Sunday Morning Opera: The Eternal Male


Late one evening, I was working on a novel, and going back and forth with some guy on Twitter, about conspiracy theories. It was

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PART IV: The Modest Christian Woman


What is porn for women?  Do you, like the men of the ATI religious right, and the women who enable them, have a dirty

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The Journey to Libertarian Babel


The Pink Flamingo is an unrepentant Trekkie subscribing to the philosophy of life that Everything I Need to Know in Life I Learned from Star Trek. No, I’m not being serious or taking myself serious, but Monday evening, when I was working on the post about the Libertarian-based attacks on Lindsey and the GOP I was watching the new Star Trek move. (I admit that I bawl most of the way through it, because it is so beautiful).

Libertarians are trying to take-over, and are being assisted by willing dupes on the right who think they are wonderful.

Conservatives have a dirty little secret. It is one that is exploited time again, and never do they learn from their bitter lessons.

You see, the dirty little conservative secret is that conservatives, for the most part, are gullible. They are gullible because, for the most part, they are honest, honorable, God-fearing, church-going, patriotic men and women who would never think of deceiving anyone. Consequently, they are ripe for the plucking. And, trust me, they are being plucked.

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Hope, Change, Peace, Universal Health Care…Oh…and Alien Invasion


As a fan of the original version of “V” I was prepared not to like the new ABC series.


I was wrong.

I love the hope, change, peace, universal health care …. and complete annihilation of the human race.

I don’t know about you, but I find it rather humorous, and highly ironic that an ABC series, that is a take-off on the charisma of Obama, debuts the night Obama gets skunked at the polls.

Is the bloom off the rose?


They have the most powerful weapon – “devotion” – just what managed to get hope/change elected.

What about “Anna’s” resemblance to The One (reptilian)?

Of course and alien presence would fully explain the Dems in 2008. What happened just wasn’t normal. Then again The Pink Flamingo could simply be giving in to alien invasion hysteria.

The Pink Flamingo has mentioned in the past her interest in science fiction as social and political commentary. On the Science Fiction Channel we’re now seeing our military as a combination of John Wayne, James Bond, Wyatt Earp, James T. Kirk, and G. I. Joe. If you look at those two factors, alone, Obama is in very serious trouble, sociologically.

To quote another famous alien, “Fascinating.”

Or, to put it more succenctly, after Christie pulled out a win in New Jersey, and the news that there is going to be massive Dem party defection in Texas, The Pink Flamingo is predicting you can stick a fork in Obama. He’s done. (I hope). With a lot of luck, prayer, and a few conservatives being put in their place, the GOP may be in a position to pull off a 1994 in a year. In 1994 it all began in Virginia. The whole thing is the movement of independents to the GOP. Please take note that these independents are not all that conservative, either.

“…V, an ambitious remake of a 1980s NBC show, in many respects stays close to the original’s story line. What has changed — radically — is the political subtext. Kenneth Johnson, who wrote and directed the 1983 miniseries (it spawned a sequel and then a regular network series over the next two years), took his inspiration from a 1935 Sinclair Lewis novel called It Can’t Happen Here that depicted an imaginary fascist takeover of the United States. The aliens in the original V were patterned after Nazis, and, just in case anyone missed the point, an elderly Jewish character who was a Holocaust survivor periodically hammered on the similarities.

But ABC’s series takes aim not at a German dictator from the misty past but a sitting — and popular — U.S. president. From the fawning reaction of the news media (sample press-conference question to V leader Anna: “Is there such a thing as an ugly visitor?”) to the recruiting of human supporters into an alien front group that could easily be mistaken for “community organizing,” the parallels to Obama are unmistakable.

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The New Science Fiction View of American Soldiers


This post is dedicated to my brother, LTC Floyd R. Harris, United States Army (retired – sort of)

If you have been a life long devotee of science fiction like The Pink Flamingo, you may be familiar with patterns within the genre. One of the mos fascinating insights into American society can be observed by watching the way the American military, soldiers, and former soldiers are treated. The same can be said of the movie/television genre in general, but science fiction is usually ahead of the trend.


At the end of World War II the American Soldier was the hero. He was Apple Pie, Jiltin’ Joe, and John Wayne all thrown into one great big hot dog with a flag and a fire-cracker for garnish. He could do no wrong. This same soldier protected us during the Cold War from the invasion of numerous alien hordes. By the mid-1960s things were taking a more sinister turn. Anti-war paranoia was in full spring. The American Soldier was now evil personified. He was a psychopathic baby killer, an object of paranoia and scorn, Rambo on a rampage.


The only point of light in this grim hatred of the American Soldier was the swaggering, macho, heroic James T. Kirk, who personified every great myth of American legend.


Warping into the 1970s when films were a nightmare from hell, one memorable portrayal of the military was George Peppard’s cardboard stiff character in Damnation Alley. We blew ourselves into evolutionary oblivion with the Planet of the Apes series. Then George Lucus and Steven Spielberg single handedly saved the movies. But, the Force was not with the military, and the Empire was evil.


Glen Larson, who helped produce Star Trek Classic, wasn’t finished with the image of the American Soldier. Ronald Reagan was elected POTUS and a month later Thomas Sullivan Magnum single handedly began reforming the image of the former baby-killing Vietnam Vets. (sigh). Tom Selleck’s Republican leanings, Glen Larson, and Donald P. Bellisario began to reform the vile image of the American Soldier. Magnum, P. I. was a reflection of Ronald Reagan’s Republican spirit.


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Hallelujah…The REAL James T. Kirk May Return!


The Pink Flamingo is an unrepentant Trekkie.

The theology of Gene Roddenberry included optimism for humanity. Right now we need that optimism.

Just when the world looked dark and dreary, with taunts, threats of racism, leaves changing, football starting – and looks so bad – there is light at the end of the wormhole.

Yea, yea, regular Pink Flamingo readers know I did more complaining about a remake of Trek Classic than just about anyone else. I also was one of the first to admit my mistake and boldly go where I thought I would not go and embraced the reboot. The storyline worked. Spock (channeling Obama) screwed up the universe. Evidently he screwed things up so badly that there can be alternative time-lines.


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