Hang On to Your Old Wicker


I was going to wax poetic about the new anti-conservative censorship and racism that the left is using to basically doing what they can to destroy anyone who disagrees with them, when I saw a headline on one of the decorator sites about old wicker.  It’s like this, if you still have any, take care of it, don’t sell it, and just hold on, because the prices are going through the roof!

So, now I’m glad I wasn’t able to sell what I have.  I’m still broke, but I have incredible vintage wicker that is the next big decorating thing.

I’m spray painting it different colors.

Is that bad?

I suppose, in the long run, wicker is a bigger deal than far left bigotry.  It also says something about the direction of the country.  Wicker is interesting. In a way it is timeless. It is classic, chic, retro, and goes from one generation to another.  I have a 1900 wicker rocking chair in storage.  It needs to be repaired.  It belonged to my great aunt Mabel.  My patio furniture belonged to the parents.  I’ve painted it.  One reason I’ve painted it is because it’s cool to paint and the paint protects the fragile nature of the piece.  My wicker sofa dates back to about 1980.

One of the other reasons I’m now painting it is that’s all the decorating rage in south Florida.  Okay, I’m from south Florida.  There’s a stupid comedy I like called Modern Housewife.  One of the lines the teenage daughter used against her mother was “You can take the girl out of Florida, but you can’t take Florida out of the girl.”

Guilty as charged.