How Obamacare Is Destroying Us


I have no health insurance and I have a medical emergency.  I can’t even afford a doc-in-a-box critical care.  I can get temporary insurance, but it will be about $450/month with a $6000 deductible.  No matter how you look at it, health insurance is basically going to cost me $12,000 a year, one way or another. Before Obama lied that I would be able to keep my health insurance, I had amazing insurance. It was $164/month with a $1200 yearly deductible.  Now, I have nothing.   My sister can’t afford to keep hers after the first of the year.  On Saturday, I was talking to a woman who had great insurance.  Thanks to the ACA, she’s in bad shape.

The only people I know who have adequate insurance are the independently wealthy, those on a good Medicare supplement, or people who have nothing and are getting it for free. Medicaid is adequate, but not much more than that.  The other people who have good health insurance have it through their job or a group.  Those of us who are not of the above are screwed, totally and completely.

What liberals in this country have done to us is horrible.  They have diminished our lives.  If a person is retired, self-employed, or has their own business, they’re screwed – ruined.  My sister and I were discussing the situation.  Our futures, which should have been amazing, are increasingly dark and tragic.  My sister wants me to move back east, to be near family.  I have an amazing house.  If I move, I will never have anything as nice, again.  We were to have decent lives.  Now, though, in order to have barely adequate health insurance, I am going to be required to fork over sixty percent of my yearly budgeted income.  Once I allow for taxes, I no longer have enough to meet my monthly expenses, luxuries like power, water, phone, and so forth and so on.

We can no longer plan on extras.  I am so tired of listening to liberals demand protection for those who are here illegally, for people who are on welfare, and those who are so marginalized they aren’t even on welfare.  They can walk into any hospital and are allowed to have amazing care.  If I walk in to that same hospital, and I’m not insured, I must guarantee I can pay the bills.  If I can’t they will take my home.  I’m so tired of trying to explain to people, who have no problem walking into an ER and being treated for a stubbed toe that I cannot afford to have any sort of medical treatment for the brown recluse bite on my leg.  They have nothing to lose.  I have everything to lose.

Why should people who have nothing to lose be allowed to have what I don’t have, because I’m responsible and for the most part, they aren’t? Why do meth-heads and drug addicts get excellent health care, while I suffer.  I’ve played by the rules. They have not. Why should people here illegally be treated better than those of us who are citizens? I’m so tired of hearing good liberals, decent people, explain, passionately, why people who are here illegally deserve better health care than I do.  The liberals I know who are demanding illegals be allowed into the country, and helped are either on a good Medicare supplement or are insured via their jobs.

Sorry, but none of this is right.  I’m having such a problem I can’t even leave my home.  If I go out, I must now arrange things so that I can do a quick pick-up of groceries, things I need, then get back home, quickly.  I can’t go shopping.  I can’t travel.  I can’t visit with a friend.  I can’t go to church. I can’t even go to the beauty shop half the time.  When I say something, I’m told to just go to the local clinic.  They must see me, then I pay what I can afford.  That’s the problem.  I may not have the cash, but I am far from a pauper.  They’ll just take what I have.

Our lives have been so diminished by liberal rule.  If they are allowed back into power, they will further ruin it.  This is insane.


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