Pre-Spring Training Treat: Say Hey!


Picture This:

Once upon a time, before The Pink Flamingo was even born, the powers that be in baseball considered signing both Hank Aaron and Willie Mays to play for the Boston Braves!  Having grown up watching Hank Aaron hit ’em out I can only fantasize about what the world would have been had Hammerin’ Hank and Say Hey been on the same team!

This is a must watch.  You also need to read the blurb about it.

“…Mays is being modest when he says he would have just edged out Babe Ruth. As Stewart points out, he hit 660 home runs despite missing 2 years for military service, and despite playing most of his career in Candlestick Park, a hitter’s nightmare. He did all this without steroids, and without the benefit if a designated hitter rule to add a few years to his career.

He also played most of his career in the segregation era, a time period that carried perils much greater than water fountains or restaurant kitchens. I recall the level of racial hostility that was socially accepted in the 70s, and can’t even imagine what that must have been like in Mays’ time, when it was legally codified.

Although a much lesser indignity than segregation, Mays also played his entire career under baseball’s reserve clause, never enjoying the benefit of free agency. The most he ever made in a single season was $180k. That’s not even autograph money for today’s superstars. With all of that, Mays displays not a hint of bitterness….”