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I guess The Pink Flamingo is a small minded person.  I think Mitt’s tax returns are important, but not because of what they contain, but the fact that he’s such an arrogant jerk, he thinks that he is not required to play the ground rules set by his own father.

“…“I just have to say, given the challenges that America faces — 23 million people out of work, Iran about to become nuclear, one out of six Americans in poverty — the fascination with taxes I paid I find to be very small minded compared to the broad issues that we face,” Romney explained….”

This man is starting to protest too much.

Romney says that anyone who questions him is a small minded person.

His arrogance shows in his constant defending of a tax policy that would drastically harm the middle class.  He doesn’t comprehend the way of the world, other than his own little version of it.   One thing that is most telling is when he said that he always paid more than 13% in income taxes.  The telling part – he is either so arrogant or so ignorant he says he pays MORE if one considers his 10% tithe to the Mormon Church.

“…“But every year, I paid at least 13 percent,” he insisted. “And if you add in addition the amount the goes to charity [at the Mormon church], well, the number gets well above 20 percent.”…”

Um… that tithe is DEDUCTED from his taxes.  The LDS Church is still non profit. Does he think we are that stupid?  He paid 13.9% last year.  If you add the 10% tithe, which is a voluntary church membership thing and not a tax, he paid well over 20%.

What about the small business person who is paying 35%, and THAT is not a voluntary deduction for their religion, either?  Do they count, or are they just chopped liver?

“…The authors of a report showing Mitt Romney’s tax reform proposal would raise taxes on the middle class aren’t backing down from their findings, even after Mitt Romney derided the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center study as “garbage”.

The Tax Policy Center addressed a number of criticisms from the Romney campaign and his supporters in a detailed Q-and-A posted on its website Thursday. None of the complaints affected its conclusions, which the group said were based on running simple numbers around Romney’s previously stated goal of revenue-neutral tax reform that would lower income tax rates while eliminating tax deductions, starting with those that benefit the wealthiest Americans.

“[I]t remains true — as we showed in our paper — that a reform proposal that meets the five goals stated above would have to raise burdens on middle-class households,” they wrote….”

The Pink Flamingo does not have a problem with a 13% tax rate.  I think it is wonderful – IF – and only if, every single American taxpayer, small business people and Mitt’s billionaire buddy donors included, pay the very same rate with the very same number of deductions – for charities, child tax credit, home ownership, mortgage deductions, and an end of capital gains and inheritance taxes.  The problem is then Mitt’s billionaire buddies will end up paying a heck of a lot than they are now.

Why is it that the right cannot comprehend that the only fair tax system is where each and every one of us pay the same percentage rate and have the very same deduction opportunities.  Why is this so difficult to comprehend?  Why is it considered liberal or socialist?  Once upon a time, it was a hallmark of the GOP.

What has changed?

This is something that truly bothers The Pink Flamingo.  The GOP was once the party of small business, middle America, apple pie, baseball, and giving a person a break.  It was about ensuring there was a “fairness” where anyone who was willing to work to get ahead, had an equal and fair opportunity to do so.

We should all be paying 13.9%, not just Mitt Romney.  And-that is the real problem here.


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