Historical Veracity and Liberal Versions of Christ


NOTE: I am dealing with personal business this week.  Because I have no idea what I will be doing, or a timeline, I’m doing a ‘best of’ for a few days.

First published on April 11, 2017.

God loved us so much He allowed Hes only begotten son to become human, to be born of a woman, experience everything we do.  He was born, he lived, and he died in a most horrific manner possible. His death was lingering torture.  Yet – three days later he was no longer dead.  He overcame death.  God loved us so much that He gave His son.  If we believe in him, we do not die, but have life – everlasting.

I don’t like historical and hysterical inaccuracies.

1. Mary and Joseph were NOT refugees. They were not immigrants. Anyone who falls for that sh*t needs to read up on their Roman history. Judea was basically a ‘state’ within the Roman Empire, just like Florida or New York. Just like individual states, there are legal jurisdictions. They moved from one jurisdiction – Judea, to another state – Egypt. Get it? They were NOT refugees. That is liberal sh*t to promote the floodgate of unveiled individuals coming into our country.

2. They did NOT dress like the current illustrations. Because the weather was probably hot as hell, Joseph would have worn a tunic, not long robes. He was not entitled to wear a toga. Men at the time wore tunics. Look at the remaining art work from the era. Mary would have worn a short sleeve dress resembling a maxi. And, yes, she would have worn a light-weight cloak with a hood. So would Joseph. It was about DUST and sun NOT modesty.

3. I doubt if Joseph would have worn a beard. Neither would Christ. They would have had short hair, which was the current style.

4. They were not Palestinian, African, nor even had dark skin. The lineage of David had RED hair. Sarah was described as ‘fair’ – another word for BLOND. The so-called ‘dark’ skinned Christ that today’s historic morons mention is a total and complete lie – fake news. They are using today’s current version of what a Palestinian refugee would look like. The problem is, genetically they did NOT exist at that time. If you want to try and picture the appearance of Christ and his family, think more along the genome type of today’s current Italians – who also can have blond and red hair, along with blue eyes.

5. As for that refugee sh*t now being used, the Roman Empire allowed people to travel freely. If they were wanted for a crime, good luck there. Remember, there were no computers, telephones, or any form of rapid communication that was not official. While curriers could travel from one end of the empire to another in a matter of days, carrying news of a so-called refugee family was not even an option. The moment the Holy Family was out of Judea, they were free. They would have traveled with a fairly large caravan. Also there were numerous Hebrew families living within the confines of Egypt. Get it? To even travel, people either traveled with a large group or could afford security. It was a dangerous place, with safety in numbers. No man in his right mind would take a wife and baby alone – anywhere. They would never have survived. But, historical and cultural ignorance is a lovely thing.

6. The photo is of a depiction of Christ as Good Shepherd. To date it is the EARLIEST known representation of him. You will note the short hair, lack of beard, and more of an Italian appearance. The same location also features contemporary representations of James and John (both of whom were first cousins of Christ). They both had red hair.

I am a historian.  I am also a Christian.  There is nothing I detest more than watering down my faith by telling outright lies about it.  It dilutes it.  Try being accurate.  It makes the message even more powerful.  It is a powerful message.  It is a miracle.  Faith is a miracle.  The story is not logical.  In so many ways, it makes no sense.  I know what a total skeptic I am.  It has taken a miracle to touch my obnoxious and cold heart.  There are two types of Christians, Christmas people and Easter people.  I’m an Easter person.  Christmas is about the greatest gift, ever.  Easter is about the greatest sacrifice – and greatest miracle ever.

One of these years, I’m planning on meeting Christ – in heaven.  I hope and pray you will be there, too.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life.




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