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Money Talks, Right?

May 18, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 4.14.17 AMI think by now we all know the real reason Oklahoma oil typhoon (note the word typhoon) Harold Hamm’s former wife dumped him and got the big-bucks for it was because the man is a total and complete jerk. He is such a jerk, he is demanding that the University of Oklahoma fire a couple scientists who have proven that his method of fracking is responsible for all those adorable little earthquakes shaking the very foundations of the state. David Boren told him no.

This is a cautionary tale, not about Hamm, but about other ham-handed billionaires who aren’t held accountable for their actions by university presidents.  One wonders just how many there are out there, and how they are affecting academia.  We know that the Koch Brothers have manged to buy as many economic positions as possible.  The former CEO of BB&T did the same thing.

How many science departments are controlled by big bribery bucks?  Just how much science has been compromised because someone discovered something contrary to big pharma, but their results have been terminated?  What about climate change?  Let’s be honest here, there aren’t many university presidents out there with the fortitude of a David Boren.


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