Unfortunately, I suspect endometriosis is something select, and unfortunate females are born with, probably thanks to our DNA. I am one of those lucky lottery winners of life.  The pain began while I was in junior high, and has continued, well past menopause, not that the owner’s manual even mentions that part of it.

Thing is, there is a solution to the problem.  The problem with the solution is it requires a total hysterectomy, which is the most beautiful word in the English language.  Naturally, physicians do not want to perform them and we are given very few options other than a life of pain.

So, today, well past menopause,  there I was, rolled up in a fetal position in bed, trying to get warm, while I hurt so bad.  The pain will go away – one day, when I can afford a hysterectomy, if I can get a GYN to agree to perform one.  I was one of the fortunate ones, basically debilitated with intense pain at leas two or three days out of each month from the time I was maybe fourteen until menopause.  What they never bother telling is that it doesn’t end, there.

Yet – forget the surgery.