My First Annual the Holy Family Were Not Refugees Rant of the Season

Once again it’s the time of year where the concept of the Holy Family’s journey into Egypt is being classified in such a way to attempt to generate fake sympathy for the plight of migrants and refugees.
Good golly people, invest in a decent history of the Roman Empire. There was NO concept of refugees or even migrants at that time. The Holy Family could not possibly have been refugees or migrants. They were traveling within the Empire.
Going from Judea to Egypt at that time was like traveling from North Carolina to South Carolina today. They went from one jurisdiction into another. It was like the Blues Brothers on their epic trip to Chicago. Had they been in another state, the cops following them in that state would have had to stand down and let the cops in the next state go at it.
Because of the jurisdictions, because NO BOLA or arrest warrants had been issued (and they had them) for Joseph of Nazareth, the cops were NOT looking for them. Basically, all they needed to do was beat rush hour traffic in Bethlehem, and join a caravan to Gaza.
They WOULD NOT have traveled alone. They would have been part of a caravan on a Roman equivalent of an interstate highway. There was no possible way they traveled alone. That would have generated suspicion. The route was very well traveled. There was a very large population of Jews in the part of Egypt where they were journeying.
But, today, we are being told the LIE that they were refugees. If you know your history you know the concept did not exist. They were moving from one state to another. Unlike today’s child abusing version of Central American migrants, Joseph would have protected his family and would not be subjecting his young son to the type of abuse we see today.
But, we must be force-fed the liberal concept that generates fake sympathy for CRIMINAL financial migrants who are too poorly educated to get jobs in their home countries. Yes, they are poorly educated in countries where FREE education is provided. One reason they do not have jobs in their home countries is because they will have a criminal record. We’re told the violence in their home countries is horrific, but they are moving to cities where the rare of violence is far worse.
Unfortunately, we have a Pope who is an avowed socialist and Marxist. The ECUSA has a Presiding Bishop who isn’t much better. They have embraced a political philosophy that destroys lives, ruins countries, and results in millions of decent people being thrust into soul-crushing poverty.
But – they are allegedly men of God.
So… we must be subjected to their false narrative of the Holy Family being refugees. It is a lie. The last time I looked, a lie was a violation of one of the Ten Big Ones. After you examine the map of the Roman Empire at the time, please, tell me where the hell they were going to go? Please, try to understand they were literally moving (as in rent the U-haul) from one ‘state’ to another. That is not being a refugee.
Once again, repeat after me, there were no such thing as migrants or refugees during the Roman Empire. Fact is, the concept is fairly ‘recent’ in history. If Joseph had been as stupid and abusive as today’s Central American ‘migrant’ he would have subjected his family to a horrific death. Instead, he cared enough, and had the brains enough to keep his family safe. Fact is, they were far safer then, than anyone traveling through Mexico as a tourist today.

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