Christ Is About Love


I may get kicked of Twitter over this one. If I do, it will not be due to liberals but good, ‘christian’ conservatives who became irate when I defended a gay couple against devout Christian business owners. The gay couple was refused service. The women are now in court over it. According to Matthew 5:41, they should be doing those wedding invites.

But – I’m the bad one.

I have this weird belief that, as a Christian, I am required to attempt to treat people decently. I know, I rarely do it, but when a person has a business open to the public, and they are rated the bust in their field, ummm – if they refuse anyone due to things like gay, race, religion, etc, they’re allowed, but they’re being creeps.

Once upon a time, when we owned the Mill, I had many gay customers. Gradually, they began dying of AIDS. One of our favorite customers was dying. His mother brought him out for a drive. My mother made hot tea and they sat on the porch talking. He was concerned that she was serving him in a regular mug. He was contagious. She told him we washed dishes. Just because he had AIDS, was no sign she was going to treat him any differently.

He died the next day.

A few weeks later his mother came in, to thank my mother. Because of the way she treated him, and talked to him about Christ, before he died, he accepted Christ has his Savior.

If my mother had not treated him decently, he never would have accepted Christ.

I find people like the women who refused to do ‘art’. Once again, good ‘Christians’ are lying. The women do wedding invites and calligraphy. I do not consider that art. When you are open to the public, unless a person is endangering you, etc. you really should serve them. Denying service because they are gay is disgusting. Please, tell me how this is Christian.

So, this self-righteous woman said she was putting me on their prayer list at church. In all caps I told her: DO NOT PRAY FOR ME.

You don’t want those kind of prayers. They’re not prayers, they’re more like curses.

It’s like the man who is, once again, refusing to bake a cake for another gay couple. Why on earth would anyone want to patronize him? Ever seen him or listened to him? He’s so full of hate, I wouldn’t go near him.

Oh well….

So, now these jerks are telling me I think I’m better than they are because I think the gay couple deserves the same treatment as anyone else. They said I was a sinner and no better than they were. I agreed. I’m no better than anyone else. None of us are.

Christ is about love.


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