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Twelve years ago The Pink Flamingo was engaged to a Hollywood heart throb from the 1960s.  He was a little strange, but that was due to something that happened to him, that literally destroyed him.  One day I’ll tell his story.  Let’s just say he was so haunted by the past he could not live anywhere near a normal life.  He had a wonderful family, literally Hollywood royalty.  His mother, was one of the greats.  She loved the Lord, and would talk for hours about Christ and His love.  We became “best friends” – she was in her 90s at the time.

I have been surrounded by the so called “rich and powerful” all my life.  I’ve played with politics since I was in the fourth grade.  I’ve been places, done things, and have a resume that shocks even moi, at times.  At various times in my life I was courted by a real life earl and was a party to a dowager duchess trying to fix me up with her ducal son.  Yea, no one would believe it, but such has been my life.  I was even cleared and approved for White House press under Ronald Reagan. I even knew and hung out with people who have walked on places other than Earth.

None of this is to brag.  I don’t do that.  It is to put some perspective into what I am saying about Mr. Perfect and Mrs. America.  These people are not normal.  They do not behave like normal people.  They are totally and completely out of touch with what it is like to be part of the real world.

It has NOTHING to do with their wealth, which isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things. If  you probably factored it out, giving inflation, my grandfather was worth almost exactly what the Romneys are.  My grandmother always had a housekeeper and never really did much of anything.  My mother has always had one. My grandmother always had a new car.  They had three homes in three different states.  They  lived in West Palm Beach, because my grandfather did not want to live in Palm Beach. My grandfather literally walked with world leaders.  They came to him, he did not go to them.  I remember one afternoon when I was a kid, John D. McArthur flew into an airport near where the grandparents’ had a summer home in North Carolina, and a limo picked him up, to take him to my grandfather to talk.  My grandfather loaned him the money that started his fortune.

I never thought anything about this.  It was life.  We would have a limo in NYC, but not at home, where the parents had a 8500 square foot home, a guest house, and a 25 acre lawn. My mother had a full time gardener.  My father worked almost every day of his life.

This is my perspective on things.

Mr. Perfect and Mrs. America can’t possibly be real.  They don’t even comprehend the way of the world. Mitt has made such a botch of it with women that Ann Romney is holding Women for Mitt rallies.  It’s where women courted.  In the world of Ann Romney, evidently women must be courted, differently, from the men.  It is a strange world, where women must be separate and not equal.  It is as though we women are to be courted, and told how to vote, how her wonderful husband will take care of us.  It is part of her strangely immature world.

Ann Romney is a strange person.  After consideration, the only possible answer to a few questions is that she is terrible immature.  I don’t know if she is not bright.  She certainly does

Ann Romney thinks the media is picking on her family worse than they’ve picked on other people. Evidently, mendacity runs in the family.

“…But in her convention speech, Ann Romney had talked about the tough times after the young couple had gotten married and moved into a “basement apartment.”

“We walked to class together, shared the housekeeping, ate a lot of pasta and Tuna fish,” she recalled. “Our just was a door propped up on saw horses, our dining room table was a fold down ironing board in the kitchen. But those were the best days.”

A fact check by The Atlantic‘s Elspeth Reeve determined that Ann Romney’s convention story did not match up with her previous claims.

“Neither one of us had a job, because Mitt had enough of an investment from stock that we could sell off a little at a time,” she had told The Boston Globe when her husband was running for Senate in 2004….”

Ann Romney is clueless – or is she?

“…Ann Romney, in a Meet The Press interview – rare for a candidate and their spouse to appear together — took that opportunity and severely damaged her husband’s campaign. Ann Romney suffers from Marie Antoinette syndrome, apparently, and the Romney campaign is ludicrously unaware that when the 63-year old dressage equestrian speaks to the press, she often reveals just how much of a moneyed, out-of-touch one percenter she, and Mitt, truly are.

“And in particular, for Mitt — who really has been demonized in many ways as being heartless and for people to stand up and say, ‘Excuse me. He was there when my son was dying of leukemia. He came to my son’s bedside. He did all of these things for my son.’ And then another woman saying how Mitt was there for her. So there’s hundreds of those stories that haven’t been told,” she told NBC’s David Gregory, according to a report in The Hill….”

She is urging women to fight for joy, fight for life, and vote for her husband.

“… “My message, really was, ‘women, I hear your voices,’ and the interesting thing about this economy, this tough economy that we’re going through, is that women have been hit the hardest.  And I wanted to make sure that women of America knew that we have been across this country for the last year and a half and we are very aware of how tough it is for them.

They are juggling so many things, and I think all of us know that women work harder than anyone and that they hold down jobs, they are raising the kids, they’re trying to get food on the table and everything else and they’re really being stretched and my message was really for women and it’s saying ‘trust my husband, he does not fail he will not fail’ and he is going to work harder than anyone to make sure that your economic prosperity and your future will be more sound with him.”…”

ABC News

Ann Romney won’t discuss issues.  That’s because issues are for her fantasy, knight in shining armor husband to discuss.  She’s just little empty headed woman who adores her husband.  Let him discuss issues, she just wants to tell women what a wonderful POTUS he will be, because he’s such a good little hubby.


To understand Ann Romney’s strange and very limited world, you must understand that she is a product of a religion that intentionally represses women.   They are to live a very modest, strange life, where even a photo of a 7 year old little girl, wearing a sun dress, is airbrushed to give her a more modest attire.  Sorry, but only sick pervert would even consider the child immodestly dressed. When I think of adults doing this, to make a child look more modest, I immediately think… pedophile!

“…When the same photo was republished recently on the official LDS website, however, the girl’s dress now had a white T-shirt under it. The altered image falls in line with a policy laid out by the church for all pictures submitted for publication in church magazines or online. “Because of the need to present women and girls modestly, regardless of age, please avoid submitting photos of them in sleeveless tops and dresses or short skirts,” the policy on LDS photo standards says.

To Cynthia Bailey Lee, a Mormon and computer science lecturer at the University of California in San Diego, the fact that the modesty requirement applies only to females is troubling.She posted the two photos on a Mormon blog, bycommonconsent. com.

“The policy is not simply a matter of preparing saints of all ages for eventual [temple] garment-appropriate wardrobe in an evenhanded sort of way,” Lee wrote in an email. “This is singling out females as requiring ‘modesty,’ saying that female bodies are objects of a sexual nature in a way that male bodies are not, and — most disturbingly — saying that sexual nature applies to toddler girls’ bodies. All ages.”

The church’s pamphlet, For the Strength of Youth, which is aimed at both genders, says young women should avoid various immodest attire, including “clothing that does not cover the shoulders.”

By Common Consent

The people doing this are literally making a sexual object out of a child.  The only people who make sexual objects out of children are PEDOPHILES.

Once we get to the bottom of all of this, there’s a very good reason Ann Romney is acting so very coy, clueless, and the good little Mormon wife.  She’s as liberal as they come.  It’s all an act.  If she were to answer, honestly, her good man spouse would be toast.

That’s the problem with this picture. The other problem is the fact that we’re dealing with a woman who is so disconnected to reality that the GOP is destroying itself, trying to make she and her husband look good.

If anyone thinks the far right is not mounting a war against women, Erick Erickson should prove them wrong. These pathetic little men must be absolutely terrified of women of power and substance.


Former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright may have said it better than I’ve seen anyone state the problem with Mitt Romney’s GOP.

Huffington Post

The Nation

“...His comments also raise a number of unpleasant questions. Are women who work outside of the home engaged in less important work than stay-at-home moms? If so, Romney is denigrating the majority of American mothers. And why does he create this false dichotomy of more and less important jobs? Families need money and they need childcare. Some, such as the Romneys, are fortunate to get enough of the former from one parent that the other can focus full-time on providing the latter. As is typical of the Romneys, they seem blissfully unaware of their own class privilege. And since Romney also blasted Obama for supposedly undermining the work requirements in welfare reform, he is contradicting himself. If the best thing for Ann to do was to stay at home with her children, why is that not the case for single mothers on welfare? If Mitt believes that Ann’s child-rearing was harder and more important than his job in private equity, then why does he not believe that unemployed single mothers are also engaged in harder, more important work than he? Why does he want them to abandon that work for, say, menial jobs in the service economy? And why is he running for president instead of finding the welfare recipient with the most children and nominating her?

Romney’s appeals to women make no sense because his positions are not good for women. Therefore, he, like Republican women, tries to spin policies that would limit women’s rights as being in their best interest. It’s an impressive feat of mental dexterity, but it’s a far less honest approach than making the more straightforward “traditional family values” argument that Republicans used to rely upon. They’ve realized that won’t work, but this probably won’t either….”

Ann Romney is not your typical Mormon wife and mom.  I’ve known too many women who are members of the LDS faith.  They are tough broads, reality based, multi-tasking their way through a very busy life.  Most are working moms with their head screwed on straight.  They’re women who have adapted to a modern world.  They are women just like you and I.   They have no more in common with Ann Romney than does The Pink Flamingo.  I’ve known many wealthy women over the years.  Ditto about what I said about LDS women.  Ann Romney has nothing in common with them.

This is a woman who does not quite exist in reality.  It’s that simple.  In order to promote her very strange life, Republican women must marginalize themselves, and be transported back in time at least five hundred years.  She is not a modern woman.  She’s not really much of anything, other than Mrs. America, married to Mr. Perfect.



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