First Lady Fashion


By time in her husband’s administration, Michelle Obama was considered a fashion icon.  For some strange reason, liberals like to treat conservative women badly, abusively.  If Michelle Obama had been treated the way Melania Trump is being treated, we would all know about it.

The liberal celeb media might not recognize the iconic status of our current First Lady, but, the knock-off Chinese fashion world does. If you spend fifteen minutes going through the latest things offered up by the purveyors of cheep clothes online, all of them coming out of China, it is obvious how iconic Melania Trump is becoming.

Knock-off versions of what she wears are everywhere, online, for we the little people to purchase. I don’t know what is being sold in stores.  I don’t go shopping.  But I do know what is available online.  And – Melania is dominating women’s fashion.

It’s all there.

It also says something being ignored here in this country.  The woman is having a tremendous impact on what is being worn.  You may not notice it for another six months or so, but trust me, you will. If she is being that effective as a fashion icon, outside of the country, then it is also a commentary on her husband, his administration, and how things are being played.

Our current First Lady has become an icon.  She has done so quietly, with a very small staff, just being herself.  She stays out of the headlines and the lime-light. But, when she do appear in the spotlight, she is exquisite.  The fashion world isn’t stupid.  They may try to practice their hatred, but money talks.  If women are adapting her style, the fashion world will follow.