I Detest Historical Stupidity and Ignorance

What totally pisses me off is when people compare MY Mayflower, Mary & John, and so forth and so on with today’s low-life, migrant, illegal immigrant. Anyone who does is purely stupid, ignorant, knows absolutely nothing about history.
My ancestors CONQUERED and colonized the New World. There is a difference. Anyone who says there is not is a total and compete ignorant fool who knows nothing about history. A total fool.
If you know anything about pre-colonial North American you might discover those poor, vanquished souls who were ‘conquered’ by my evil ancestors were, themselves, conquerors.
People have been migrating to North America for about 40,000 years. From what we can tell there were NO ORIGINAL human ancestors on the North American continent.
Get it?
What it says, is the people my ancestors conquered were, themselves colonizers and conquerors, who followed the paths that were 40,000 years long.
But, it’s better to damn anyone who might not fall for liberal insanity. Yea, I get pissed this time of year. I also get pissed about people who go on and on about the Holy Family being migrants and refugees. Can you be so STUPID & IGNORANT? Go read your Roman history. There were no such things as migrants and refugees. Oh, Lord our country is going to be brought down by stupidity and the abject ignorance of history.
If my rant and rave offends you, good. Go read a history book or two that aren’t written by liberal revisionists. You might learn something.
I detest historical ignorance.
End of rant.