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Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 10.50.52 AMYou must be the proper religion. It no longer is possible to be ‘just’ a Christian. One must be part of the right denomination. Oh, and they also need to be very good liars.

“...Now, we have the pastor of a large regional mega-church right there on national TV, asserting that those who disagree with his theology are defacto aliens in their own country. Yep. That’s right. If you’re not a born-again fundamentalist Christian, you can just turn in your passport and your sample ballot now. And don’t bother trying to collect on any of the public services your taxes pay for, either. You don’t have any more right to be here than someone who spent two days and nights crawling across the Rio Grande to pick strawberries. In fact, according to Rev. Fuiten: you have no rights worth respecting at all….”

According to experts, there are different types of conservative Christians. There are diversions within this group. The Al Mohlers of this world are more in the line of Christian Nationalism. Ted Cruz is a Theocrat. Ron Paul, the total and complete fake, is a pawn of Gary North. That alone makes him the most dangerous theocrat in the country, because of his following and his chop off the old block.

  • Christian Conservatives are basically normal people who play fair. They play by the rules. They are not trying to over-throw the government. They want a better government by choosing men and women they think will do a better job governing because they have (allegedly) values. These individuals are the back-bone of the GOP, and have been since the 1990s. The problem is the fact that they are being propelled farther and farther to the right, not because of anything they are doing, other than not turning off the conservative media. These are good, honorable, normal men and women. I once considered myself part of their ranks until I turned off FOX News and quit listening to Rush Limbaugh. Once the plug is pulled, these are the men and women who are going to do the greatest damage to the hard right. These are the men and women who are rapidly becoming political independents. When they do discover the scam, it isn’t pretty. They are your normal, average Republican, including George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, and so forth an so on. They will not be libertarian.
  • Christian Nationalism will defend the boundaries of church and state. They don’t mind dealing with the intersection of religious beliefs and society. Unfortunately, these are the guys who appear to be winning. The problem with them is the fact that their ranks include the godly patriarchs, and have been so perverted and influenced by Bill Gothard, Doug Phillips, they are like an army of snotty little Kevin Swansons, who are emotionally stunted pathetic little dictator wannabes. They are an increasingly brainwashed cult who are incapable of comprehending that other people have rights. They also are complementarian, in that women are to be rapped in a chaste and modest version of a Christian burka, neither seen, nor heard. Unfortunately, Mike Huckabee who is becoming more and more in this vein. Michele Bachmann is part of this group. So are the Duggars. The rank and file godly men of the group are self-righteous narcissists who basically, to put it crudely, can’t keep their pants zipped. The movement itself leads men to be predators, turning a blind eye to and even encouraging the sexual abuse of women who ‘get out of line’, the way Doug Wilson recently did, and was then forced to retract what he wrote. These are the godly patriarchs, who are increasingly more and more militant in their opinions that women are to be dominated, repressed, chaste, pure, and modest. Increasingly, they are more comfortable as theocrats, who feel women should not be educated beyond homemaking. Kevin Swanson refuses to even allow his daughter to learn how to drive. Instead, when he hands ownership of his daughter (rather like a trained poodle) to her godly husband, the godly husband can decide if she will be allowed to drive. There are also those in their ranks who believe in choosing their daughter’s spouse. Christian Nationalism is NOT Christian Identity.
  • Christian Theocrats are the ones we must fear. They envision a world run by a theocratic society ruled by a handful of godly men anointed because of their godliness to become basic dictators in the vein of John Calvin. The country will be based on their version of Christianity. In order to do this, the Constitution and Bill of Rights will be eliminated and R. J. Rushdoony’s cult version of deadly Old Testament laws would be forced upon everyone. Christian Theocrats, led by Gary North, are terrifying. They believe anyone who does not believe what they do is to either be eliminated or forced to believe their way. There is one estimation that, of the Rushdoony & North’s version of godly Christian punishment will lead to the death of 99% of the American people, with the survivors being responsible for the death and execution of 500 people, each. Rushdoony has been characterized as a monster who, had he been given the opportunity, would rank among the worst in modern history. This is his movement. They are his rules they are playing by, racist, anti-Semetic, with the very worst of the John Birch Society, KKK, militias, and white supremacists joining in the game. The Gotharites would like to be part of this group, many of them are. They are patriarchs, abusers, disdainful of women, and consider a man to be the same as God.

It gets even more confusing. Christian Reconstruction is made up of several groups who embrace increasingly extreme views.

Soft Dominionists are Christian Nationalists who believe that ‘sin’ as listed in the Bible create chaos and anarchy. They have been brainwashed to believe that feminists, secular humanists, homosexuals, lesbians, and even the use of contraception will lead to the downfall of this nation. They are your rank and file very conservative and very religious evangelical Baptists. Most have been slowly brainwashed into this position via FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and the hard-line Calvinist take-over of many of the mainstream churches in this country. While they don’t want to establish a theocracy, and don’t want to do away with the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they are constantly in danger of being pushed farther and farther over the cliff by godly men with a political agenda. They are very well financed by the usual conservative and libertarian billionaire suspects who are using and manipulating them for their own political agenda. Think Jim DeMint and all he represents.

Hard Dominionists believe all of the above, and go even farther. They are the ones who want to do away with the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Like Judge Roy Moore, they feel that only Christians are deserving of Constitutional rights. They are extremely well financed, and supported by various militias. Some call for open civil war. They are hard-core libertarian. Women are not even second class citizens. There are some dominionists who call for a romanticized version of a Puritan agenda. Most advocate women being allowed to vote only if they are Christians and their husbands tell them how to vote. Most hard dominionists feel that women should not be allowed to vote.

Further, very few evangelicals even know what dominionism is and have no idea what Christian Reconstruction is. If they were made aware of the agenda, most would run away, in terror. Like that proverbial frog in the water, they have been gradually boiling to the point where they don’t even know what has happened to them.

Talk to Action

Talk to Action

Chip Barlet has written an excellent guide to the far right, religious right, and various movements within it. In many ways, you need a scorecard to navigate through them. In many ways the intersect in some manner or another. Their organizations are almost incestuous. They are very well financed. According to Barlet:

Christian Right:

  • Social
  • Political
  • Coalition Partner
  • Christian Conservatives
  • Christian Nationals
  • Christian Theocrats

Bartlet writes that there are different degrees of dominionist authoritarianism within each group. Christian Reconstruction is the ‘theopolitical’ cult behind Hard Dominionism.

Talk 2 Action

Talk 2 Action

If the hard core theocratic reconstructionists weren’t enough of a problem, these groups can also include:

  • Patriot Movement
  • White Nationalism
  • Extreme Right
  • NeoNazi
  • NeoFacists
  • Christian Identity
  • National Alliance
  • John Birch Society
  • Biological Racists
  • Extreme Libertarian

Unfortunately, Gary North and his puppet, Ron Paul attract the very worst of these.


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