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Screen shot 2014-08-10 at 12.51.50 PMHave you begun to notice how silly this is?  Or – it would be if these men did not take themselves so seriously.  That’s part of the problem.  It’s all about them.  They are so involved in being ‘manly’ that they’ve manage to forget what and who men are, and how they are expected to act.  They also have a tendency to ignore the fact that the very concept of ‘masculine’ changes and evolves with historical eras, cultures, and even sociological groups within a nation.   One godly man’s version of manly is another’s version of something else.    There is though, a self-involvement, a concentration, a very narcissistic concentration on themselves.  They are so obsessed with being ‘manly’ that they forget to be a real person.

Here is another list for godly men who are looking for men’s rights.

  1. Confidence
  2. Courage
  3. Responsibility
  4. Discipline
  5. Honesty, integrity, Kindness
  6. Treat women like women (don’t let ’em be feminist)
  7. Listen (let a woman tell you what she thinks, but under no circumstances take abuse from her)
  8. Defend the weak, remember, you are a leader.
  9. Inspire submission. (Don’t force the little lady into submission, be so manly she will fall at your feet to worship you.)

I stumbled upon a group of manly men who have moved out of the US because of evil feminists. They’re finding submissive wives, elsewhere. One posted a list of things they’ve noticed about American women.

  1. The typical American woman is fat. Supposedly, the fat acceptance movement is ruining the American woman’s ideas about good health. The obesity epidemic in America is diminishing a mediocre dating landscape.
  2. American women have bad attitudes….”Simply put, the vast majority of American women are bitches. They are rude for no reason, confrontational, defiant, demanding, standoffish, crazy and are angry 99% of the time. They are impatient and scoff at just about anything. It is no surprise that they are unapproachable, and to be in their presence is a nightmare and would make a man run for the hills, or the airport. In the extremely rare instances where they are nice, it’s easy to sense the bitch behind the curtain due to the shakiness in their voices; they are playing nice just get what they want. ….”
  3. American women have the worst fashion sense in the world. “…Regardless of what they wear, their clothing is either too big or too small for their size. There are exceptions to this rule, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find a well-dressed American woman. Of the well-dressed women that I have seen in America, I’ve noticed that they are usually hefty and really don’t carry themselves well. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. You can’t really blame such a woman for trying, but when she neglects her health it doesn’t really matter what she wears. Dogsh*t covered in frosting is still dogsh*t. I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when I see a woman dressed as such, I can only think that she is a shameless soul who is lacking pride in her appearance and has no respect for herself. …”
  4. Their extreme arrogance. Try this piece of hatred. “…I’ve even had the displeasure of walking down narrow hallways countless times, only to encounter a fatso gal coming my way and not even making an effort to move because she was so fat, she took up nearly the entire space of the corridor. ..They do believe that big is beautiful and that men should lower their standards for a woman. They want men to accept them for all their faults, for they think they’re so righteous and above everyone else, and that that alone should be enough to bring to the table in a relationship…”
  5. Their selfishness. In other words, if they don’t worship at the feet of these little jerks, there is something wrong with the woman, not the jerk.
  6. American women are generally immature.
  7. American women usually make terrible bosses and co-workers. We then discover the little prince had a female boss who nailed his worthless hide to the barn door!
  8. Materialism and superficiality define the American woman.
  9. American women can’t cook. “…American women are too busy stuffing their faces at fast food joints and consuming overpriced drinks at Starsucks to even try to make a home-cooked meal. Yes, they’re busy working those jobs, too, but sooner or later they’re going to realize that eating out all the time puts a strain on their budgets as well as their waistlines. …”
  10. The typical American woman is tattooed. I’m not. I don’t know about you.
  11. Their hatred for men. Yea, well, we don’t like pathetic little jerks. That’s the real problem here, no matter who the pathetic little manly man is. They’re jerks. They don’t get the fact that people don’t like jerks. They also don’t have the capacity to grasp that jerks don’t do well in life. Like the psychopath, being a jerk eventually catches up with them. They can only go so far, then who they are catches up with them. The most interesting example of this is Mark Driscoll. When I first began this series, last week, he was in a little bit of trouble. By the time I started writing this part of the tale, he is in the process of falling from grace. “…I once stopped off at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, nothing for miles, and when another car arrived, out came a couple, a skinny man and a chubby woman, and the first thing the woman said upon exiting the vehicle was “it’s so cold.” She directed that statement exclusively at him, making it seem like the cold weather, and apparently, via some more inaudibles, their entire road trip was his fault. Leave it to American women, being the instigators that they are, to mar an otherwise peaceful fill-up. They are insensitive and cold to a man’s feelings and needs…” Then he wrote the following: “…American women have no problem falsely accusing men of rape, sending them to prison, manipulating courts and men into paying for children that aren’t theirs and killing their dreams.”..
  12. American women are the most irrational beings on Earth.
  13. American women do not possess much mental prowess. “…Hence, a typical conversation between American women is annoying, distracting, irrelevant and lacks any substance. American women are as useful as a bag of M&M’s in a brush fire. If you can’t have an intelligent conversation with an American women, how can you be intimate with them? …”
  14. Their infatuation with bad boys.
  15. American women are in a state of denial. He concludes with the following: “…Let it be known that I am not launching a hate-filled attack, nor am I promoting violence. I don’t hate women. Quite the contrary. I just have no respect for bitches and that is what most American women are. There are some good American women out there, but they are extremely rare and are always taken. Don’t date, marry or befriend American women. They will make your life miserable and bring out the worst in you. Don’t bother with American women. They are a lost cause….”

The comments for this article are fascinating. If nothing else, they prove how inadequate men who hate women and long for their masculinity are. I found this comment on the article, which says it all.

Happier Abroad

Happier Abroad

I started reading the background of the manly man who hates women like me. Guess what? He’s evangelical. He talks about 20 years of loneliness, being rejected by American women. The sad part of this is that he’s so self-centered that he doesn’t realize how rejected American women can be. That’s truly the sad part of all of this. The single component of these manly, godly men is the fact that they are abjectly self-centered. We’re also looking at an ego trip, major ego trip.

For years, we women who think we have a right to compete in the world, on an equal playing field, have constantly been told that we have men, have a nasty attitude, and don’t want to be feminine.  What I’m hoping to prove is that maybe, just maybe, we’re not the ones doing the hating.  It is entirely possible, we’re just trying to do the best we can, and are being hated, attacked, and subjected to constant harassment by incompetent little men who are the real haters.




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