The Fear of God

I’ve been reading the book of Proverbs like a self-help book.  I highly recommend reading a chapter per night, corrosponding with the date of

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Meet the Next Governor of South Carolina


The Pink Flamingo has always liked SC’s AG Henry McMaster. When I was active in the GOP when I lived in SC, Henry was the Chair of the SCGOP. If you were as active in politics in South Carolina as was I and as was Henry, you eventually get to know people. Henry is one of the nice guys in politics. He is one of those people who deserves all the good fortune and fame that might come his way – sometimes nice guys do finish first.

Lindsey and Jim DeMint have suggested Henry, who is known to be something of a crusading AG, go after the “Nelson” health care deal. Currently Henry has 9 other AGs from other states who are going along with him. The irony is the fact taht


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