Girls Will Be Girls, So Will Some Boys


In Idaho, they are investigating the possibility of creating a law that would prevent individuals from competing as a gender other than something which was part of their birth origin.  In otherwords, that cute kid who wants to be a girl, and has the surgery, in Idaho, will no be able to do track as a girl.

It is not fair to women to be required to compete against someone who, in their DNA, is male.

There is nothing fair to young people who are under the age of twenty-five or thirty to be allowed to have gender reassignment surgery.  And, quite frankly, I think it should be allowed.  BUT – and here’s the problem – young people do not completely mature in their brains until the mid to late twenties. In all likelihood their dreams of gender reassignment are correct.  But – they should have the emotional maturity to make a viable decision about something so radical.

It is like that reality show where the boy wants to be a girl, and will be having reassignment surgery.  Cracks in the vernier are starting to appear.  She, apparently, is attracted to women, and is almost predatory when pursing a girl. This person should not be having gender reassignment surgery – yet.

This is NOT saying someone who is suffering from gender issues should not be allowed to live the way they want.  They should.  I’m just saying perhaps it would be wise to wait until a person was mature enough to make a final decision, or at least it should be required now that we are living in a climate where, apparently transitioned gender parents are making unilateral decisions which not be about their child, and about them.