E. F. Froehlich (1897-1991)


SCAN2988Edwin Feltman Froehlich was born on February 15, 1897 in Loniconing, Maryland.  He married my grandmother, Sarah Frances Moore on February 14, 1923.  He died on March 5, 1991 in West Palm Beach Florida.  He is the greatest person I ever met, the most influential in my life, and the best grandfather a person could ever dream of having.  Along with Star Trek, almost everything I needed to know in life, I learned from him.

He taught me how:

  • To thumb my nose  (I was 9 at the time)
  • To make trucks blow their hornes
  • To thumb my nose at truck drivers if they did not
  • When you spend a dollar, you need to to make up for it with two dollars
  • Younger sisters were to be tormented when possible
  • How to position lady fingers in rotten apples for just the right splat
  • No practical joke was too elaborate or too simple
  • Not to reach for peanuts when you are driving and tired
  • Not to take the world too seriously
  • If you cheat at cards, don’t get caught
  • When someone bests you with a practical joke, never open your mouth
  • It’s okay to use expired milk as long as it isn’t rancid
  • Don’t pick orange blossoms off his trees because you are killing baby oranges
  • You are never too old to enjoy life
  • Profanity need not be offensive or obscene if you use the right words
  • When you go off leaving a dead calf in the trunk of your car, for weeks, just go buy a new car
  • Peanut brittle is better if you shell your own peanuts
  • Orange juice should be freshly squeezed
  • Most gardening disasters can be righted with the judicial use of fresh cow manure
  • It’s more fun pranking your brother-in-law when he’s drunk
  • Never be afraid to be creative in your occupation on your tax returns (He usually listed his as tit-puller)
  • Don’t cheat on your taxes, but don’t pay a penny more than necessary
  • It’s okay to let the grandkids fight one another with the cattle prod
  • Purple dye cow Gentian Violet can be used on humans
  • Never ever consume unpasteurized milk products
  • You come out cheaper just giving the kid the $200 for the Saint Barnard puppy
  • The most beautiful music in the world is the sound of mooing cows
  • You need to add a little milk from Guernseys to have a better product
  • It is okay to throw the dang radio in the canal when it is too loud
  • Don’t be afraid of hard work
  • Don’t be afraid of working for people who think they are better than you are, socially
  • Stand up for what is right
  • There is nothing wrong with a little patriotism
  • The definition of a educated person is someone who knows where to go for answers
  • It’s okay to fight with your sibling as long as you don’t let it destroy your relationship with them
  • Heroics are not just for heroes
  • If you believe in something, fight for it
  • There’s nothing wrong with a good cowboy movie
  • Don’t be a fake
  • David was close to God because he was so human and constantly repented of his sins
  • Most importantly, he taught me how to love the Lord

The most important thing he taught me was that you are never a failure in life as long as you do not quit.  The only failures are quitters. If you believe in what you are doing, keep doing it.  That is success.