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One of the things that has truly bothered The Pink Flamingo for months is the fact that Mitt Romney is such a liar, that is going to come back and either haunt the GOP or destroy it.  It will make the GOP a joke.  That is happening right now.  One of Obama’s aids, Stephanie Cutter, on Face the Nation on Sunday said that the GOP thinks ‘lying is a virtue’.   Thanks to Mendacious Mitt and the lyin’ Boy Wonder, the GOP no longer occupies the moral high ground.  We have been cast into the sewer.

Their lies have gone uncorrected.  Mendacious Mitt has been getting away with it for so long, sometimes I think no one even notices.  When I mentioned how badly people are being treated on Twitter, exposing Mendacious Mitt, I was told normal Republicans have been harassed and threatened to the point, now no longer even speak up, they are too afraid of being harassed.    Then again, from what I’ve also been told, Romney supporters are so dishonest, and well paid on twitter that they will have numerous identities, and will use them to harass Republicans who refuse to support Romney.  What’s  a heck of a lot of fun is to turn the tables on them, and watch them do the roach thing.

FYI – you can tell a Romney troll online because they will have a few tweets, following maybe 200 people, and have maybe 50 followers.  They all track back to each other.  When one gets ticked or backed into a corner, they turn it over to another supporter.  It’s annoying and sometimes humorous.  On Saturday, The Pink Flamingo became involved in a very rational and learned twitter conversation with a group of historians.  There was a major difference in their approach, civil verses terribly childish and argumentative.

Jonathan Turley

Paul Ryan has a problem.  The Pink Flamingo has been noting his mendacious streak when it comes to Ayn Rand.  That was noted.  There were numerous reasons why he would deny his childish infatuation with Rand.  That’s okay.  So he lied.  But, now though, there appears to be a pattern here.

The GM facility in Janesville is just one example.  The real problem here, like with Bush, the far right media and Romney supporters will demonize anyone who points out the little problems with veracity. They refuse to even acknowledge facts – documented factual accuracy.

“…DOWD: Paul Ryan, what he did in his speech, I think so stretched the truth. And I like Paul Ryan, have a lot of great respect for Paul Ryan, but the elements that he said about closing the GM plant which closed before Barack Obama took President [sic], about the Simpson-Bowles bill which he opposed and then all of a sudden he faults Barack Obama for. At some point, the truth should matter…He was trying to convey that Barack Obama was responsible for the closing of that GM plant and that isn’t true. …The Bush administration actually praised the closure of the GM plant to which Ryan referred, calling it a sign that GM was “adapting well.” So even former Bush figures are willing to cop to what Ryan won’t….”

Think Progress

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to suspect the Romney game plan is to simply try to run out the clock.

NY Times

Sure, you can make statements that are not accurate, factually.  There are plenty of good reasons.  My father has Alzheimer’s and does it all the time.  There are polite little social likes, like saying something nice about your friend’s new dress, that is horrible.  People really don’t want the truth about how bad their new hair cut looks, so just don’t say a thing, and don’t insult your best friend’s horrible hair do.  Just stay quiet.

Are those shoes new?
They’ve been in the back of my closet.
(Since yesterday, but you didn’t lie, you just meandered around the truth).

There are lies to save someone.

Then the are lies to save yourself.

There are lying politicians.

There is the lie you tell in the 3rd grade when you sign our own bad tests, and can’t watch television for six weeks.  That’s what I did, and that’s why I have no tolerance for anyone who lies.

When a person lies, you destroy others.

When two politicians repeatedly lie, and continue to lie and their supporters continue to ignore the lies, or lie to support the lies, then we always have problems.  When we’re talking a group of people who have always delighted in holding others accountable, holding Bill Clinton accountable, and taking great joy in pointing out when the opposition lies, then they should learn to hold themselves to the same standards.

You say Democrats lie all the time.  I don’t know about that one.  I have come to learn that you can’t trust FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and many other conservative columnists.  The Wasthington Times lies repeatedly.  So does the Canadian Free Press, etc.  It doesn’t matter, right – we must lie to fight the liberal press.  Wrong!

I don’t care about holding Democrats accountable.  I don’t care about them.  They can lie, cheat, steal, all they want.  I care about the Republican Party.  When I see a headline like this, it makes me sick.

This Week

This is a disgrace.  The cover-up of the lies, the lies to one’s self that this man is honorable and not lying is also a lie.  Any euphemism to try and say he’s not lying is a lie.

This Week

Lies destroy.
They kill.
They ruin.
The lies of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are destroying the GOP.
They are killing the GOP.
They are ruining the GOP.

Anyone who props them up is no different from them.  Nothing is worse than reading the following:

“…White House  senior advisor David Plouffe struck at the Romney campaign’s honesty during an appearance on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, saying that the campaign was based on an unprecedented foundation of falsehoods.

“Right now their campaign is built on a tripod of lies,” he said. “A welfare attack that is just absolutely untrue. The suggestion we’re raiding Medicare: absolutely untrue. And then this whole ‘we can’t build it’ nonsense.”

“I don’t think we’ve ever seen a presidential campaign ever that’s built on a foundation of absolute lies. And I think ultimately they’re going to pay a price for that,” he added….”

Like I said, I detest liars.  I detest watching them being propped up, and allowing to get away with their mendacious canards. If the GOP cannot accept the fact that this current ticket is nothing but a veracity free zone, then the GOP is no longer a viable party.  It is screwed.  It’s over. There is no credibility.  It’s like the story of the little boy who cried wolf one time too many.  He ended up as wolf-chow because no one believed him.

Barack Obama is many things.  I’ve yet to see real evidence that he is a liar.  He’s liberal.  He plays way too much golf.  But, he’s not a liar.

Lying is one of the Ten Big Ones.  Lying to protect someone who lies is also a violation of the ten big ones.  It’s a black and white issue.  There is right and there is wrong.  What Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are being allowed to do, within conservative ranks is wrong.

Not admitting it is wrong is just plain stupid.

I refuse to be with stupid.


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