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We are dealing with a bunch of lying scum.

The GOP Needs to Man-Up

They are no better than thieves, grifters, and the Cowboys who plagued Cochise County in the 1880s.  And, yes, there is basically only one way to deal with them, not literally but figuratively.

My Favorite Photo of The Man!

It’s time for the GOP to Man UP!

How long will the rank and file Republicans in the House and Senate continue to sit back and suck their thumbs and periodically bolster Obama’s rule of lawlessness and his flaunting of the Constitution.  If it weren’t for a handful of stalwart patriots like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, John Boehner (doesn’t this sound like a usual suspects list) one would think the GOP was dead as a doornail.

Nancy Pelosi says she was never told about the “torture” going on by the CIA after a few Republicans mentioned that she should done something to prevent it if she were that upset.  The same thing is true of the vast majority of Republicans in the House and the Senate.  If they do not begin standing up for what is right, and speaking out – shouting out at the top of their lungs, then they are as duplicitous the destruction of our country as is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and company are literally getting away with murder.  If Republicans do not start fighting back – in a big way – we are in danger of losing our Republic to a form of socialism far worse than what is in Europe.  We are going to lose the finest health care system in the world to one of rationed care – for the favored.  The rest of us will just be left to die.

Every day the average Republican allows Obama and his associates to usurp just a little more of our freedom.  We can see it being whittled away, piece by piece.  Republicans are more worried about the role of Rush Limbaugh, the petty swipes Mitt Romney is taking at Sarah Palin, and just how conservative one another are to do anything as radical as LEAD!

Now we can blame George W. Bush.

Yep, I’m blaming George W. Bush for the GOP’s lack of leadership ability.  As POTUS he was so strong, so dominant, and so capable, he over-shadowed the pathetic little lifeforms on the Hill.  He was strong, full of honor, and a backbone as stiff as anything you’d ever want to see in a Frank Capra movie.  George W. Bush as POTUS was Wyatt Earp incarnate.  He was (and is) of such a remarkable character that he did not require the little GOP earthlings to lead.  They were content as followers.

Still content as followers, they wallow around the Hill like a bunch of cows chewing their cud, as Obama runs circles around them, turning them into a laughing stock.  He controls them.  He controls the MSM.  Sure, we all know the MSM is radical, ultra-liberal, and have chosen to worship Obama instead of the Holy Trinity, but that’s their problem.  Republicans need to get over it.  They need to quit complaining about the MSM because only Republicans (and not all of them) are listening.  Chin up.  Man up. Shut up.  Star leading.

No one really gives a durn about just how conservative the electorate is.  They aren’t interested in your petty arguments.  And, if they were, the argument has been so tainted by the MSM that it is a mote point.  Get over yourselves and be like Dick Cheney.

I don’t want to sound crude and unlady like, but it appears the only individuals in the GOP, besides John McCain, Lindsey, and a sparce handful in the House, who have the atonomical features necessary at this current time to lead happen to be Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, and Michelle Bachmann.  And – only one of them is male.

Deal with it.

Start shouting at the top of your puny lungs.  Obama and his associates are out to literally steal this nation.  You are allowing it. Do you hear me – REPUBLICANS ARE ALLOWING IT.

Obama’s newest spew is about debt.  One wonders what the little jerk is up to as he tells graduating seniors and idiots who attended his ABQ town hall meeting that we need to spend less.

Can’t you guys get it?  Start shouting at the top of your lungs.  Someone will hear you – eventually.  At least you won’t be doodling while Rome burns.

Someone needs to tell the GOP to man-up, if they know how to do it.  Just ask Palin or Bachmann.  They’ll tell the guys how to do it.

P. S.  Start weeding out the crappy candidates.  Just a little FYI.

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