Part III: The Pathetically Ignorant Anti-Woman Modesty “Movement”


Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.36.02 PMOne consistent part of this that I’m noticing about modesty and women is that there is nothing showy, expensive, or ostentatious. In other worlds, submit to your spouse, let him beat you around and let him be a cheap son of a bitch, save him money so, once he’s worked you to death having children, he can spend it on the cheap slut he will marry, next.

Yep, they don’t want women to spend much on their outward appearance.

Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?

These people want women to be submissive.
They are to be quiet.
They aren’t to be showy in their appearance.
They are to avoid anything too expensive or ostentatious.
Women cannot lead in church.
They aren’t to be ministers.
They can be Sunday school teachers, with their husband’s permission.
Women aren’t to be business leaders
They’re not to be captains of industry.
Women are to stay out of power and politics.
They are to have many children.
They are to be Godly housewives.

Bull you know what!

We are to ask men about what we’re wearing? Sure, right.


I love the response. The little perv will go through your underwear drawer, telling you want you should and shouldn’t wear, after you try them on for him.

Feministe USA
Feministe USA

There’s something terribly wrong with this entire scenario. There is something terribly wrong when women are put on a guilt trip – modern women, when they want to dress attractively, the way MM has harassed me for nearly two days. It is illogical stupid, and just plain lacking in reality.

“…Dear Attractive Woman, like any moral person, the Christian woman has an obligation to represent the code of ethics that guides her behavior. A Christian woman is endowed with inherent feminine charm that is characteristic of the female person. She uses this to attract the male of her specie. She acts with grace and decor. She displays a sense of confidence, competence, and assurance that depicts and appeals.

She is pleasant to be around. She is sensitive to the needs of others. She is nurturing and caring. While she competes with all other women for male attention, she is tolerant and respectful of all. She is constructive, productive and honest. She is self-respecting. She has good self-esteem. She lives up to the principles of purity. She protects and preserves her virginity for marriage. She acts appropriately in the presence of all people, not just males.

She loves people and is responsive to hurt, pain and injustice. She is well groomed. She is neat and takes pride in her appearance without being gaudy. She has a dress code but is not inappropriately trendy. She strikes the middle ground. She speaks softly and calmly, but yet is assertive. Being sexually attractive is not only physical, but involves the whole person. She establishes boundaries and commands respect. She advocates for good moral behavior and is a good role model for young people in general, but young women in particular….”

In other words, we are not to admire individuals of the opposite gender because of the lust factor. Okay, so, what about beauty? God created beauty. He created a wonderful world to be admired for its stunning vistas, and intricacies of evolution, for the night sky and the distant galaxies. He also invented make-up, hair-color, jewelry, Louis Vuitton, and beautiful clothes. Who am I to trash what He created?

“…Men: we are responsible for the sin of lust when it happens in our hearts. Not women. I don’t care if the hottest woman in the world parades around nude, you are responsible for not lusting. If you sin, it is your fault, not hers. She will be held accountable for whether or not she was trying to be seductive or immodest…but that is between her and God. Your lust is your own sin, and your own responsibility—she is not forcing you into anything….

Jesus said that it was our responsibility to avoid lust, even taking drastic methods if possible—He did not blame it on the woman (Mt 5:27-29). Paul said that lust was part of our earthly nature, to be crucified along with other evil desires (Col 3:4-6). Paul also said that we are responsible for controlling our sensual desires (1Thes 4:4-6). Peter says that lust is a lifestyle we choose, just as the pagans do (1Pet 4:2-4). And we see this principle throughout Scripture in the Old Testament as well.

Eli’s sons are responsible for the own lust (1Sam 2:22-24); Solomon is the one blamed for being led astray by his lust for women (1Kng 11:1-3); and it is not Esther who is sinning just because she was dressed in a way which the king found provocative—she is not said to have done any evil by not choosing death instead of the primping of the harem. In none of these situations is the woman and her dress blamed for the man’s lust. Indeed, the Bible talks much more to men about controlling their lust than it does to women about how they dress….”

It has finally dawned on me that one of the reasons you never hear the imbecilic domineering men discuss the fact that women have needs, urges, and look upon men with lust is because they are so arrogant and so full of themselves, they think they are the be all and end all.

This stupidity only gets worse. Women are NOT to have male doctors, OB-GYNs. I guess it’s okay to let a woman die. That’s about all of it.

“…2. Are male obstetricians or gynecologists condoned in the Bible?

Given that nudity before a person of the opposite gender is a sin, why is it a commonly accepted practice among Baptists and others for a woman to be naked and examined by a male doctor? This most disgusting practice is totally unfounded in God’s word. OB/GYN’s (doctors of pregnancy and women’s health) are considered somehow immune from the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes. If God is so against nudity between members of the opposite gender, why would he allow a man called a doctor to examine a woman’s naked body throughout her pregnancy and up to the birth as if he were somehow immune from sin or God’s laws?

Throughout the Bible, women who are pregnant or giving birth are attended by “nurses” or “midwives.” Not one time in God’s word is there mention of a woman being examined nude by a man who is a medical professional. God intended women to assist other women with these types of medical issues. Women have been giving birth to children for the last 6,000 years without the aid of male doctors, and yet Christians today seem to think that a woman must expose herself to a male doctor in the name of medicine. This is totally ridiculous and contrary to God’s word.

Many have used the argument, “Oh, they’ve seen it so many times; it no longer affects them.” This is exactly the opposite of reality. Men who look at nudity and pornography for extended periods become more perverted, not less perverted. If the appetite for nudity is fed, the appetite increases not diminishes.

Others have used the argument, “Oh, my gynecologist is a nice elderly man. He isn’t thinking any dirty thoughts.” That old man was once a young man who decided to go to school to be an obstetrician/gynecologist in order to examine women in intimate areas. We have strained at the gnat of women giving birth with the help of experienced women or midwives, and we have swallowed the camel of godly, Christian women exposing themselves to a strange man in a doctor’s office. God help us!

Independent, fundamental Baptist preachers stand up in pulpits across America and breathe fire about mixed swimming, immodest clothing, nudity on television, dancing, mini-skirts, etc., as they should, but why don’t they have the morals or courage to condemn this practice which is more revealing and more wicked than any of the others mentioned?!…”

Like the Ronco twoferone, this just gets better. The author of the above is David J. Stewart. He wants God to Damn America because we are so evil. Um… I gather it’s okay, though for men of God to have sex with minors. Yes, David J. Stewart who rails against the lustful and sinful nature of women is a pedophile. Yep, the hell fire “Christian” who does this web site is a pedophile.

So, there you have it. The Pink Flamingo happens to think there is something profoundly wrong with people who don’t want women – or men – to dress nicely, to be attractive, and enjoy looking at the other gender. It is not normal, and I do mean not normal. What is quite remarkable is the fact that these men evidently don’t conceptualize the fact that women also look at men with lust.

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This is what we consider Jane Austen Pornography!

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.44.28 PM

If a woman says she doesn’t like this – she’s lying.

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 9.49.48 PM

There’s a reason just as many women watch 007 as men.

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One of the things I’ve noticed about the men who want to force modesty upon us is that they have a tendency to say that men should not have long hair.  If you Google ‘Christian’ leaders and take a look at them, there’s a good reason why they say that.  Yep, they don’t have much.  What they do have is thinning, and looks really dorky.  Let’s face it, they’re just plain old, downright jealous.

It’s just quite amusing that they don’t even consider the possibility that we women like to look at good looking men.I guess they think that they are the be all and end all of existence.  (Pardon me while I barf).

Also, pardon me if I forget to be modest, submissive, shy, quiet, and industrious.  Forget about me ever submitting, having children, or allowing a man to tell me how to dress, where to go, when, where and what I can or can’t put on my face.  If someone tries it, just once, they’ll never do it again.

The one thing men who demand modesty in woman can’t tolerate is a strong woman who refuses to bend, to submit to their omnipotent point of view.  They are so pathetic, weak, insignificant, and terrified of the world around them, that women who refuse to bend to them must be destroyed. They’re also terrified someone’s going to cut off their supply of Viagra.

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And – as far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned – THIS is the ultimate male.  It could be the reason I’m so interested in the exploration of space, the final frontier, etc. etc. etc. Cue the theme – now.