UPDATED: Republican Voting Records and Tea Party Lies!


Funny thing about the alleged “Tea Party Movement”, promoted and nurtured by FOX News, it is not Republican. We’re being told by Sean Hannity that it is all about a re-vitalized conservative movement. People like Jim DeMint and Ron Paul are heralded as “pure” while men like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Bob Inglis, and Mitch McConnell are treated like dirt by conservatives as “impure”.

Well, until March and the latest ACU ratings, this is the best we can do. And – it looks like Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Bob Inglis, denigrated as “impure” may actually be “purer” conservatives than Jim DeMint and Ron Paul.

Go figure.

The WPost has their voting record database for the 111th Congress compiled. There are a few surprises.

“…The Post’s voting database showed that Graham voted with Republicans 91 percent of the time while the state’s junior senator stood with his party 87 percent of the time.

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