UFOs, JFK, and Marilyn Monroe’s Death


The Pink Flamingo sent an email to a friend who is into conspiracy theories. I suggested he try and beat this one! It doesn’t get any better than this one. We’re talking Ike, JFK, MM, UFOs, the Military Industrial Complex, and the CIA killing JFK! The only thing not in this one is where Elvis and MJ are now living!

It is a doozy.

Let’s try and get it straight. Marilyn Monroe was murdered because she was going to tell all she knew about JFK – and UFOs!

I told you it was good.

It gets even better. JFK was killed because he was investigating classified UFO files!

You can’t beat this one, I dare you to try!

“…The video goes on to show that there were three critical periods concerning President Kennedy’s efforts to gain access to classified UFO files. The first began in February 1961 with Kennedy’s Executive Order 10920 to place psychological warfare programs under the control of his national security team. Not long after, on June 28, 1961 Kennedy formally requested his Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) Allen Dulles to review the operations of a secretive group called MJ-12 as they related to Cold War psychological warfare plans.

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