly shocked if it were ever to happen.

What liberals don’t understand is the Founders, who wrote the Constitution, wanted two Senators from each State.  There would then be a House of Representatives, braking numbers down, even further, allowing for a specific number of people to be represented in Congressional Districts.  Today, those districts have up to 500,000 individuals.  The Electoral College allows for the vote of each Congressional District and both Senators.  This way, no one state can overwhelmingly elect the President, via popular vote.  If so, our POTUS would be decided by California and New York.  No other state would matter.  We would have no rights.

Well… we are dealing with liberals and they don’t give a damn.


This Great National Divide Mon, 22 Jan 2018 11:30:50 +0000 I suspect, one of these years, historians will start discussing what a truly revolutionary president, Barack Obama was.  And, no, this is not complementary.  He and his Administration made the cold-blooded calculation to do everything possible to enable to Democratic Party to win elections.  He began manipulating racism on the afternoon of June 17, 2015 after the Charleston shootings.  In fact, if the reruns of CNN were available, you could tell when his Administration began their cynical campaign to brand anyone from the South who was Christian, Conservative, did not damn the history of the Confederacy, and was GOP as a racist.

His actions were coldly and cynically calculated to throw a monkey wrench in the growing relationship between the GOP and the African American community.  Until that day, while I began having my doubts about Obama during August of 2014, I still basically supported him.  On that day, everything changed.  The bottom line was I could not vote for nor support Mitt Romney, who I still consider a psychopath.  As an aside, I do find it fascinating that the Romney machine still does everything possible to sandbag President Trump.

Any respect I had for Barack Obama ended on the afternoon of June 17.  I watched as he manipulated race.  I watched as he and his liberal minions literally destroyed race relations within this country.  He allowed the manipulation of Black Lives Matter.  He allowed the destruction of communities to prop up bad men killed by cops, simply because those bad men were Black.  I am ashamed to admit I believed everything they said about the Bundy crew – because they were far right.  We now know Obama’s Department of Justice lied about the entire situation, buried evidence.

Now we are experiencing the left’s attempt to salvage what is left of his legacy before the release of the FISA reports which are labeled Top Secret.  The cynic in me says the reason the Dems are perpetuating this disastrous government showdown is to harm Donald Trump as much as possible and to create a Democratic majority in November.

When the FISA report is exposed, I’m hearing people within the Obama Justice Department will be going to prison. If it is proven, from what Sarah Carter is finding, that Obama was part of it, his legacy is ruined.  Basically, the Dems have been working on a coup to destroy Trump.  The only way to achieve this is to destroy the very foundation of party relationships in this nation.

When do we get to call what is happening – evil?

Sunday Morning Opera: Thais Smackdown Sun, 21 Jan 2018 11:30:10 +0000


My Happy Face Sat, 20 Jan 2018 11:35:15 +0000 I’ve had this stupid look on my face for a year.
It’s a happy face.
There’s a reason for my happy face.

Enough said!

The Dreamer Nightmare Continues Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:29:06 +0000 Okay, I’m so pissed.  Today someone I thought was a friend publicly accused me of being a racist because I’m completely against the Democrat version of protect Dreamers at all costs, including destroying things for people who were born here and those who immigrated – legally.  I gather I’m a racist because I said as far as I’m concerned today’s version of Dreamers could go to hell.  No – it’s not about them – it’s about Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats agenda of nationalizing people who should not become American citizens, simply because they would be a new voting block – for them.  No, it isn’t racist.  Pelosi and her associates are on the record of saying this, in public.  How can it be racist when you are quoting Democrats.  Oh, wait – it is now racist to be against Democrats and liberals, I guess.

The person who publicly accused me of being a racist, then blocking me so she could trash me and I can have nothing to say about it, has blocked me.  She continues to trash me, and I have no recourse.  Thing is, I know I’m not a racist.  Heck, I’ve even helped a family who was here, illegally.  I doubt if she has done that.  If the situation repeated itself, I’d gladly and readily do the same thing.  You see, it isn’t the individual, it is the generic.

It’s like the story of Jorge Garcia.  He is the kind of person you don’t want to deport.  But, it happened to him.  His family brought him here as a child.  He married, has children, built a successful business.  Because he is thirty-nine, he doesn’t classify as Obama’s version of a Dreamer, so he was deported.  Maybe, some of the snotty-nose brats should be deported and viable adults like Garcia should be allowed to remain.  Heck, I’d help sponsor him.

There are over three million people like Garcia, who should be classified as Dreamers, but Obama only kept the snotty-nose twits.  Adults who have contributed, positively to society, should be at the top of the list to stay.  The last thing this nation needs are more college-aged, entitled snowflakes.

The whole thing is such a difficult subject, worthy of Solomon.  The way to completely deactivate the political manipulations of both parties and both liberal and conservative agendas is to allow people to stay as permanent residents, but not be able to vote. I guarantee Democrats will drop the subject like a nuclear infested hot potato. They don’t give a damn about people.  They want votes.  They don’t think in terms of individuals, they see people by race. Republicans see people as individuals.  Consequently, the Democrats are beginning to lose some of their prime constituencies. They need to create new second-class citizens by adding Dreamers to the voting rolls.

What I heard spewing out of Nancy Pelosi’s mouth on Thursday completely and utterly caused me to turn my back on the entire genera of ‘Dreamer’.  I don’t give a rip, not any more.  In order to pander for new votes, Pelosi and her minions are holding up legislation that would expand health insurance for NINE MILLION needy born in the USA children.  Evidently kids born here – legally no longer count.

What’s more, we have tech robber-barons  pledging billions of dollars to send Dreamers to college.  If I were the parent of a kid who was born here, did everything right, and simply can’t afford a college education, I’d be so angry I would take no prisoners.  There’s something very wrong here.

We have men and women who served this nation – heroically – who are homeless.  Why are we helping those who came here – illegally – and ignoring them?  Did they do something wrong?  Why are Dreamers more worthy than American heroes?  Why are those of us who think that people who are born here or played by the rules to be considered racist?

I guess, if it’s racist to stand up for our vets, and for people who need to be helped, then it’s racist.  The worst part of it is that the racism isn’t racism, but a way to bully and harass those of us who disagree with their agenda.  They want to bully us into submission.  Sorry, I don’t bully.

Over the years, I’ve antagonized my conservative friends because of my support of immigration and those who are here, illegally.  Now, though, because I’m so disgusted with the actions of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, I’m a racist.  I guess what bothers me is the fact that I know people who would like to become American citizens but, because they are here legally and have done everything the right way, they are treated like dirt.  There is something wrong with a culture that rewards people who break the law and penalize those who play by the rules.  In many ways, it is shredding the very fabric of that culture.

This country is a glorious melting pot.  Years ago, while I was still in high school, our church sponsored international students at Christmas.  We were to pool our meal one night and make an international meal.  My problem was the fact that everything I came up with to prepare was international.  That’s the way our lives are – we put salsa on everything.  Thai spice has become a way of life.  Just what don’t we curry?  Our lives are filled with pizza, spaghetti, and tacos.  There is absolutely NOTHING that is native – unless we literally delve into the recipes of the First Nation’s people.  Our national motto is out of many – 0ne.  One of my closest confidants is from China.  I have an ‘adopted’ sister who is from India.  I have a dear friend who is from Mexico.

I resent being called a racist because I disagree with the liberal agenda.