PART II: Christian Reconstruction, ATI, Abuse & Submission – Abusing the Abused


la luz 5Once in awhile, when trolling the ultra religious Christian Reconstruction right, you come across some truly disturbing stuff.  This is one of the worst things I’ve seen, to date.  It upset me, terribly. The article was written by a godly woman, who is part of the Chalcedon Foundation, founded by R. J. Rushdoony.

This is part of the perversion, the cruelty, and the way those of us who were abused as children are seen.

“… Various women are abused as children. They grow up in conscious or unconscious guilt and shame. They subtly or ostensibly manifest fear, bitterness, depression, masochistic dependency, and/or sadistic domineering behaviors in their personalities. Undiscipled Christian men are attracted for various conscious and unconscious reasons to these women and take them for their wives. Perhaps these men enjoy feeling “strong” with a weak, fearful woman (a case of pseudo-masculinity). Or, perhaps they masochistically find comfort from the leadership (control) of the domineering woman. They marry, and their relationships form new family systems. These couples find difficulty glorifying God and enjoying Him because their abuse secrets are seemingly so painful and powerful that these secrets are suppressed and not brought to the light of God’s Word for correction and healing. This suppression leads to further manifestation of sinful and/or aberrant behaviors. Furthermore, these families produce children and struggle with training them, finding it difficult to differentiate between desirable and undesirable behaviors in their little ones. Within the church, these formerly abused Christian women and their families may attract women and families with similar characteristics while at the same time repelling or are being repelled by joyful families. Few families are conscious that this scenario is occurring within the redeemed community. Few elders are aware of this type of dynamic, and regrettably, few elders labor to disciple these families in order to stop their destructive behavior and to disciple a godly and joy-filled character within them….”

This is a letter to the editor that I wrote, which they never published.  It was though, published on another site.

Having been molested as a child, by my 3rd grade principal, who was the son of a Baptist minister, I know what it is like to recover from the horrors of abuse, threatened kidnappings, and the fact that he tried to kill me. What is written here is the single most repulsive, disgusting, and vile thing I’ve ever read. It is nothing but verbal vomit spewed like pea soup from the demonic entity in the Exorcist. Obviously, who ever wrote this knows nothing about what a person recovering from abuse and trauma goes through, but trust me, guilt is not a part of it. Guilt implies that a person who was abused as a child was a part of the abuse. Are you that sick and perverted?

R. J. Rushdoony was a sick, evil man who created his own new religion that is a bastardization of ‘christianity’, what he thought was OT, and the very worst of Calvinism. It is a cult. Anyone who follows the man is part of his cult.

No one is responsible for anyone’s happiness. It comes from within. To imply that women consider themselves responsible for happiness around them is psychologically immature and just plain ill informed. Every bit of this horrible article is ill informed. Anyone who thinks that a woman’s greatest calling is as a happy-clappy housekeeper, submissive, sex-slave to her godly husband, is mis-reading the Bible.

I never planned on even responding to anything I read here, but this is the worst thing I’ve ever encountered about abuse. It is obvious the person who wrote it knows nothing about sexual abuse of children, doesn’t know anyone, and is lacking in any sort of a heart and soul.

Abuse destroys the child. What emerges from it is a new person, stunted, miserable, unhappy, struggling to find some sort of normal in their world – which will never be normal again. To even hint that a child, a survivor of such abuse is guilty for having encountered the abuse is a perversion of basic human decency.

There is more to life than having children, serving a man, and following the lead of your cult master. The only way I survived and grew out of what happened to me is through my faith, and forcing myself to forgive the monster who molested me. I did not appeal to any all-knowing, omnipotent church elder, or some so-called godly minister who knows less than I do about Christ. That’s not their job.

There is more to life than a cult church, husband, having a million kids, and serving the church. I don’t serve a church, I serve my Lord. The only way a person who has been abused can begin to heal is via forgiveness. It isn’t by being led by someone who has the compassion of a head louse.

I don’t know when I’ve been so angry over what I read. This is absolutely sick. It is controlling. Who ever wrote it has no earthly idea what it is like to struggle to be whole and healed. Trust me, it doesn’t come from the church, godly leaders, or someone telling you what to read. Healing is a miracle from the Lord.

This absolutely diminishes the woman who was abused, the pain we feel, and the horror our lives have been. I don’t like wishing bad things on people, but I’d love to see what would happen if the author and the editors of this blog were to encounter the sort of abuse I did. You wouldn’t be spewing such dribble.

You see, ATI doesn’t believe that even as a child, we were innocent.  We had to have done something to create the abuse.  And so, according to Bill Gothard, there are steps that we must take, in order to be forgiven.  These steps must also be taken, before a godly minister reports the godly pedophile to the cops.

Recovering Grace
Recovering Grace

It’s all the victim’s fault.

When someone creates something like the “Counseling Sexual Abuse” chart here, let’s just say they may have a heck of a lot to hide.  It is an abuser’s paradise.  One is left wondering about the sick and perverted minds who created this.  I suspect, if you want my dos centavos worth, that they are abusers, themselves.  This is how you hide the abuse.