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DISHing Bad Customer Service

October 24, 2014

Screen shot 2014-10-23 at 5.21.46 PMThere are times when you just get fed up with the whims and insanity of too big to fail.  This is one of those times.  No, it is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but yet is indicative of how we the little people are treated by big business this day and age.  It is also the perfect example of why Senator John McCain is 100% right about regulating cable, and demanding we be allowed a-la-carte service.  It is also why so many of us want direct streaming of channels.

The two monsters, Dish and Turner are in a feud over fees.  Turner wants more money, and Dish doesn’t want to pay them.  According to customer service, for Dish, well, they are trying to protect, we the consumer.  We all know that’s a bunch of horse-hockey.  If Dish were interested in truly helping the consumer, they would allow us to pick and chose what we could purchase and not get stuck with bulk channels we don’t want.  Quite frankly, I don’t give a rip about the sports channels, or the shopping networks, nor anything religious.  I have all of these blocked on my channel guide.  I do, though, like my CNN, HNN, and AMC. Those channels have now been blocked.

It gets better.  We all know Dish is only trying to increase their bottom line.  They don’t give a damn about their customers or customer service.  All they want are profits.  After all, they are in business.  The only way to survive in business is by profit, but there are two different sets of rules, one for small businesses and another for mega business.  Dish is a mega business with a growing bottom, line, highly profitable.  They make money by offering a product most of us need.  Because there are only two companies providing this business, they don’t play by the rules.  They can cheat us and force us to purchase things we don’t need.  The worst of it, if you live in Nowhere, USA, they are one of the few venues for high-speed wireless.

Don’t expect the feud to end, anytime soon.  We, the consumer, are screwed.  Dish is just all about customer service, or so they say, but, do you see them offering to rebate their viewers for channels we are no longer able to receive, but pay for in our packages?  I don’t want CNN and HNN replaced by MSNBC any more than I want it replaced by FOXNews.  They’re just trying to have greater options for their customers, we are assured, on Twitter, while they screw us, even more.

I’ve noticed they aren’t in any hurry to compensate we the little people for their greed.  My sister owns 3 restaurants in Memphis.  The job of her oldest daughter, Rachel is to deal with customers and customer service.  They deal with every single customer complaint, at times, agonizing over them.  If you are a small business owner, if you lose customers, you lose your business.  In too big to fail, if you simply thumb your nose at the customer and laugh all the way to the bank.    I am currently stuck with Dish because of where I live.  I’m in the process of making a few changes in life.  Don’t expect me to renew my relationship with them, if this sort of stupidity increases.

Of course, we the little people could simply demand they refund our money for channels now blocked.  It’s not going to happen because, like COMCAST, and other monopolies, they simply have no reason to do so.

We’re all screwed.



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