Conservatives Have Lost Their Minds


Glenn Beck is blaming God, who now sucks.

The Pink Flamingo was not going to write this specific post for today.  I had something else in mind, which will wait for another day or so.  I came across an absolutely insane piece by Michael Barone: America Is Two Countries, Not On Speaking Terms.  It suddenly dawned on me what is going on within the elite of the far right.


The far right elite has no more grasp on reality than my toy poodle, Ronald Rumsfeld Reagan Reidhead, who is currently suffering from depression brought on by steroids.  He’s getting over a serious injury and is tapering down on them.  We went to the vet on Wednesday.  Everything is fine, but Rums is lying around, moaning and groaning, rolling his little eyes.  He sighs. He emotes.  With great effort he will force himself to just eat a little morsel of cat food.   He’s pathetic.  He’s also playing for all it’s worth.

Robert Stacy McCain thinks the world is coming to an end, now that Obama has been re-elected.  Then again, R. S. McCain is well known, or maybe he isn’t well known for his racist leanings, friends at American Renaissance and former bud, Bill White.   Mary Matalin has turned her knife on Chris Christie.

“…“Man, sometimes God really sucks,” the radio host lamented. “I got up yesterday at 3:00 in the morning and I knew. And I couldn’t sleep and I started to say my prayers and I got up and kneeled down by the edge of my bed and I knew that — or I suspected that my mind’s not God’s mind, and the peace and the comfort that he had given me and so many of my friends was not about an election.”

He added: “Just like those Christians that rolled up the Dead Sea Scrolls and put them in pots. I don’t know what happened to those Christians but they hid them. They hid them and they preserved them because it was important. The Bible was never wiped out, but the people who originally wrote the Bible were scattered.”

But in the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s election, Beck had repeatedly said that God was orchestrating Republican nominee’s path to the presidency.

Speaking to his radio listeners in September, he insisted that Romney’s poll numbers had fallen as a part of a plan from God to make it obvious to the American people that divine intervention was responsible when Republicans took the White House in November….”

How about these classics from American Thinker?

American Thinker

According to Michael Barone, and a few others who are hysterical, the country is being split asunder.  People are ready to start a civil war. Funny, but I took Rums to the vet. There was no civil war at the vet. We visited.  He pronounced Rums in good shape.  I called the poodle parlor.  No war there.  I met the parents’ for lunch.  I didn’t notice anyone fighting.  Same thing happened at Sonic when I drove through to get an unsweetened iced tea (I’m addicted to them).

I talked to my sister in Memphis.  She didn’t notice a war there. There was no great divide, other than the Mighty Mississip. Granted, my oldest niece was in a vile state, but when you’re carrying a baby girl who is already pushing 7 pounds and not due for 20 days, I suspect your disposition would not be the greatest.

Sure, my brother and I were testy, but we’ve been arguing since 1972.  I heard from a friend who did some I Told You So’s but nothing earth shattering.  I talked to our church office.

Is it possible that people like the far right punditry have been so wrapped up in their messiah that they have lost all perspective?  My mother noticed no problems at the dentist’s office.  She went to the grocery store. The world had not come to an end.

Perhaps the only world that has come to an end is the fake little unreality people like Michael Barone have created for themselves. I suspect they need a reality check.

Just a few minutes ago, Rums stirred long enough to stare at the cat. He slipped off to use his piddle pad. (We don’t go outside at night, here – lions, tigers, bears, oh my).  He’s sitting beside me, moaning and groaning.  He made an effort to roll on his chewy shoe, but simply could not force himself to do so.

Oh the pain, life sucks!

Like I said, he has a better grip on reality than the far right punditry.



4 thoughts on “Conservatives Have Lost Their Minds

  1. This is all taking me back to those halcyon days of ’00 and ’04 when the left had their own little collective freak out/temper tantrum.
    It was at that time (after watching some really spectacular examples of Bush Derangement Syndrome from people I thought I knew better) that I promised myself I would never vote for a Democrat again (I am an independent and have always tried to vote the person rather than the party) — not if this was the way they were going to act (and see the world, because like you just said, it is about delusional, magical, unrealistic thinking — uhm, no thanks, not in a group wanting to run for political office please).

    Now I see that I will have to add “will never vote for another Republican as well” to that statement. And I mean it: until one or both of the major parties and their pundits can get their acts together (and thus quit encouraging and pandering to the more insane and fringe-y of their supporters) I will not vote for them. This is really what’s killing the country; it’s ugly; it’s anti-American, immoral, unethical, and just plain nuts…and I’m not going to play along with it!

  2. If you want peace in your world, it begins with you. When you have lived as long as I have, you will learn that things like elections come and go. Time doesn’t stop for anything. No matter how earth shattering, it always moves forward. It is only natural that we sometimes become disillusioned with parties and candidates, but a lot of changes occur in life. I have gone through many of them, wars, integration, Katrina, deaths, personal disasters etc., but life goes on as usual. There will be times when you will have to alter your thoughts and responses, but give yourself time to adjust. Slow down and get through them calmly. Just remember that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness and respect, even if you disagree with them. Jesus commands us to love God and our neighbor. No matter what kind of changes you are confronted with, if you hold a vision of peace in your heart, you can contribute to a better world. No matter how small, your contribution is vital. You can help bring healing and peace to the world.

  3. A so-called Christian tweeted this…”no I will not pray for Obama Americans voted for the devil & turned their backs on God & God may now spit us out & pour out His wrath on us..” Just sick.


  4. This is what I’m afraid of: we still have some left wingers that are in Bush Derangement Syndrome mode (to the point of actually wishing people who oppose them would be rounded up and something “done” wit them — because those people will obviously do it to them and at the very least they are enemies of the Englightenment, the “true” America, and everything good and just…so of couse they should be dealt with like in a manner similar to what a Dark Ages horde would have) to add to that immature insanity we have right wingers with the mirroring Obama Derangement Syndrome, convinced that some people who are obviously out to get them and their families in the most horrible ways possible and who are enemies of God, the “true” America, and anything good and just, thus they must be dealt with in a way that would have made Attila smile.

    These are the people I do worry about — they are delusional and it leads them to thinking some truly ugly things (and thinking can turn to doing). I’m afraid the rest of us will have to find a way to talk at least some of them off the ledge eventually before they hurt themselves or somebody (and yes, that’s infantilizing them, but they’ve already done that to themselves).

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