Jeff Flake Is Helping to Destroy Judge Kavanaugh


Thursday night I told everyone that Senator Flake would end up screwing Judge Kavanaugh out of his abject hatred of President Trump. I’ve never been more ashamed of a Republican that I am of Jeff Flake. Brett Kavanaugh has been through hell.

The Democrats have destroyed this man because of the rantings of a seriously disturbed woman. As a woman, I see through her.

As a woman who has been abused, I am disgusted by her lies. I am disgusted by the fact that Senator Flake is incapable of taking a moral stand and doing what is right.

He is helping the Democrats ruin a good man.

How is Senator Flake going to help Judge Kavanaugh regain his good name, or is he just going to kick him under the bus and laugh at his ruined life and family. Does Senator Flake even have a conscience or is he as much of a psychopath as are the Democrats. He is an embarrassment to the state of Arizona.

I don’t think anger puts it mildly. I was watching the Democrats Friday morning.

You know… why even bother?

The Democrats are going to destroy this man.  Flake caved when confronted by a woman employed by one of the Soros front groups.

We’re screwed.