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Please, pardon The Pink Flamingo. The wheels on the platinum plated Romney campaign bus are starting to go flat and wobble off, and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  I can’t believe I need to do a need a new Top Ten, so soon.  After all, I just did one.

The problem with this Top Ten is the fact that there is a wealth of material, The Pink Flamingo doesn’t quite know where to start, so I’ve limited myself to the past day or two.  When a campaign reaches the point of implosion that Romney’s is rapidly reaching, if you have hitched your star to is gold wagon, you’re probably either the King or Queen of DeNile or in mourning.  If you’ve said all along, as has The Pink Flamingo, that Mitt Romney is an absolute and utter disaster, well… just sit back, pass the popcorn, and enjoy every minute, and don’t hesitate to say, I TOLD YOU SO, well, because we did, right?

You can’t make this up folks!

  1. The Bromance between you an your VP candidate is over because people like him better than they do you, the little stinker.  In other words, Gilligan Ryan can now say,  “Governor Romney, I should have expected to find you holding Limbaugh’s leash. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought aboard.”
  2. No one will cheer for you, even when you demand they do, rather like a petty dictator in a comedy.
  3. You have promised blond FL bimbo AG Pam Blondi job as Attorney General of US, and hope your former Toy Boy VP wife won’t notice.
  4. NASCAR has turned on you.  When a Republican loses the southern redneck vote, you know it’s all over, but you can’t find anyone to sing.
  5. The Governor of Ohio is pissed with you for trash talking his state. You are so disliked there that you can barely get 500 people in a large hall, and then some of ’em were there to see the governor and see if the dirty guy came clean in the wash.
  6. You can’t get the windows open on your wife’s plane and you are afraid people will think you’re trying to get her sucked out of it like a tube of toothpaste – but you aren’t bright enough to know it is possible.
  7. The polls are tainted with over-sampling of other party, or so your media supporters tell you.
  8. Dick Morris can prove you are winning and he hasn’t managed to get anything right since he quit working for Bill Clinton and went to work for FOX News.
  9. You alienate golfers everywhere by insulting Jack Nicklaus.  Why anyone would insult Nicklaus is beyond my pay grade.  He’s a nice guy.
  10. Evidently Mike Rowe thinks your campaign is just another dirty job!  After all, your former VP Bromance Toy Boy refers to you as The Stench!

Stay tuned, there will be more.  Next week we have the first debate.  Bill Moyer is moderating this one.  He’s not on the take.  The debates in the primary were fixed, but these aren’t.  It will be interesting to see if Mitt can answer a question he’s not prepped to answer.

It will also be interesting to see if he had another melt-down and temper tantrum.  The Pink Flamingo is hearing that the Univision temper tantrum was something a two year old would try.  They say, in South Florida, that the Cuban vote is going to way of the Duffer, Senior Citizen, and NASCAR vote.





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  • Sharon says:

    That is so funny! All you have to do is watch and listen to Joe Scarborough when Romney took offense at the small crowd at the airport saying Ryan, Ryan, Ryan and Romney goes it is Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan, Romney/Ryan trying to convince the crowd he was #1 — enthusiasm was lacking but Joe said it all by covering his face and going “Oh Sweet Jesus” — it was that bad. See the video here:

    The funniest is that some reporter contacted The Huffington Post and said the crowd was actually chanting Romney but you can hear Ryan, Ryan on the video. The Romney people will say anything to defend Romney even when you can see and hear for yourself that it is a lie. It is amazing how they have all the mind-numbed robots running around the sites looking for comments to pounce on to defend Romney. Do they know how dumb they look?

    Scarborough cracked me up with his comments that he felt like Fredo out on the boat in Godfather II about to get shot in the back of the head for his comments.

    Thanks for a great start to my day! In 2008, I was so depressed about what was happening but this time, I am chuckling and laughing a lot since I took the blinders off! The hard right that we have seen in OK since moving here has taken over the GOP with their pundits like Rush and Hannity along with Fox News and given us the worst candidate I have seen in my lifetime running for President. Anyone who cannot see that has their head so far buried in the sand shocked they can breathe!

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