Lying Liberals


If she is lying, a good man is being destroyed without due process. As a woman who was abused, I think Ford is lying. She doesn’t remember the year or location. The person she said was a witness has gone under oath saying the incident never happened.

Two people she said were witnesses have both sworn oaths that it did not happen. Her original version of the story is different. Her brother is a big time Dem political operative.

Why does she get to dictate terms against the Senate? Why isn’t she going to swear under oath? If she’s not telling the truth, she is in contempt. The FBI refuses to investigate. The local cops where the incident was alleged to have happened say they cannot investigate it.

Where was the NY Times when Keith Ellison’s ex was begging for help? She is being ignored. She has medical reports. She has police reports. Cory Booker wrote about how he groped a woman when he was in high school. Should he not be held accountable for attempted rape?

Are we dealing with a case of mistaken identity?

What we are dealing with is abject maleficence by the Democrats.  They don’t care who they destroy. All they think about is power.  We all know none of them will be held accountable.


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