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Not Qualified to Be POTUS

September 22, 2012

Over the years we’ve laughed at the sight of Michael Dukakis in a tank, and John Kerry in that absurd fetal worm scene from the Clean Room during a shuttle launch. They were moments that literally doomed both campaigns. Bob Dole did not have one of those moments, we all simply knew his campaign was doomed. It wasn’t because these men were not qualified to be President of the United States of America, they were just not fated to be POTUS.

In contrast, Mitt Romney has cultivated a perfect image. That’s the problem with Romney, it’s nothing more than an image. It’s the image of that successful businessman is the worst canard of them all. Romney didn’t build his business from scratch, like the majority of us do, when we’re the middle class. His daddy bought it for him.

He wasn’t a manager, he was a vulture capitalist, a corporate raider who put his cronies in to run the businesses. He did not. He was the kind of manager women know a heck of a lot about. With his campaign in disarray and so poorly manged, it is obvious he was never the day by day in the trenches. Making a guess, one might be led to assume his secretary (no executive assistant there) probably did all his work, and was poorly paid for it.

When he stepped in to heroically save the Olympics in Salt Lake City, he had a bail-out from the Federal Government. Mitt didn’t build that. At Bain, he appointed people to manage different businesses – he didn’t build it.

Show me one thing he has built on his own?

His campaign is falling apart because he is so incompetent.

Then there is the spending….

His campaign has had to borrow $20 million from the GOP.

It’s broke.



This great businessman who is going to step in and save the country can’t even manage his own campaign. He’s over spent. He did not spend wisely. He has thrown away millions, primarily, according to information the Pink Flamingo has received, by living the life of royalty. His kids have used the campaign as their own bank account – allegedly.

He’s spent out, it’s over, he’s broke, and he has no small donors.

Businessman my tuckus.

If Mitt Romney cannot manage his own campaign, how in you know what do you expect him to manage the country? He can’t. He’s a fake. He’s an empty suit. There are no managerial skills. If there were, he would know how to manage his own mouth. He would know how to tell his wife that she’s not helping things.

That’s the problem.

There are rumors that the reason he’s running is because Mrs.American wants to be the First Lady. The Pink Flamingo has heard stories, that, if true, and I have every reason to believe they are, this is the power behind the phony throne and the micro-manager. I’ve also heard she was responsible for the debacle in Tampa. If so….

Romney has violated basic campaign behavior, meddling in foreign policy to the point where he has actually damaged relations with the UK and Russia. He’s in denial over Russia, with advisers who are still living in the cold war. His behavior last week has proven he does not have the temperament to be POTUS.

The only reason we’re stuck with this loser is because of the far right, the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and a couple other billionaires. They’re keeping him afloat. The Pink Flaming is hearing that one of these may not be too happy over the past few weeks. Maybe money may not be as forthcoming as it once was.

Then there is Sheldon Adelson. What he is doing with Israel should be a crime, if it isn’t already. What Mitt & Bibi are doing may also be a crime. But, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is destroying Barack Obama, right?

I’d much rather vote for Obama.

Want to know why Mitt is NOT qualified to be POTUS?

National Memo

Or, as nationally known LDS author Gregory Prince wrote:

“…But it is not the one that dismisses out-of-hand half the population of the United States by saying, “My job is not to worry about those people. I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.” As a bishop and stake president, Romney worried about those very people. Indeed, he worried far more about them, and spent far more time and means in assisting them, than the others in his flock who were more fortunate.

The very basis of Mormon community, stretching back to the earliest years of Mormonism nearly two centuries ago, is that the more able have a sacred obligation to assist the less able. That sense of physical community was institutionalized in the Church’s Welfare Program, which sprang out of the Great Depression as an exemplary and effective means of combining church and government assistance not only to give to those in need, but also to help them to help themselves. Any who have visited Welfare Square in Salt Lake City, as did the producers of a recent “Rock Center” documentary on MSNBC, cannot help but be impressed with what we have attempted, for over seven decades, to accomplish through what is now an international network of church facilities and volunteers.

Judge Mitt Romney as you will, and vote for or against him as you will; but do not judge Mormonism on the basis of the Mitt Romney that was unveiled to the public this week. He is not the face of Mormonism….”

The Pink Flamingo has been right, all along. Mitt Romney is even fake about what he believes, his faith as a Mormon. How on earth can you expect him to even begin to hold this country sacred. He is incapable of doing so.




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