Life in Perspective


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 10.14.59 PMI had a rant and rave ready for today, but forget that.  My family is reeling from the revelation that my 27-year-old second cousin is in the final stages of a very rare, galloping liver cancer.  His parents  been told he won’t make it through the night.  They lost him late in the afternoon on Friday.  My cousin, Michael Conn, has been through the wringer this past year.  First Rita, his wife, nearly died from a weird resistant bacterial infection, and now this.  Adam is their life.  I had something go very wrong for me on Thursday, but it was nothing like this.  Prayers would be nice.

We are slowly discovering that Adam is into body-building.  His first cousins, who are his age, are beginning to suspect part of the problem was his diet, the energy drinks, and supplements for competitive body building.  I suspect we will eventually know if this is the case.  If so, I also suspect I have another new cause.

While talking to another cousin, who works with Alzheimer’s patients.  She lives in Colorado.  We were talking about my father and his AD, what we did to handle it.  She said she is noticing that the families who are pro-active, and take their loved ones off the AD medications are having better results.  She is also finding that those did what we did with my father, hitting it with caffeine  and sugar are having the results we had.  Also – the best results are with a combination of medical marijuana (legal there) made into hard candy, sugar, and caffeine. I keep saying the cure is in diet.

Family is a strange thing, at least ours is.  We are spread out, from Thailand to Palm Beach.  There may be an occasional nod on FB.  Once in awhile there is a text.  But, days like Friday, everyone came together.  We’ve frequently discussed the fact that maybe there’s not much to our family.  I guess there is.  It’s good to know that the ‘cousins’, of which I am one, stick together when we need to.  I’ve often wondered what was going to happen to us, when the parents are gone.  Now I know. We were so bonded as kids, like the musketeers, that the bond has remained.  I never realized it until today.  Some of us are closer than others, but that bond is still there.  When I talked to Linda, she started talking about her mother, then crying a little.  Then we began talking about Nana and Grandy, and the tears began flowing.  We had the most wonderful grandparents there ever were.  That is the bond.