Just Misc. Dem Hypocricy


Today, the good California Senator, Kamalla Harris did a toss your hair, giggle interview advocating for the legalization of marijuana.  Fine.  I don’t have a problem with it, at all.  I am on record stating it is miracle drug.  Had I known, 10  years ago, what I know now, I think my father’s fate would have been different.

Here’s the problem.

Kamalla Harris created her public personality by being a tough prosecutor, who did some truly disgusting things to rack up wins and look tough on crime.  She persecuted and sent to prison, men and women who were doing nothing but smoking marijuana.

Her position stinketh the most.

As far as this current ‘kill em all baby philosophy of our current liberal Democrats, well, if you are going to advocate for allowing the woman who has the cold hard cash to get late-term abortion, what happens to the kid who delivers a child that isn’t viable and hides it in a shoebox in her closet.  She will end up in prison for probably not killing her baby.  She will be prosecuted for not seeking pre-natal attention.  If she delivers, live, and leaves it on the floor at McDonalds, she goes to prison. If she throws it in the dumpster she goes to prison.

The woman who can afford late-term abortion suffers no consequences.

Finally, if a person wants a late term abortion, should there be laws protecting infants or we let ’em all die?

Just asking…