Destroying Lives to Prove a Liberal Point


The other day, a venerable Omaha elder and alleged Vietnam vet was accosted by a group of rude, nasty Catholic school kids wearing MAGA hats.  The beautiful thing about our brave new world is video works both ways. While the kids were being fairly normal kids, and surprisingly well behaved, the brave and noble vet is the one who accosted them, according to the video I watched.  Then, a group of Black Muslims began shout profanities and racist remarks at everyone else.

But – according to our liberal world, the kids are the bad ones because they were wearing MAGA hats.  Nothing else needs to be said as they are allegedly to be expelled and their young lives ruined.  From what I saw, they weren’t the ones shouting racist filth at the venerable Nathan Phillips.  Several of his companions were doing that, all on their own,

Seems to me a parent should have the right and the expectation of their kids, on an outing, not be subjected to profanity and racism, then be the object of liberal hatred.

Rod Dreher wrote:

“…Note very well that Michael Green is a man of significant power. He tells stories on film for mass audiences. This is his attitude: to demonize for eternity teenagers — teenagers! — who may have made embarrassing, politically charged mistakes in public. This is the kind of person who is in charge of telling stories to Americans about America. Because of the great power he has to shape a culture’s morals and memories, what Michael Green is saying here is more evil and dangerous than anything a bunch of hooting knothead teenage boys did in Washington.

No forgiveness and no mercy for enemies of the people. This is what it means to be a Social Justice Warrior, even if you happen to be a rich Hollywood screenwriter and producer. This is what people on the right are up against. This is why so many older people who grew up under communism and who now live in the West tell me that conditions here are starting to remind them of their youth under communism. It’s the way the media and others in the left-wing mob will flat-out lie about their political opponents, in an attempt to destroy them personally and professionally. That unnamed boy in the iconic image, staring with the rictus grin at Nathan Phillips, is now an Enemy Of The People, even though there is no evidence at all that he did anything wrong. Truth doesn’t matter; truth is what serves the Cause.

From what I can tell from over here, what is being reported about the Covington Catholic boys appears to be almost 100 percent Fake News. I started out ready to condemn those boys, but after watching more videos of the entire incident, I changed my mind. I am willing to revise this opinion if more facts come forward, and I welcome your e-mailing them to me.…”