Financial Sandbagging


During the early summer of 2008, when the economy started going south, I remember a conversation I had with my father.  He had yet to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and was quite with-it.  (I can’t believe it was 10 years ago). He was beginning to think some of the economic distress we were experiencing was engineered to destroy John McCain’s White House chances.  I’ve thought about it, repeatedly, over the years.

The past few days have seen a dramatic drop in the market, due primarily to the Fed’s third increase in interest rates in a row.  Last night, I began wondering if part of this was not to sandbag President Trump.  Low and behold, I’m not the only one who is thinking the same thing.

“…Charles Payne is a highly successful and respected market expert whose life remains an example of self-made hard work whether it was during his time serving in the military, his years at E.F. Hutton, or running his own financial analyst business since 1991. 

When it comes to market manipulations the man knows his stuff and right now he’s calling out the Federal Reserve for politicizing its current monetary policy trend that he thinks is intended to put a damper on the remarkable Trump economy…”

To me, the whole thing is just a little too coincidental – just a few weeks before the midterms?



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