Lovely Liberal Thugs


In Portland, the mayor  has told the cops to allow Antifa to do what they want, bully who they wish, and basically make life a living hell for anyone who disagrees.

In NYC, Antifa vandalized the city’s GOP office.

Various high-profile Dem leaders keep telling their minions to get in the face of Republicans.  Joe Biden has called us every possible offensive term possible.  Hillary Clinton suggests we must be brutalized.  The whole process is one of dehumanizing the opposition.

This has happened at various times in history, most notably in Germany in the 1930s.

What is going to happen in places like Portland when the Antifa mobs grow larger and more violent?  Does the very liberal mayor allow them to take over the city, or put a stop to them?  Either way, he has released the vicious genie from his radioactive bottle.  The Democrats don’t mind trying to destroy anyone who is standing in the way of their power.

It’s that simple.


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