Caddyshack America Strikes Again


We are now living in the era of Caddyshack politics – the snobs verses the slobs.  I think we all know who are the snobs and who are the slobs.  On Tuesday, like a good, trashy comedy, we watched the slobs come from behind and beat the snobs. We even have the liberal media playing the role made so famous by Bill Murray.  They have and are literally going inane trying to figure out reasons they lost.

On Tuesday, Republican and Georgia 6th District resident Karen Handel, beat Democrat and darling of the Hollywood elite, Jon Ossoff.  The left just knew, because President Donald Trump was in such alleged investigative trouble (thanks to them) that Ossoff would have a walk-off victory.

Liberals, the elites, the media, and the Hollywood types did not understand.  They spent so much money making sure Ossoff won that they could not – and, if you read the headlines, still can’t quite comprehend what hit them.

It’s quite simple.  A few days before the election, in a televised debate.  Republican Karen Handel asked Jon Ossoff who he was planning to vote for since he did not live in the district and could not vote for himself.

Why on earth would anyone vote for a Congressional candidate who did not have enough decency and the respect for them to at least get an apartment in the district?

One columnist asked:  Ossoff chose civility and it did not work.  How do Democrats beat Trump?  Well, that’s quite simple.  I’m surprised they did not think about it.  Maybe they should actually nominate people who live in the district or state they are trying to represent.  The best part, is if you scan the headlines, they still don’t quite understand what hit them.  Let’s be honest – this is hilarious.


Yes, they are THAT clueless.  You would think the elites, the media, and Democrats in general would figure out that a person who represents a district needs to be there to represent his constituents.  To add insult to injury, Ossoff is a Damn Yankee.  He is the perfect description of what a Carpetbagger once was.  Atlanta knows all about invading Yankees who think they own everything.  But, liberals are clueless.

It’s a freedom thing.

If someone is so arrogant they can’t even rent an apartment in the district where they are running, they aren’t going to give a sh*t about the people they represent once they are elected.

That’s why Democrats are losing!

Newt Gingrich is enjoying himself.